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    DXO is really good. Best denoise AI. Nothing come close to deep prime.
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    It an OCD problem. Stop worrying about small stuffs IMO.
  • Before you buy Topaz, download the trial version of DXO Photolab 4. I personally find photolab 4 superior to Topaz especially denoise/deep prime.
  • I do both.
  • If gh-6 can do gh-5s as well as 40mp, that is a game changer.
  • This is what i use. You can get smaller version. I pick this one because it compatible with uhs-2 cards. ...
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    I wasn't blaming flickr. It is a general warning. Use these services as disposable storage because  they can lock your account whenever they feel like it. Happen all the time.
  • That is incorrect. It takes hours if not days to shot and edit a video. The upfront equipment cost is enormous. On the other typing is cheap and fast. The assumption that writing is better than ...
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    I never use flickr. I have my own personal media server at home. Over 40tb and counting. Putting your digital assets into these type of companies does come with risks. If anyone using these type of ...
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    The problem is not money. The problem is how they conduct themselves. Losing over 10 years of digital life because someone in the company don't like you is horrible. Getting banned from your ...
  • Lol. That's pretty funny. First world problem. We live in an impermanence reality. Everything will turn to dust sooner or later. If my gh5 dies, i go online and buy me another one. That is my ...
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    Their an acceleration toward home media server so i doubt google photo, flickr, or any paid service can survive. NAS are getting super cheap. Cheaper if you know how to build a computer. You can ...
  • What you can do is donate the pictures to a museum or an organization that archive stuff in your will.
  • Here is the failure calculator for raid 5. You can see your odds of losing all your data. The op chance of recoving his data in a raid 5 is .8%, ie ...
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    The link you provided reinforce raidz as a glorified raid system. It suffer the same problems as traditional raid.
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    He can't. Raidz is raid with zfs file system. Raidz1 is raid5. Raidz2 is raid 6.
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    And what is raidz?
  • Lol raid rebuild time and large capacity drives arr the problem. I wouldn't be surprise if it takes a month to rebuild a 20tb hdd in a raid 5. Longer with raid 6. The chance of ure is 100%. The ...
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    Raidz is a glorified raid 5/6. It still suffer from the same problems.
  • It is not a tiny fraction. The chance of a ure is guarantee for large raid volume. Hard math. This is why companies have move away from raid. Only the home/hobby consumer market is keeping raid ...
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