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beenthere: The problem isn't the HW - HP is 'meh' in that respect. The problem's in the OS.

I'm pretty sure the target market for this product views its OS and a chief selling point.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1204 comments in total)
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Georgeee: Thanks DPreview for the first impression review. Looking forward to seeing the full review, which I regard as the "official review" of a camera product. You guys did great job to quickly publish a review when Canon 5D IV was out.

For photo, full frame always has advantage on image quality. that's physics.
For video, no need for that big sensor, so m4/3 can really compete with others and to be the best. Panasonic made smart choice in that regard.

Also full frame makes not just a "perceivable" difference but an indispensable one if cropping is needed (and it is needed in many situations/applications).

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johnduncan: Given it addresses the perceived flaws of the 6000/63000, not sure how anybody could find anything to complain about in this camer...oh.

Not nice to hold? -- how?! The A6300 is very nice to hold (at least most seem to think so, myself included), and the a6500 only improves that situation with added grip-depth.

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R N: What vacuous whining. How can one complain about a camera that "should" have been made two years ago without knowing the details of the technical challenges and the details of the cost structure? Canon makes cameras, not unicorns.

It doesn't matter what internal reasons Canon may've had vis-à-vis such a two-year delay, because that delay is externally defined; i.e., either it was two years late -- from a market perspective -- or it wasn't (an assertion, in turn, I'm not making). Seems you're fending off vacuous whining with vacuous fanboying.

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onlooker: All good, but: "Image files should be uploaded to the site as jpegs (72ppi)" -- ?? ppi is a measurement of monitor pixel density, and has no relationship to jpegs.

That's not true. ppi regards pixel density, which is a function of the static jpeg resolution set when editing image size.

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PhotoUniverse: Fo all those who whine about post-processing:
"Ansel made photographs, he didn't take them': Jeanne Adams interview"


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By standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Fujifilm seemed like they have used the SAME sensor on like 5 dozens types of their camera.

How is "knowing what you're getting" an advantage when the alternative would be getting a new (i.e., upgraded) sensor? Generally speaking -- and I know I'm going out on a limb here -- most upgrades don't involve downgrades in performance.

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SeeRoy: "Mirrorless may be the future..."
This guy's the new Nostradamus.

Erm...SeeRoy was being sarcastic, in line with the article and 99% of the comments here: going forward, mirrored cameras are no longer a viable alternative.

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On article Great Eight: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 review (545 comments in total)
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Smaug01: High ratings, but ugly as sin. Not for me, thanks.

Funny, I think its looks are its best feature. I guess that goes to show questions of taste have no place in a review of tools -- whether they're hammers or cameras. Best to focus on what they do and how well they do it.

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On photo Raptor in the Sky in the Black & White Photo of the Week #18 challenge (8 comments in total)
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MichaelIsGreat4: OMG, another black and white photo worshiper who thinks that black and white photos add something "artistic" or special when the truth is that black and white photos are photos that miss a lot, their colors!!

It is like reverting back to black and white TVs when we are now in the era of 1080p color TVs and soon in the 4K color TV era!!!!!

Wake up, we live in a colorful world and therefore your pictures MUST reflect this colorful reality, not the stupid and false idea that there would be anything artistic with black and white pictures when these black and white pictures are missing the colorful reality that is all around us!!

I suggest that when you have this unhealthy urge of doing a challenge with black and white photos, you ask the participants to provide BOTH the black and white photo as well as its color version and this way we will judge if the black and white photo really adds something special compared to the original color one!!

Your TV analogy is as foolish as your comment is in general. Do you really think that because TVs are in color, that everything should, therefore, also be in color? -- like, say, a tux? Duh. Your views challenge the very premise of Ansel Adams. If you don't understand composition and contrast, perhaps you should refrain from commenting on art -- however defined.

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Samsung NX1 presented in 2014 is better specification.

Specs are one thing, image quality is another. Unless you prefer to look at spec sheets, look at the studio scenes here (when available), or at IR's comparometer...the A6300 will win hands-down, just like the a6000 before it.

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MFiftysomething: They tried to copy the Sony A7 grip design

Tried, or did?

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Sickheadache: In the 3rd Picture..I see a potential problem with guys and women with big hands and fingers...As you snap your seems that ISO button would get press also. That screen in the back ...sure looks complicated and complications means...break downs. lol

It is suppose to come with 36mp. But since Sony is making a 42.2MP now...That would be nice also.

Others have already made the point, but...obviously Sickheadache has never handled a K-3 body -- or anything like it. It's just about impossible to hit the ISO button when depressing the shutter on these cameras. And the only way one could theoretically do so would be if he or she had extremely SMALL hands, not large ones.

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Just a Photographer: A DSLR... Really?

According to the latest CIPA figures 2015 will be another year that looks disastrous for the camera industry.

If the trend continues only 20 million digital camera's will be sold of which about only 15 million pieces are DSLR's versus 5 million MILC cameras.

The current ratio DSLR vs MILC is about 3:1
(Especially US+Canada looks very conservative compared to other parts in the world. But thats probably because they like BIG.)

Compared to 2013, the market halved again and is even less then 20% of what it was compared to 2010.

The camera market isn't looking great, and it shows why there were so little announcements this year.

Bring it on Pentax, but sales is probably not going to soar.

OK, good point. Note to camera makers: stop making cameras.

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bernardf12: Why is this camera not the medium format size, the K3 the full frame size and the k5 the APS-C size? Well it was probably designed in Texas.


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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1124 comments in total)
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Bren Dyer: Sony seem to be an innovative company that continually bring out new products that dont quite fit the norm. I am a dedicated Nikon user but get a serious hardware hard on when I see the stuff Sony come out with. The A7 series is actually bloody good and I have been tempted on more than one account to jump ship. The biggest question for me is will it work well with my lenses especially the 70-200 2.8...
The low light capabilities of these cameras MUST point it in the right direction for at the very least a second camera in a wedding shoot, if not the leading role...

Yes, a very serious hardware hard on!

I read comments like this all the time: someone being a dedicated Canon or Nikon user, yet admiring (translation: preferring) the specs of Sony's offerings. And this confuses me. If I normally buy coffee A, and then try coffee B, and I find coffee B to be better (and cheaper!), well...then I become a coffee B drinker -- period. Perhaps by "dedicated user" you simply mean you've already invested in a lot of Nikon lenses?

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On article High-end pocketable compacts roundup (2013) (266 comments in total)
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Karroly: From your review :
"if you need one (an EVF...), then the LF1 is the camera for you but, if it's just a feature you'd quite like to have, the decision is less clear-cut "

I would have concluded exactly the opposite. If you NEED a viewfinder then you need a large, clear, sharp, easy to use one, so look for another camera. If you just use it occasionally (in bright sun, or to reduce camera shake when required), then this one is OK...

Name two of the hidden deficiencies. (And if they're "hidden", do they still matter?)

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Athonline: I really like A7 MkII. It looks like it "fixes" most of my complains for the A7: The grip and the layout. In terms of body-specs a touchscreen is the only thing missing. Bonus points of the WiFi API Sony uses.

Now if Sony had a good selection of FE-lenses, I could see this one replacing one of my E-M1s! Unfortunately I like zooms and the 24-70mm f/4 is mediocre at best. The 70-200mm f/4.0 a bit expensive for what it is... +1 for the two awesome primes, but again with a price premium.

In any case: Kudos to Sony! They definitely fired some shots towards the status quo of Canonikon!

It's just "II", not "MkII".

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Rob Sims: I suspect the A7-II will prove to be yet another warning shot across the bows of Canon/Nikon (if the A7/A7S/A7R were not enough last year). Each warning shot gets closer as the lens line up gets filled out.

The A9 which is rumoured to be fully weather sealed, and with a new advanced AF system (upgraded from the A6000) will be their real weapon against the D810 / 5Dm3.

Warning shot? Warning of what, exactly? -- Sony's already kicking Canikon's asses.

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peevee1: Oh come on! What does that have to do with digital photography?

peevee1: You're clearly confused about the nature of DPReview and its name. It is a camera and photography site, period. It was named during the transition from film to digital, and positioned against other sites describing themselves with the "digital" distinction -- again, when there was still an (albeit flickering) option of film cameras. Read no more than this into the "digital" component of DPR's name: it's PURELY incidental at this point.

Besides, it's not as though the inclusion of this article -- whose link you CHOSE to click -- in any way exists at the expense of other, purely-digital content on this site. When I go to the store to buy tortillas, it in no way bothers me that it also sells bread.

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