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  • Ok, let's use pixel density to equalize comparison where Iphone 8 has 326ppi (higher is better). If 326ppi is good enough then why does the more expensive Iphone X goes up to 458ppi.
    Now Samsung...

  • Does the Iphone 8 has the lowest screen resolution (750 x 1334) among most of the other smartphone??? Actually, its almost half the resolution of similar price phone (Samsung has 1440 x 2960 and...

  • Commented on article iPhone X: What you need to know

    Both Samsung Isocell (in S7/S8) best the Iphone 7 sensor. The Huawei dual sensor combine output technology is another step up, and the Leica lens is icing on the cake. If imaging quality is...

  • Commented on article iPhone X: What you need to know

    Not all Sony sensors are the same. Samsung sensors uses isocell technology and is bigger than iphone 7.
    My friends who uses Iphone always ask me to use my S7 whenever there is important low light...

  • Commented on article iPhone X: What you need to know

    I wonder if Iphone can finally surpass Samsung sensor in low light. But really now the one to beat is actually from Huawei P10 plus with double sensor technology. I was surprise on how much better...

  • Commented on article iPhone X: What you need to know

    A report says Apple takes in 92% of all smartphone profit while selling only 20% of the smartphone. We are talking about big fat profit margin here.

  • If Apple makes a DSLR, they would claim exceptional image quality, superb color and then use a 1 inch sensor :-)

  • Funny you said that, because every time I had multiple family gatherings, in the end the large group photo was taken by my Samsung S7. Parents with Iphone will say use the Samsung first, it takes...

  • I agree with you the color doesn't look too good.

  • Me too. But those people looked so friendly, and I often show them their photos after I took them and they would give a big smile on their face.
  • The S 16-50mm stays on the camera all of the time. I still can't find a similar combo that does so well. So I guess I have to stick with Samsung for quite a while. Funny my tour guide keeping ...
  • Created discussion thread People from Siem Reap
    I rarely take any people images on trips, but I quite like this set I took on a recent trip to Siem Reap Cambodia.
  • I believe the now defunct Samsung NX1/NX500 28mp also resolve just as well as the Sony if not better (less aliasing). And guess what, the Samusng uses a zoom lens while the Sony uses the Zeiss 55...

  • Sorry, the old Sony A7 FF doesn't really blow the Samsung NX500 out of the water, because I have both. For high iso the Sony A7 will be better by a bit over half a stop. The thing is Samsung has ...
  • Pixel peeper won't like the comparison with the Samsung S7

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