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tex: Hmmmm...feeling more glad now I didn't get a drobo. I need a RAID storage solution, though.

Owning multiple QNAP units - I would probably go with Synology.

QNAP is a software mess. Current V5 have lots of issues IMHO - and so far no fixes/sw releases since Dec.

I have had a few that killed themselves due to design error on the motherboard/chipset (471/671/871 that kill themselves due to a badly designed power distribution chip/solution) - and replacement chip not available + QNAP just washes their hands on it and only offer a full motherboard as replacement for about $600...

And if you want to connect your QNAP to the internet... oohhhh well - just read up on how many QNAPs have gotten "hacked and encrypted" over the past 18 months..

So my next NAS is for certain NOT QNAP.

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Mikho: Wonder what this Atomos Cloud Studio would cost in the end. Usually, such services become profitable by themselves as a subscription. E.g. Restream to stream simultaneously to many different sites. Though they become more and more expensive with time—video traffic is not cheap. Here is the text from the Atomos web-site:

"ATOMOS Cloud Studio will be available from June 2022 and will be completely free for an initial promotional period of three months. From September ATOMOS will introduce subscription plans, starting with a free tier and other options price below $10 per month. "

P.S. Minor mistake in the article: the device spec says "livestream can be recorded as local H.264" and in the article, it says "H.265".

Yes all the new Atomos products are for their Cloud Studio - but there is NO mention of what it will cost to subscribe.

So you buy a $400-$1000 product and it is like a lottery how much Studio is per month.

One would be extremely stupid to buy any of the Cloud Studio required products before the price is known.

I guess the stupidity from Atomos might be due to their fast rotation of CEO's - so a lack of management overall. But that is just my subjective opinion.
But why DPReview neglects to mention such a huge issue - I do not know.

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Photato: Do they need a patent for this ?
DJI is currently selling smartphone gimbals (Osmo Mobile) with a similar magnetic attachment concept, just not Magsafe compatible.

Not available at the moment - but here is one https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/957392422/dji-om4-magsafe-adapter?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=dji+om4+magsafe&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1

and another one : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Quarble-Compatible-Magnetic-Accessories-Stabilizer/dp/B08VWSDRNF

I do not know if any of them are good.

But I do like my Otterbox Magsafe wallet "folio" - it means I can take the "folio" part off easily and put the OM5 bracket on without having to take the phone out of the "protector case" (you buy it in 2 parts - the "magsafe folio" part and then the phone case)

Sadly all the folios available for IPhone Pro Max are twice the weight of Apples Pro Max 11 folio. But Apple does not make Folio cases any longer.

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Photato: Do they need a patent for this ?
DJI is currently selling smartphone gimbals (Osmo Mobile) with a similar magnetic attachment concept, just not Magsafe compatible.

There are already 3rd party Magsafe adaptors for DJI OM4 gimbal.

There are not any for DJI OM5 yet.

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Michael Jardine: Very interested in the real world performance gains that can be had for batch processing in LR. Even better if you can add batch processing in a LR plug-in such as DeNoise. As a photographer, the slowest part of my workflow is processing my selected gallery for noise. On my 2020 M1 machine, for 200 photos this takes about one hour to first convert the photos to editable TIF files, then open, edit, and save in DeNoise.

If I can save one hour from my workflow, that translates directly to money because I can get galleries processed earlier.

The issue is not the MBP M1 Max.

The issue is Adobe and LR are not very good at utilising available hardware.

So it might work really well - and work better - but the way to can "guesstimate" is by looking at how LR uses your current 2020 M1.

If all CPUs are maxed out - and maybe GPU's - then chances are good you will get a big speed improvement. If LR dilly-dallies around and does not use your machine hard - improvements can be really hard to guess.

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I got the M1 Max and it is a beast

Compared to my "old" i9/32GB MBP Retina :

1. It is fast - everything is fast

2. It is slightly bigger and heavier than my old machine - but fits in all my backpacks i had for the i9. The weight difference is slightly less than 200g. Take a dongle or two and we are at 120g extra weight.

3. It is just so quiet - old i9 had fans on when CPU => 10% and you could hear it. So far I have not heard the fans on the M1. On the i9 it was a constant battle to keep CPU < 10% to keep fans from turning on. Now I don't care what runs in the background.

4. Battery life is fantastic - even when doing video edit

5. Screen is great - despite the notch - As Mac's usually have a full "menu" in the top bar - the notch is not really a problem for me.

6. My "full desk" power consumption dropped by about 35 watt (from 210 down to 170-175 watt incl. external large screen and docking station, card readers, 10GBe etc)

Sorry could continue but the char limit is rea...

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GenaricName: People here seem to forget that most paid perpetual software licenses just mean that you get a certain version that you can use as long as you want. There are people who paid for Photoshop CS6 and they can still use CS6 as long as they want, even though it's totally out of date now and not really updated. It was the same way with Windows, where the expectation up through Windows 8 was that you had to pay to upgrade to the next version. Capture One makes a new release every year, so it should be no surprise when that happens, and you can always choose to wait a few years before upgrading.

Tbh the bottom line is that if you're making a one-time payment for software, you should be happy with the software's current set of features, as-is. Making a software purchase in the hope that it'll get free updates that include the features you want is a good way to be disappointed. Anyone who has purchased early-access video games would know this.

My limit is when upgrade cost is > 25-30% of retail for only "minor" real updates. If upgrade cost is 50-75% of retail - then I'm out unless they really have done gigantic updates.

And I try my best not to get suckered into any kind of subscriptions. It is just wrong to buy software on subscription as you loose access when the timer runs out.

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AcerK: Would anybody recommend leave my Lr subscription and buy Capture One?

I don't know why but I'm tired of the Lr sub model.


Capture One is not even close to LR is photo organising. C1 is better for "small projects" so having a catalogue per shot - or per month. Anything large and C1 is not very easy to find your pictures in.

I'm not a fan of neither LR or C1. But I use LR from time to time and I have C1 21.

But if there was a reasonable cost Mac/PC dual platform system for image "storage/retrieval/organising" I would not hesitate to kick out LR in a heartbeat.

But I only buy "LR" on "pre-paid" 1 year packages when they are on "super sale" like Black Friday - and then activate the licenses when I need them. I'm not handing ADumbo (Adobe) my CC details ever again.

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Only C1 can make Adobe subscriptions seem cheap and with value.

Thank god I've moved away from both.

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SELEES: Why are so many of you waiting for Affinity to deliver a replacement to Lightroom when there are already some truly excellent options, ie: Capture One, DXO Photolab?

@mcvh - well they do advertise it as a LR replacement.

quote : Import your Lightroom Catalog directly into Capture One for a smooth switch. Your basic image adjustments and folder structures will be replicated in Capture One – without risking your original files.

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SELEES: Why are so many of you waiting for Affinity to deliver a replacement to Lightroom when there are already some truly excellent options, ie: Capture One, DXO Photolab?

Calling Capture One "excellent" does rub me the wrong way. I have not tried DXO.

But CaptureOne is bloated and not intuitive for managing big libraries of pictures. I do regret buying V21. Sadly Lightroom is Lightyears ahead IMHO - but LightRoom is also bloated and slow.

I wish for a "pure" image storage organising tool - which understands online/offline/network storage - and migration between them.

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Eric Nepean: I don't understand why you didn't review the Caldigit TS3+
I'm guessing that Caldigit does not have a "preferred relationship" with Amazon.

@Eric Nepean - Intel based MBP 16" - and port used on the MBP does not matter.

And I forgot one thing in my complaints list - the Analogue audio part in the dock is noisy and sounds "flat" - unusable for serious media work. To get audio out - use the optical out with an external "translator". I can't use my FW400 sound card via the TB conversion downstream - it becomes glitchy all the time (RME Fireface UFX) - but I can use the USB part (if I do not have to many other things connected at the same time)

I need another dock - but have not found one that suit me yet. Most are just carbon copies of each other with minor differences. I want a "media production" dock - 10GBe - plenty of USB-3 and/or USB-C. But most of all I want quality - good sound, good USB connection with plenty of left over charge power. But so far that does not really exist.

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Eric Nepean: I don't understand why you didn't review the Caldigit TS3+
I'm guessing that Caldigit does not have a "preferred relationship" with Amazon.

IMO The TS3+ is a terrible dock.

If you use Ethernet + external screen - you get all kinds of delays.

The USB sockets are all really badly made power wise - so the front USB's often can't charge my iPhone (with power warnings from the OS)

I can't use wireless Logitech or 3DConnexion receivers on it without mouse becoming glitchy. But add another USB Hub and it works fine (unless you do lot of network transfers)

If you do a lot on the screen - the network can become glitchy.

If you use downstream TB - it all becomes even worse

My TS3+ have all latest FW installed and drivers.

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I think one of the issues that many people do not know - is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) for networks.

That is a method for network devices to "signal" a router/firewall that they want to open ports in the router so they can receive external communications.

Normally devices can communicate out "on their initiative" without needing permission but to get data "In" without a session being started from the device on the "inside" of the network - ports need to be opened. And UPnP was made for that purpose.

It is meant to "make it easy" for devices to create their own firewall rules. But a lot of people have NO idea what it does and the security risk it is.

I always disable UPnP - and create firewall rules manually if needed.

To be honest UPnP should be disabled by default on ALL routers and only enabled after a good long tough conversation about security risk.

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Karl Donitz III: I've been digital for over three decades, long before most pro shooters I've worked with. Am still waiting for a digital camera that can compete with high end film. Had a look at the sample images and they're less than halfway to what we used to get from Paul Bowen (airtoairdotcom). He shot with a gyro-stabilized Canon on Fuji Velvia. We drum scanned his images and blew them up to 10' x 20' walls for trade shows with very little grain showing. You couldn't do that with the a1 images or anything else I can see out there. So, a ways to go yet. Another beef I have with the major camera companies is that they don't yet have security tracking built in like Apple phones have had for a decade. As they very well know, a lot of pro equipment gets stolen, just like high end bikes. But - wink wink - they shed crocodile tears while you have to buy $20,000 in replacement equipment. This is something they could easily address but for obvious reasons, won't.

Regarding security - ask any high end product maker where their revenues come from.... My estimate is 10-30% is from insurance companies.

That is why some very big name brands do NOT want to "include" security in their products.

It would be so easy to "lock" camera and lenses together electronically - so items would only be able to be used with a single or multiple cameras. But then not as many lenses would be sold.

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Luminar Products have a very short shelf-life

I have v3/v4 - and while they are "ok" they are full of bugs.

In around July Luminar will announce AI 2 Beta - that promise to fix the issues in AI V1 - and upgrade price will be 70% of new price.

It is just like a subscription products but without actually calling it subscription.

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il_alexk: All of you who illegally used a laser pointer to play with cats have been in infringement of the United States Patent 5443036. You are all requested to surrender immediately to local authorities and prepare to be sued for the damages inflicted upon inventors of such a novel and innovative design.

United States Patent 5443036:
"1. A method of inducing aerobic exercise in an unrestrained cat comprising the steps of:
(a) directing an intense coherent beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus to produce a bright highly-focused pattern of light at the intersection of the beam and an opaque surface, said pattern being of visual interest to a cat; and

(b) selectively redirecting said beam out of the cat's immediate reach to induce said cat to run and chase said beam and pattern of light around an exercise area."

The patent does not expire until 2034...

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how about GoPro just fixed their app first so they actually work? Lets get the BASICS to work please.

Now we get a mega sized bloated GoPro app.

I used Quik ONCE and found it terrible and deleted it again.

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I think you forgot to mention Software v4+ now has an SDK so developers can make their own add-ons.

VMix v22 has a super add on - that even show (low FPS) camera images on buttons (so micro preview of your input/output streams)

There is also Bitfocus Companion - both as plugin or replacement for - for remote control of many AV devices for professional video production.

I'm hoping for a simple StreamDeck <-> serial interface to control input selectors :) Bitfocus might be able to do it but had not had time to experiment.

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