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IdM photography: Even if both the Sony RX1R II and the Fujifilm X100F have 35mm (35mm equivalent for the Fujifilm) lenses, it is difficult to compare an APSC sensor with a FF sensor... Obviously the RX1R II camera is much more expensive, but if you want to do very serious (or professional) phoography, this camera is the only option... The RX1R II has the best existing FF sensor... It also has a central shutter (no vibrations when taking your photo), and should be declared Winner.

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I've a friend that used to shoot events & conventions from an ultralight. he'd shut off the motor when he took his shots to keep the vibration down. worked quite well until on one occasion, the motor wouldn't refire and he had to take it down on a nearby roadway which unfortunately stretched over uneven terrain , folding up the landing gear on touchdown. a couple broken ribs and ankle was the result and I think he switched over to weddings & such after that.

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Itai42: The design innovation was brought back by Fuji (or arguably by Leica) - but they just went retro - so I don't think it deserved to be half an argument for innovation of the year...
The 1" sensor is not as innovative as others this year - again fuji springs to mind with another innovative sensor (this time instead of going crazy geometrically they went with a modified color-filter-array) - and sony themselves released some great sensors this year - much better then the 1" on the RX100 (Including the sensor on my own camera)
This is just a pointless award that smells more of product placement then of rightfully earned place in the list of top innovators or maybe something else - but that's just a great cam - not the most innovative nor the best this year!

RE:"Do you even know the issue here?"

Do you not recognise that there's other's issues & opinions being voiced here besides your own?... perhaps many here feel that there isn't ANY commercial camera from ANY manufacturer (at least none that's available to
the civilian public aside from the medical profession) that deserves being heralded as one of the BEST INVENTIONS of the Year.

Much of the juvenile, over-the-top, fanboyism that i've been reading in this thread is almost enuf to make me embarrassed to own an RX100.


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peevee1: Time properly judged the greatness of the leap - a really compact pocketable P&S matching or beating most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras with their kit zooms (as most customers using them), not to mention beating all the direct compact pocketable competitors by 2 stops or more (which usually translates to 4 years or more of technological development). DPR did not quite get the point, giving the camera only Silver award, just like to the bottom-of-the-heap Rebel and the rest of them innovation-deprived junk.
Saying "we were very impressed" now will not save your face.

>>"matching or beating most dslr's and mirrorless cameras with their kit zooms"?????
>> "beating all the direct compact competitors by 2 stops or more"???

hardly... as a satisfied but realistic RX100 owner, I think you've been reading far too many press releases and semi-amateur reviews.... put down the kool-aid , sonny.
it's a nice cam, pretty tiny, takes generally decent pics,better than most typical point and shoots but it's so-so at best in macro, the lens is slow anywhere past it's widest setting, hopeless past ISO800 and regardless of all its features, its operation is still best suited for various automated program modes.

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hmmm... i like my sony rx100 alright but why is it that i'll nearly always choose to slip the fuji x10 in my jacket pocket when i step out the door?

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