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HopeSpringsEternal: At least this 24-70mm f/2.8 lens telescopes out for longer focal lengths and the hood does not move with the internal barrel. This is unlike my Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens which telescopes out for the shortest focal lengths (24mm) and is most compact at the 70mm setting. Also the hood moves along with the telescoping making the lens even longer at 24mm.

Also my copy of the Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX Macro (old version, not HSM version) seems a lot sharper on APS-C, even the central region. Can't explain this. I was not impressed with medium to longer focus distance quality pics from the lens on full frame (SONY).

So I would consider upgrading to this Tamron but the lack of in-lens IS/VC for Sony mount while selling for close to the same price as a used Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8 puts me off.

If memory serves no. There are no IS or VC for Sony as it is done internally in the camera body and not the lens.

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Azimuth46: Develop module - I have a really BIG concern ... can all my develop presets (more than 300 now!) be converted correctly so that the changes that one of them applied to one pic in the 2010 PV are the _same_ changes the same preset applies in the 2012 PV?

Generally speaking Adobe has been good in the past at making sure that presets are not changed with a new version. However, they have had their share of debacles. I would like to know this as well. Would hate to have to go thru all my photos and retouch them. At the same time though I would like the ability to take specific photos and retouch them to see if I can make any improvements. But this should be optional and not required.

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aimannassar: I don't know why Canon didn't integrate the wireless radio flash control inside the body!

I'm going to assume that it was a space issue. Its already a pretty substantial camera. They might not have been able to cram it in. Or may have been a battery life issue. By putting it off camera they could spout a better battery life on the box and have the wireless camera flash controller supply its own battery. And by making a off camera version they could design it once then sell to people with older cameras.

But like you. I would have liked to seen it internal.

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Very nice image. I love the whole Oregon coast line. One of the most beautiful areas in the US. I have been there several times. Congrats on the well deserved 1st.

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I have LR and PSE 9. I like both in the own rights. LR is awesome. The ability to edit RAW images is its biggest plus. Now your not really editing the file. But more or less adding a layer over it. So when you export the file in your preferred format it will permanently apply those changes. You can do anything that Adobe Camera Raw can in LR. But, once you want to start smoothing skin, removing objects, creative layer effects, and things of that nature you will need to move to PSE. I highly recommend getting LR. Keep an eye on it at Amazon. I picked up LR3 for $150. I do 95% of my editing in LR and usually never go into PSE. But I have it when I need it and its a whole lot cheaper than PS 5. The organizer in PSE is just not in the same league as LR. The LR library is just absolutely awesome and well beyond PSE ability. Adobe will let you do 30 day trials for both. Check out the many LR podcast that are out there. I recommend Lightroom Killer Tips. Its done by Matt Kloskowski.

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