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Dionaea muscipula10 mm70-300mm shot at 300mmSome red flowersCorner stoneVenice32mm f/1.210-30mm. Kit lens. Shot at 30mm.70-300mm shot at 70mmjellyChoir ChairSail at the horizonsail croppedOtus BokehFamily portrait, Musée MassénaAntelopesMedieval CeilingClutterFish and fishBambooOtus 55 mm at the seaMirrored clouds with iPhone 5The perfect strap knotACR J1 NEFNear f2.8Far f2.8Medium f2.8Near f11Far f11Medium f11beeIndoor dogClown in the nightFleeing flamingoBird of some kindaf-onbeaulieuDancer and Manual FocusSample photo for Zeiss DistagonBefore the Tour de FranceFlammingosNight Street Photo - Marseille