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Peter Galbavy: I bought a Phantom 4 a few weeks ago having had a Parrot AR...2 for a few years. I am not disappointed with the P4 nor am I feeling anything but "meh" toward the Karma based on the launch materials. It's 2x the price point it should be at given the proposed features and performance.

Just to bad it doesnt have "follow-me"-mode

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On article Instagramer makes $15,000 in one day by selling prints (119 comments in total)

Nice photos

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GM1 really produce some nice photoquality and details, even better than E-M1 at ISO 100/125

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Wow! Details and colors are awesome, and thees are only Jpegs.. Looking forward to RAW.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2083 comments in total)
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rusticus: I am amazed at> 1000 comments - it is an upgrade of the M-5, nothing else -
and the image quality of the E-M5 is equal

The image quality is better than the M-5. Have a look at the RAW-comparison.

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pdqgp: I suppose DPR is appeasing sponsors and vendors of all types but a $20k lens as news article on a site like this? Maybe I'm the minority but I can't see the target audience being very wide here. It's like all the car magazines writing up reviews on cars that are $100k+ Interesting reads but the value to the masses is nothing more than entertainment. Must be a slow news day as they say.

IMO I'd much rather hear about gear the masses will use and is a better fit for the majority. Someone buying a $20k lens is not likely the average DPR reader.

Then dont read about it

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On photo Boating3 in the Fantasy Photo Edit challenge (16 comments in total)
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ImagesInstyle: is this photoshopped?
i thought this section was about, pure photography, and not computer altered images?

Of course it is photoshopped. The rule says:
"The goal of this contest is to produce an amazing image using ANY Tools necessary [..] Create an image that takes real photographic material and turns it into something spectacular and fantastical!"

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On photo Big sur sunset in the Graduated filters (PYSICAL, not in post processing) challenge (1 comment in total)

Very nice!

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Great review! Thanks

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On article Planned site maintenance on dpreview.com (41 comments in total)

And thanks for the best photosite on the web.

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On photo City Tower (Torun, Poland) in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (247 comments in total)
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umstbkddng: Lots of 12-year-old sore losers here, I see. Just because you don't have enough friends who give a crap about your hobby to support you, there's no need to hate on those who do.

While I normally prefer to appreciate the heart and artistic effort of everyone who contributes to this site and its challenges, I will note that none of the super-loud whiners in these comments had much to say before this last week, and none of their challenge submissions will ever exactly make it into National Geographic.

Goami, this is a nice photo, and I congratulate you. Enjoy the prize.

Nice photo, Yes, but did it deserver to win, No.
Anyway.., because of this contest dpreview will now change their rules.

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On article Panasonic unveils DMC-GX1 Micro Four Thirds camera (74 comments in total)
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Chris Tofalos: Pity about no tilt/swivel LCD but very impressive, nonetheless.

What the PEN 3s should have been...

yes, I use the tilt LCD all the time

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On photo Alaskan Malamute in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (4 comments in total)
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dibilio57: Wonderful.


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On photo Alaskan Malamute in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (4 comments in total)
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Hooman Khosravi: nice shot

Thanks Hooman!

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On article Article: It's all about the details (18 comments in total)

Great! Really nice article

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ProDesignTools: The KEY point not to forget is that the most impressive examples - the first two images - were restored after actual camera shake.


Everything else seems tangential to the takeaway.

How do you know there where actual camera shake..? How can we be certain?

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On article ACD Systems launches ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee v14 (38 comments in total)

acdsee doesnt work with rw2 (panasonic raw-files)

Link | Posted on Oct 7, 2011 at 08:00 UTC as 6th comment

This is great! Would love it to be implemented in PS. Speed vs size is very important

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On photo Calm Street in the Summer: empty urban streets challenge (12 comments in total)

Awesome photo!

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