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  • Glad it worked for you!!! You just can’t beat those little dancing squares belting around after whatever you’re chasing. I’ve easily got dragonflies in flight, this camera is the best I’ve ever ...
  • Hi, I think you’re using the wrong settings completely for BIFs. You need the focus button on C, then use the Wide focus mode to activate the green tracking squares. The other issue I’ve found with ...
  • I carry very small binoculars which will fit in a pocket, camera bag, pouch, or hang off my wrist.
  • Good to hear, I managed to get a grey version for the rather silly price of £4.99 from Amazon! Awaiting delivery now but figure I can’t go wrong at that price.
  • I’ve frequently said I’ve no idea how Sony has managed to get the performance it does out of these tiny cameras. It’s out resolved photos taken with an EM 01 admittedly fitted with the original ...
  • Ingenious - now you’re showing your age!!! Not many these days ‘make do and mend’, I remember in my far flung youth darning socks...... Glad you’re enjoying the Mk6, it’s a wonderful little camera. ...
  • Thanks Rachael, I really love the camera.. So much so that I’ve sold off most of my other equipment. This and the RX100vi are about all I want these days! I have a G80 body and 3 lenses left ...
  • Gossiping Gulls Feeding hummingbird hawk moth Gull with fish Fishing egret All with RX10iv. Great thread!! Really interesting
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    Sorry, my apologies. Left it off Lightroom export. Redone in case anyone wants to know.
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  • This is why I really, really dislike grey squirrels............. What's worse, they always win! Baffle beaten Might as well make the most of it Hmmm, I'll sort that lot out shortly Chips anyone? I ...
  • Replied in Exhibit: Heron
    Grey Heron hunting Success! Lunch secured Yum! This juvenile spent last summer on our local lake, it ate an awful lot of fish!!
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    RX401949RX401946 - CopyP1010401 - CopyDSC_3461DSC_2235_edited-1 - CopyDSC_1800 - CopyRX403295RX403280
  • Your photos made me chuckle!! I loved the obstacle course. We have so much trouble with squirrels, I’m not sure whether to hate them, or admire the little blighters. I tried something similar to ...
  • Guy, I’m sure you’ll love the Mk6, its versatility still astounds me. I have photos where it’s happily tracked and I’ve got shots (OK, not very close with only 200mm) of dragonflies in flight. How ...
  • I find the Mk6 fine up to 6400, it really depends on how fussy you are, and what you’re prepared to put up with! I guess old age has caught up with me and I’ve arrived late in the day with Sony ...
  • Hi, I’m curious about the ‘pre focusing’, how are you doing this? I’m wondering if this is making the camera hunt before it locks on. I’ve found the Mk10iv about the best tracking camera I’ve ever ...
  • Brett, This isn't answering your question, and is going off at a bit of a tangent! I have both the FZ and the Sony. I almost never use extra zoom on either. Is your main and only interest macro? ...
  • Also very nice! The camera tracking is the best I’ve ever had and flying displays a great way to learn. So nice not to have to heft the huge lenses about that a lot of people were using too!
  • Rachael, Do you live near any birds of prey centres? This is obviously the wrong time of the year, but flying displays at these places are superb for BIF practice. The birds are relatively close, ...
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