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  • If I still had my original EM-5 I would be very tempted to buy the original EM-1 at todays prices and wait for the EM-5 mk 2.
  • very good shot very good
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    Thank you that was very informative. I know nothing about this camera but that technology was always very interesting if it really worked. Seems it does.
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    All I can add is that my PEN F is noticeable better in noise and Dynamic range than my EM-5 original. That is in everyday shooting outdoors. I read that the new EM-1 mk 2 might even be better but ...
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    Enjoy that camera man it is an amazing little machine.
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    Yes and for me it really was game a changer just kind of amazing actually.
  • I love the mono 2 mode but I have turned the grain to off and I have adjusted the high, low and mid tones to taste. Very easy to do and it looks great. Plus there is something about shooting with ...
  • Plenty of lenses have huge vignetting and are not sharp. Just buy a Holga. Hell man I have one I will sell to you for $2500 if that makes you feel better.

  • I know Ferrari and this lens is no Ferrari.

  • That is a good question because having a mirror between your very high quality and expensive lens and the sensor has to have some bad effect besides robbing a little light. Even if just a tiny bit ...
  • I understand buying the camera but then to pair it with this lens seems to defeat the purpose of owning such a nice camera. Why spend all that money to get such mediocre results. To put in your...

  • Never makes sense to me when you buy such and expensive camera and then pair with such and expensive lens. To get such poor images. Why not just go to a flea market or yard sale and buy on of those...

  • The sensors from Sony are light years ahead of the Canon sensors. More and more Canon boys are waking up to that fact. The Nikon D 810 is an old camera now the new one is coming.  I expect a very ...
  • MY EM-5 original was stolen and I waited for the MK 2 and when it came out with the same 16 mp sensor I passed it up and went with a Nikon D3300. I needed a small camera for travel and it worked ...
  • Sometimes in the more quick situations I simply go with the sunny 16 rule.  My style in those fast moving times is to just get the image in camera and worry about the details later. :)
  • There is nothing but auto mode in digital. Chimpers don't know how to work out a real exposer using their own brains and experience. Here is a shot I took a few days ago. Left my phone at the ...
  • There are plenty of other companies that make sensors. Nikon and FUJI and others can get together as a large group and out fund and design and out build Sony easy.

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    Digital is to easy. no craftsmanship just point and shoot.
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    LOL  ;)
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    Do what i have done and leave the digital to the children and buy a good Hasselblad and shoot film. Build a darkroom and learn how creating art is made through mastering techniques with the hands ...
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