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ybizzle: And as an added bonus, enjoy the free dust that is sucked into the sensor. These cameras are notorious for that and I'm talking from personal experience. I've had Canon or Nikon cameras with zoom lenses and never encountered this issue.

They are supposed to be there. That's why they are called "factory specs".

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tonysfoto: Anybody tried the M50 with adapter and the 11-24 lens? Thinking of replacing my 5d3 for real estate photography. Cheers

You don't need an adapter with the Canon EF-M 11-22mm or the Rokinon 12mm. The EF-S 10- 18mm with the adapter works well. I have used that on an M3 with excellent results. You might want to keep the 5D3 and get a canon zoom, or go a couple steps up with a 24mm TS-E. A learning curve for the later but worth the improved presentation.

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role_of_72: Oh man, this lens worths the price only for its sunstar effect alone. :)

I'd be glad to see an EF-M version (9 or 10mm F2.x with 7 or 9 blades) since I've just moved to that mount. The AF algorithm shouldn't be that much different, so please Samyang, do me a favor! :)

There are several third party zoom and prime EF-M lenses around. Rokinon makes three - 50mm/f1.2, 21mm/f1.4, and 12mm/f2. I own the the 12mm and it is a very nice lens. Check the review at Dustin Abbott.

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Up until fifty years ago, Yellowstone National Park used to use garbage feeding for the bears as entertainment.

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Fantastic display of columnar basalt. There is a large formation at Devils Postpile National Monument near Mammoth Lakes, CA, and a smaller one at Sheepeater Cliff in Yellowstone National Park.

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Fujica: That kickstarter project was a kick in their butt.

But now, what do you think what is the best alternative remote trigger app with the same or more possibilities?

I like the TriggerTrap as a motion sensor. I was hoping for a lightning update. Camera Axe is "sold out" and they have their own kickstart for an "electric spinning wheel"?! Pluto trigger looks interesting .

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On photo Oxbow Bend in the Mountain tops and clouds challenge (4 comments in total)

Great shot. And you were one out of a thousand that took the extra minute to walk down to the shore to capture the "low" perspective while the masses stood by their cars.

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