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vv what he said.

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Moon, Shmoon.. Let's not temper with in-house classics! :)

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Valen305: This camera reminds me of the Aston Martin Cygnet, which is basically a Scion IQ dressed up in wood and carbon fiber. If they were launching this with a whole new line of Hasselblad lenses, it would make sense - but seems they're not, so its pointless.

Haha I was actually wondering what that alliance reminds me now I know :)

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Oi SONY - read it and WEEP!

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SiliconVoid: Sony steps up to the plate, knocks the dirt from their cleats, a practice swing to loosen up while assessing their competitor...
Its a swing, and miss! Strike Two..

I understand completely the 'digital age photographers' only have to see the technologically lazy marketing tags on a product (Digital, Electronic, Power Drive, EVF, etc) and think xxx product is the end all be all, the next greatest thing... but I'm sorry.. with no real viewfinder - not even some hybrid implementation with optical for standard and wide angle lenses, then an EVF mode for zooms - is a major fail at this product level. And please do not even attempt to argue the pixels the EVF has.. The human eye (by comparison) has an infinite pixel level, and therefore no EVF will produce the clarity and zero-lag of an optical viewfinder.

This toy, like Sony's recently announced ~$2700 fixed-lens mirrorless keychain fob, represents only one, functional, thing - fostering competition.
For that alone I applaud Sony.

Perfect product for the target market :) as they say ignorance is a bliss..

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ha ha

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Mssimo: Almost 8 lbs. Sony is getting ready for Olympics and world cup Brazil 2014!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plot. lost.

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