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  • This is awesome!

    I'll bet they sell a million of them. So many of the Hipster crowd don't want to go to the trouble of learning how to run the knobs but would LOVE to pay $9.99 for each new...

  • Why on earth do you think they dont have buckshot? most airbases will have shotguns - they're standard issue in the US military. It's a trip to Walmart and $25 to get some No. 2 shells.

  • I'm sorry but your reaction to a joke someone posted was massively over the top and out of any proportion. I am very happy indeed to be aligned with the sort of behaviour which is able to see the ...
  • Your words give lie to your real agenda once again: "middle aged men".
  • >> Most of the people going into nude photography are men twice the age of the model If even you are ashamed of your sentiments then don't put them on the internet. It's a lot better than having to ...
  • I say this with all respect: You need to back off with the presumption that you know anything about me or my background. It's incredibly inappropriate and frankly gives lie to your "concern". As ...
  • And that would preclude it from being art why? How old was  Gauguin? Botticelli? Manet? Take your nasty ageism and sexism elsewhere please - this isn't the place for it.
  • I thought it was funny too. There's nothing illegal or even immoral about the post. You seem overly sensitive on this topic. You have been reported for bullying.
  • Naw - it was choice. That bubble needed popping for sure!
  • And as soon as you make money with any sort of a camera it becomes gear owned by a pro - hence pro gear. A better question is "Do I need the $2,500 lenses and $3,000 bodies owned by dentists from ...
  • When this happens politely thank them for their opinion and invite them to call the police.
  • Replied in Sources?
    I'd love to know more - if you don't have any examples to hand can you give sources?
  • Replied in Example??
    Its pretty hypothetical - unless you can think of an example,
  • Thank you for your contribution. Covfefe.
  • The article talks about Antarctica. I'm guessing that a lot of the people who go there have some pretty professional camera set ups with a lot of kit. The author points out that people tend to be ...
  • I must admit - prior to reading the article I was only careful when I go into and out of areas where I know there is a problem (typically farms or deciduous woodlands). Like you boot clearing is ...
  • "Flora and fauna are different today than they were 100, 200, a 1000 years ago. An animal transferring contaminates 100 years ago is transferring different contaminates today." No - I'm afraid I ...
  • Laugh... we nearly did!
  • Replied in Good point...
    Nope - but it's a really good point. If you read the article: “These tourists are often very scrupulous about not leaving waste or having mud – which could carry seeds or bugs from other areas – on ...
  • But.. what happens when you tread in one of your jokes? or dont you go near the dog park? <g>
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