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Canon Metaverse

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2022 at 13:24 UTC as 6th comment
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dash2k8: I got on the 3D bandwagon many years ago when NVidia was pushing their technology with the glasses and such. I even looked into getting a Panasonic camera that could shoot 3D video. As we all know, prosumer-level 3D tech never took off. That leaves me curious as to why Canon would release such a lens. Do they know something is going to happen?


Link | Posted on Oct 11, 2021 at 02:25 UTC
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photomxp0: Which was the first Canon camera to provide 1/8000s shutter speed?

I think the first Canon camera to provide 1/8000s is the Canon EOS 1 (1989) then the EOS 5/A2E (1992), EOS 3 (1998)

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My Favorite Film Cameras from Canon is EOS 700QD, EOS 5 and EOS 1. The ergonomic of EOS 700 is awesome, at that time it was sold with the EF 35-80 Power Zoom Lens. The EOS 5 is the most versatile one, film winding is so quiet (It doesn't accept IR FILM because film counter uses IR beam ), auto focus is very quick and accurate. Flash exposure linked to AF focus point used. I remember, my little bro's Nikon F4 was so slow compared with all of the EOS lines. In my opinion the best of T series is T80, but T-90 design is surely was the origin of EOS 1 body.

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seragram: Canon is creating separation from competition with leading technology. Not having this tech will be seen as a CON.

Potoughto. I had been using Canon 5 with ECF for almost 10 years 1994-2004, it never failed. The ECF is proven and at least very useful for me. It's ok if you like being skeptical but your comment seems like ignorant opinion and baseless.

Link | Posted on Sep 24, 2021 at 01:49 UTC
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mikegt: The R3's eye-control autofocus is probably the camera's coolest feature. It's a real shame that it is disabled when recording video.

It's possible Canon is reserving eye-control focus for video for their expensive Cinema Series line. It makes sense, eye-control for video could be very useful for professionals. It could actually do away with the need to have a focus puller person on-set (someone dedicated to manually adjusting the focus either on the lens or via a remote control to follow the actors in a scene). We will have to see if video eye-control focus appears on the next Cinema Series camera.

There are Canon Camcorders (like Canon UCX1Hi) that has ECF and the focusing point is the whole EVF screen not just 5 focus point like we find on EOS 5.

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Jacques Cornell: I wonder how well it works at tracking faces that are very small in the scene. As a corporate event shooter, I often find myself at the back of a large conference room with a semi-wide lens, trying to include the audience in front of me while focusing on the very small face of the presenter way off at the front of the room. With my Sony a7III & a7RIII, I often get images that are front- or back-focused because the camera simply can't identify the face I want, even with small Flexible Spot active and positioned squarely over my subject. In this case, my Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras actually do better with their Pinpoint AF point positioned over the subject with my thumb on the rear screen. But then the AF point is fixed and no longer tracking.

With ECF, the focusing is real quick and instantaneous, The limitation is not the ECF itself but your lens. I know because I've been using the ECF for a decade, it's easy to select to focus at a bird that hides behind leaves, or any crowded foreground. the focus point is so small.

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PhotoKhan: I always knew that, if well implemented, ECAF would be a game changer.

One just has to have done any kind of action photography and imagine how this new paradigm would benefit quick subject selection to immediately perceive the huge step forward this new functionality would entail.

I just wonder if this is proprietary technology that is patent-protected.

If it is, I wonder how AP photographers (...not management, mind you...) now feel about this?

brownie314 Canon had ECF since EOS 5 or EOS A2E in North America, not EOS 3.

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I had been using Canon 5 with ECF for almost 10 years 1994-2004, it never failed, only one occasion the focusing system was seemed erratic, then I just need to re-calibrate it myself in less than 10 seconds, probably someone used my camera without permission. With the USM Lens, this camera is even better in autofocusing than Nikon F4 which hunted so much.

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On article Canon EOS R3 Initial Review (1479 comments in total)
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TheOwl360: Truth is, Sony and others didn’t bother implementing so-called Eye Control AF for the same reason Canon stopped implementing it years ago: Because while it sounds good and theoretically would be highly useful if it worked in ideal situations (shooting complex action), unfortunately it just will not work that much differently than pre-AF in most real-world use-case situations and certainly not consistently in a complex series of sequential and repeated actions, such as a basketball game or football game or soccer event.

Right now what reviewers are doing, and understandably so, is putting their eye up to the EVF and being fascinated by the fact they’re able to somewhat manipulate the general area of the ultimate AF point acquisition area by looking in the general direction. I get it, that’s pretty cool.

But will it work accurately, consistently, effortlessly in a real-world use-case? If not, it will fatigue and frustrate the shooter, who will turn it off and revert to manual mode.

Used the ECF in my Canon EOS 5 in 1994 for the first time, it worked flawlessly. Its two steps calibration was so easy.

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Funny Valentine: 24 mp, fixed vertical grip, gimmicky experimental eye AF, this R3 doesn't feel all that impressive. The R5 specs were more impressive at launch.

Build quality may be R3's strong point, but again the Sony a1 and a7sIII feel much sturdier and nicer to hold than the R5 because Sony uses thicker magnesium chassis with less plastic.

We will see. Hopefully reviews won't be biased because of the "nostalgia boost" that canon and nikon always benefit from.

Gimmicky experimental eye AF? The eye controlled focus had been used since 1992 - 2004 by Canon. I used Canon EOS 5 and it worked flawlessly.

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2021 at 04:41 UTC
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racin06: This is a poorly written article. GNSS is not an actual named satellite navigation system, rather its a general term referring to any of the current systems (GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS and GALILEO). The title of this article is also way off-base. The title should read something like this, "Nikon to launch first camera capable of geopositioning by simultaneously using satellites from GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS and GALILEO." Come on, DPR. You can do better.

I don't know about other satelite positioning systems but GPS is subject to Selective Availability (SA), the accuracy may be reduced during war.

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2021 at 04:25 UTC
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gskolenda: My question is why do I need a GPS on my camera? So I can remember where I took that shot? I don't see where it's very useful.

In case of documentary in a field recconaissance and survey, GPS helps a lot. Fortunatelly cellular phone
Is already equipped with a built in GPS receiver, I don't need this feature in the DSLR.

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Photoman: I almost sold my Canon EOS 5 gear for this...almost...

I sold my EOS 5 and all the lens, speedlight when first digital camera came out. I started again with some Canon Power Shoot cameras and later bought some DSLRs. I was lucky I could easily sold my analog camera and recovered my investment.

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mosc: Should be mentioned with that sensor how poor the light gathering was. ISO 50, or maybe 100, was all you could depend on which meant bright sunlight or a flash. I took a lot of flash shots with sensors from that era and blinded many a friend with them inside the house where ISO 100 would simply never cut it. Later sensors had much better sensitivity and IS so I think after those features, they aged a lot better. People may prefer the "punchy CCD look" but it demanded a lot more light than the subsequent CMOS.

Retro is fun but I think about it like cars. I couldn't imagine working on a car that didn't have fuel injection and I can't imagine shooting a camera too old for image stabilization and a reasonable ISO range or else that hotshoe won't just be for show and your family wil hate you.

I still have and use Canon PS A 560. (The first digital camera I owned was PS A320). The reason I switch to DSLR at that time because of its shutter lag and mostly this camera was only usable at oudoor. Other than these, very happy with the results.

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Mortal Lion: Whatever happened to the 3d TV :p

Netflix provides 3D movies but watching 3D TV with active 3D Glasses is cumbersome.

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realmadeira: The tech for eye tracking is well developed now. https://www.tobiipro.com/ look at the video demo

Canon Eye Controlled focus and tracking is already good. I had the EOS 5/A2E, it worked flawlessly. On The newer EOS bodies (EOS ELAN and EOS 3) the ECF even could be used not only horizontal but vertical position.

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marc petzold: I must admit, i don't like it's Design. The EVF fake Pentaprism Hump is not so cute, rounded, and dual Handgrips, make this a ideal Portrait, Fashion or -Wedding Photographers Camera, or for Studio work.

I think, i'd stay into the EF System for the next 2+ decades, as long, as things are working, why not. Personally, i don't need the latest & greatest, never.

Canon seems the only brand that have the financial background, and could compete with Sony, in terms of Innovation & speed, Nikon sold by far very much less Gear, hence Cameras, then Sony & Canon, if one does believe the latest Statistics.

Good Light.

Fake pentaprism? How the user utilizes the Eye Controlled Focus without a pentaprism? By looking at the LCD???

Link | Posted on Apr 14, 2021 at 12:17 UTC
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Hello123: Fro's Mom would be P R O U D! Now if we could just get him to stop bashing Nikon (lol).

His gears are mostly Nikon. He has the right to criticize Nikon.

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2021 at 05:17 UTC

This is why people buy Canon, because Canon gives back so much to the world.

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