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picthis: I'm a little confused about dpreview's ratings. On one hand, XZ-1 scores 74% Gold award, top score vs all other cameras with P7100 scoring a terrible 69% yet it is recommended for Versability, Handling & Value but XZ-1 is not mentioned in any parts, esp IQ. I can understand if XZ-1 is oldest camera and newer cameras may have surpassed its dated standards, but XZ-1 is reviewed later than most of other cameras being judged, so its score of 74% should have been given more weight.

Sure this is about best 'RAW' but reading the conclusion I wouldn't have known as it include most of categories of in-dept reviews. And most believe that XZ-1 jpeg is quite good but the RAW even better. If XZ-1 Raw IQ, handling, versatility, value can't even beat the other 4 cameras, how in the world did it receive 74% Gold Award??

I'm sure the camera gurus have better empirical evidence than me. But having used my girlfriends G12 and my XZ-1, my XZ-1 is the one closer to DSLR quality and performance.

I totally agree with you... after reading the XZ-1 review, this roundup is, to say the least, surprising! (hope my english is good :))

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