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Does anyone know if this lens features internal zoom? I really don't like extending lenses...

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wildkat2: Argh! Why are some people NEVER happy!

Complaint - Pentax doesnt have a lens roadmap. SOLVED

Complaint - Lens ______ is not on the roadmap.

the complete Pentax lineup:


DA 14mm f/2.8
DA 15mm f/4 Limited
DA 21mm f/3.2 Limited
DA 31mm f/1.8 Limited
DA 35mm f/2.8 macro Limited
DA 35mm f/2.4
DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited
DA 40mm f/2.8 XS
FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited
DFA 50mm f/2.8 Macro
DA 50mm (2012)
DA* 55mm f/1.4
DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited
FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited
DFA 100mm f/2.8 macro WR
DA* 200mm f/2.8
DA* 300mm f/4
DA 550 (2012)

Thats 18 (2 pending) prime lenses from 14mm-550mm including 11 that are 55mm or below.


DA 10-17mm f/3.5~4.5
DA 12-24mm f/4
DA 17-70mm f/4
DA 18-55mm f/3.5~5.6
DA 18-55mm f/3.5~5.6 WR
DA 18-135mm f/3.5~5.6 WR
DA 50-200mm f/3.5~4.6 WR
DA 50-200mm f/3.5~4.6
DA* 50-135 f/2.8
DA 55-300mm f/4~5.6
DA* 60-250mm f/4


DA 12-28mm (2013)
DA 18-220mm (2012)
DA* 18-85mm (2013)
DA 22-38mm (2013)
DA 130-370mm (2013)

16 zooms (5 pending) covering 10mm to 300+mm.

Also, if you look at the lenses that all work on Pentax with no adapters, you're looking at a collection of millions of lenses – all made by Pentax and currently supported.

There's more than one reason why we like Pentax... ;)

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