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I got an Apple Pencil when I bought my iPad Pro. Hardly ever used the pencil. Now the battery refuses to recharge, and Apple tells me I have to buy a new one for €99.00, as the warranty is expired.

No thanks.

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Jack Jian: Sometimes, I wonder how people can live with manual lens, or is leica meant for slow subjects and just "class". I know the rangefinder type Manual AF arrangement but still, it won't be able to keep up fast subjects. I think of it as an "iPhone' of a camera world, without the technology part though.

Personally, I do not know many photographers who mainly take pictures that really need quick focus. I know there are some, and I know there are situations where AF is useful or even needed, but it must be a minority.

My favourite lens is a manual Zeiss (50mm macro-planar) on my Nikon DSLR. Works fine for almost all of my purposes.

Some quick moving targets are very easy to handle with manual focus, as you know where the target will be. A runner or a racing cyclist will pass point X on the road. Point the camera there, focus, and wait for them to get to the point, before you shoot. If you had used automatic focus there, there is a risk that it would focus on the background instead of the athlete.

I'm not saying that autofocus is useless - only that manual focus has more possibilities than people may realise.

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Digital Suicide: Everyone is spied on anyway regardless of those so called permissions. App permissions is for naive users.

@Digital Suicide. Calling someone who requests facts and sources "brainwashed", "naive" and "an idiot" fits perfectly into the Internet Research Agency pattern. Are you also based in Olgino?

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Digital Suicide: Everyone is spied on anyway regardless of those so called permissions. App permissions is for naive users.

And yet again, people are attacked for requesting reliable verifiable information instead of vague generic guesses disguised as the ultimate truth.

I guess the Russian bots are taking over dpreview as well.

For the record, personally, I do not believe that I have much privacy when I use my phone. But it is naive to the extreme to claim that I would have NONE, without giving a source that confirms it.

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Digital Suicide: Everyone is spied on anyway regardless of those so called permissions. App permissions is for naive users.


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I now played a bit with the new Lightroom CC, and it is exactly what I needed - but the yardstick may of course vary.

I used old Lightroom only to sync photos from Lightroom on mobile devices. The "classic" was complete overkill for me, when it comes to complexity.

The new version is simply perfect, and it guarantees that all photos are successfully synched, without double and triple checking mysterious settings.

For any serious photo work with DSLR RAW files, I will continue to use Photoshop and Bridge, as I always did.

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Probably a good thing. However, I hate having to spend several hours to read through documentation to fully understand all the differences and implications. Life is too short.

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Likely background story:
1. Person takes pictures of car with Pantech phone in remote location.
2. Person goes to a place with internet to post picture.
3. Discovers phone too damaged to get any connection. No way to export photo.
4. Borrows camera of someone else, to get the photo on the internet quickly.

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Is this serious? A test where we do not even get to know what lenses were used? Or is that info given if one watches the video from beginning to end?

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boatphotog: The real "problem" with phone photography has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the camera related capabilities of the specific phone. The real problem for people serious about photographic images (please note that I didn't say "Photographic Equipment") is that the proliferation of throw away garbage images produced by people with absolutely no training or ability will lead to the numbing of public appreciation of photographic images produced by skilled photographers. Some, myself included, will say that phone photography has already achieved this effect. This in turn leads to turning a once respected artform into yet another ho hum, been there/done that victim of technology.

I heard almost exactly the same argument by a proud print worker, who had been laid off in the Wapping dispute. He was convinced that computers would never be able to set types with as much beauty and quality as skilled print workers. According to him the world was now a much poorer place because of this.

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ILC Dover, an American engineering and manufacturing company
In Living Color, an American sketch comedy television series
Independent Learning Centre
Indigenous Law Centre
Indonesia Lawyers Club, an Indonesian discussion television series currently airing on tvOne
Industrial loan company or equivalently industrial loan corporation, a financial institution in the United States that lends money
International Labor Comparisons, division in the Bureau of Labor Statistics
International Law Commission
International Land Coalition
International Lutheran Council
Interprovincial Lottery Corporation in Canada
Irish Land Commission
Immanuel Lutheran College (disambiguation), multiple schools
Iterative learning control
International Labour Conference.
Inversiones la Construccion
Innate lymphoid cell, part of the immune system
Invasive lobular carcinoma, a form of breast cancer
International Linear Collider, a proposed particle accelerator
Inversiones La Construccion

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MaxiMax: Wouldn't it be great if DPReview could feature a comparison test between "the best" iPhone, Android phone and "a good" medium priced DSLR to compare the image quality results? Or maybe it would be just a waste of time because most experienced and knowledgeable photographers know the answer?

That would be nice. First test: how well does it fit in a pocket?

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Gave random answers. Got 7/10.

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They should have a series called "Shot on an iPhone late at night after plenty of beer without any support except a shaking hand."

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Latest news: journalist writes sensationalist headline!

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On article Lightroom Mobile update brings Raw HDR capture mode (59 comments in total)
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scotthunter: I am really not interested in capturing images with a cell phone camera. When I want to take a good photo, I will use my Canon G7X Mkii. You can already transfer RAW images from a DSLR into the Camera Roll and then edit them in LR Mobile. Why don't they allow you to combine two photos from the Camera Roll into an HDR marge or panorama, like you can within LR Desktop?

I am really not interested in lager. When I want a good beer, I go for an ale. Why do they make lager? What a waste!

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On article Lightroom Mobile update brings Raw HDR capture mode (59 comments in total)

Never mind the new functionality. The big thing with this update was that it fixed a bug, so my DNG pictures finally update to the cloud. This means that they are finally accessible and useful. How many months has this taken, Adobe?

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On article Lightroom Mobile update brings Raw HDR capture mode (59 comments in total)
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skanter: Do people actually PP photos on their phones?

A phone screen is actually faster and bigger - in practice. Kind of.

To start with, you always carry your phone around. No need to wait with PP until you get to wherever you have your laptop or humongous screen.

Second, zooming in and out on a phone with two fingers is extremely quick and convenient, so you can check out details slightly quicker than you can do in Photoshop for Mac or PC. On a laptop, I press z to activate the zoom and then click and drag on the area you want to zoom in on. To zoom out I never seem able to get it where I want it in the first try, but I do on my phone.

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I was not aware that the state of a company was commonly judged by the goodies it produced for its 100th birthday.

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What about the really important question? Does it have a "Pet Portrait" scene mode?

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