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Any mid or higher smartphone will capture these images. While I shoot Fuji (and Nikon), street photography with a smartphone is easier, IQ often surpasses, and the convenience of small form, discreet, and 4k cannot be overlooked IMO.

Regarding Seattle: sadly lots of people moving due to the nonsense, property values dropping, and tourism is going to take a big hit according to their tourist office. Such a waste.

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(unknown member): "Does the Canon Rebel T8i DSLR make sense in an increasingly mirrorless world?"

No. It does not make sense at all. I reyll wonder what kind of n00bs are still buying such a Rebel mirror slapper in late 2020.

It is an almost incredible € 999 MSRP with 18-55 IS STM where I live. AT the same time EOS M50 with 18-55 IS STM is € 599.

I consider anybody spending € 899 on a Rebel mirrorslapper to be a real enemy of their money.

One big reason is that an adaptor (another $100+) is needed to use native lenses with their mirrorless. Lens selection with mirrorless is nowhere near dslr. Personally I'm going back and forth on a SL3 and M50 and still undecided.

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EXkurogane: No in-lens stabilization, not even worth considering. Especially at those long focal lengths. IBIS just isn't as effective at long focal lengths.

My DX-P Nikon 70-300 lens is not stabilized and if I do my part, images at 300mm are crisp and clean. I also added the VR version and I get roughly 20% more keepers with moving subjects, but makes no difference with bracing or careful handheld shooting with a non IS lens. If one is a shutter masher, a stabilized lens should help.

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five0guy: While I will acknowledge that the Pentax brand has a long history of photographic hardware design and manufacturing excellence, I found the Pentax video heralding the K-3III, a bizarre, laugh inducing propaganda piece.

It felt as if the last horse buggy manufacturer was touting its wares over the rapidly emerging automobile early in the last century.

I get that there will be a use case for a number of loyal Pentax users with Pentax glass. And yes, some will find that for whatever reason optical viewfinders are preferrable for them ... but the writing is on the proverbial wall ... DSLR's are a dying technology and will be abandoned by the big three - Sony, Canon and Nikon - within the next 5 -10 years.

The fact that Pentax cannot introduce a mirrorless camera and lens platform and cannot even deliver a DSLR in a timely manner indicates an inability to competitively engage in the photographic market place and points towards a troubling longterm future for the company.

so five 0, do tell us about the video test you performed with this new camera? Link to the video would be great.

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Bobthearch: I'd love to have a Pentax, and test their reputation for ruggedness and weather resistance. But not at that price.
Bring back the K-S2 and throw in a couple lenses for $450.

I never had a aperture failure on my K50 (90,000 clicks) and if it ever does, it's a cheap and easy fix. I have not read of the K-S2 having the problem. This new camera is looking very tempting.

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Price is high, but with Nikon/Canon moving away from dslr's, Pentax may be a good choice to supply that segment. Hoping they are successful.

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I handled the Z5 at my local camera shop and took along a sd card, shooting in jpeg only. Viewing them now..beautiful. Home run camera from Nikon! Ergonomics great, build quality excellent, evf gorgeous.

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wcan: The HDR video stuff is impressive (don't think any regular cameras can do that?). But for stills, all these cell phone cameras just can't compete with a larger sensor for image quality if the image is displayed larger than an index card.

Agius, I went out to my local wildlife preserve, hiked recently in our mountains and did not see anyone use a phone camera. I disagree about Apple "stealing" amateur photographers as I believe they help steer people to purchase a traditional camera when they discover a smartphones many shortcomings (poor ergonomics, little to no zoom, no evf and a screen that acts like a mirror in bright sun).

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They continue to make high quality products and I appreciate the fact they employ 137,000 in the US with excellent pay and generous benefits. That said, my phone needs are talk, text, a few general photography photos, GPS for business and have no need to upgrade from my 6S purchased earlier this year new for $75. at Target closeout. My daily driver most of the time is a first gen Pixel XL that does a few things much easier than iPhone. Spending more than $100. for my needs make no sense. I have a collection of fine shotguns that I continue to spend spare money on and those have appreciated nicely over time vs quickly depreciating items. Amazing company that are masterful at brand loyalty.

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whitelens: I could not say it any better than DPR:
...while the updates may not knock your socks off....
2 years later they now have 2 card slots and a working grip!
Keep my feet from dancing !

Wonder if they will use Ashton Kutcher to promote them? Kidding aside, this camera (as well as the previous version) is definitely on my short list.

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FuhTeng: They're too much money, they're too fragile, they're temporary.

But darned if I don't want a blue pro max.

I also have a 6S and works and looks as new (I use a case). My daily driver is the Pixel XL (first gen) and bought on sale new for $100. I can spend $7,000 for a fine shotgun, but spending over $150 for a phone doesn't interest me.

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vaughanB: So what happens when the battery life falls by 50% in a couple of years, how do you change it?... or do they expect you to just buy another ? That's why I still use a Microsoft Lumia 5XL, now on its 3rd battery that I replaced by just removing the back, Consumers get what they deserve, if people are stupid enough to pay this kind of money for a disposable product, thats what manufacturers will provide

For those value seekers that like iPhones, the iPhone 7 (still a very good phone) is on closeout at Target from $59. to $99. depending on the store. It's their first model with the water resistant IP67 meaning able to survive under 3' of water for 30 minutes. Check brickseek for stores and inventory near you.

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tr33man: For jut a $100 more there is Powershot SX740 with 24-960 eq. zoom (that can zoom at any position between those two unlike this half-product in the article above), 20MP BSI sensor, 4K video, removable battery, 3" tilt LCD, flash unit and still only 300g and fits in you pocket.

Canon monoc reach..................100-400mm, 1080p video, 150 shot battery, $299
Panny FZ80 reach......................20-1,200mm, 4k video, 330 shot battery, $299.

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MattWPBS: I get it as a monocular viewer for hiking, birdwatching or other things in nature, rather than a camera. The thing that really strikes me as odd with that use case is that it's not weatherproof.

Perfect for the great outdoors, so long as it doesn't rain.

poor battery..rated for 150 clicks? DOA

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Canon, with your dwindling revenues, how the heck did you ever think this would be popular? This is a solution looking for a problem.

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After a 3 day rental of a Sony A7RII, the Sony menu and ergonomics killed it for me. I'm too used to my D7000 and D7200 to change. Images were beautiful from the Sony (both jpeg and raw), but really not better in any way from my 7000/7200. This Z5 interests me a great deal.

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marc petzold: Sadly, most People do know all the Story, how Kodak went down...

Whatever People say about Kodak, and their Managment Failures, i do love Kodak Film (135 Format). Without Tri-X 400, T-Max 100/400, Ektar 100, Portra 160/400/800...Film Photography would be a hell less Fun, seriously. If Kodak would only bring the famous Kodakchrome 64 back...

Yes, there are many other Films....Ilford, Fujifilm, etc...whileas i do like the "Others", i do shoot most of the Time with Kodak, even when i got currently a few Agfa APX 100/400 Rolls...i liked Kodak Film into the Mid 80's, and i still like Kodak Film very much.

Kodak was a Forerunner in digital Photography, there have been Articles Decades ago, about their 1st Prototypes, etc...unfortunately, their digital DSLRs suffered from various (Design) Issues, and Software Problems, and Kodak used Canikon Bodies. Check out the Kodak Forum here on DPR, there are some really fine People, still creating Pictures with this Gear.

A fine Sunday, Good Light.

We attended a wedding at a winery in Sonoma and the photographer (2) shot both digital (stills and video) and film. When I inquired as to film popularity for weddings, the photographer replied that it's a fast growing niche for their business.

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HOw many of these "what killed Kodak" articles can DPR publish? Evidently many. Rinse, repeat.

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Deak: Thanks for this article!

I have the same camera and lens (since new)... a gift from my wife when unknown to her I was thinking to try the new digital stuff... a step up from my 7000i but the last gasp of the film SLR world, a great little camera.

I still have my Pentax ME Super as well.... wish I still had my original Pentax KX!

I guess I am getting old...

I use my Super Takumar 135 and nothing compares. Grab one people and be prepared to be impressed.

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I have this Maxxum 5 and the X700 and both fun to shoot. I like that film forces me to concentrate more on composition and exposure which in turn pushes me a bit to be more creative. Best part is opening the envelope after the film is processed and seeing the results, sometime great, other times not.

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