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On article Phase One Capture One 20 software review (417 comments in total)

When there is a large number of choices of something it is because in fact no one really knows how to explain how a software work. Do you know why? Because the light you use to capture your image in all of them is the same.

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AL photo: So much negativity. I find this fascinating. I'm always looking for more efficient ways to edit. Honestly, the high fashion editing by the top pros utilizing PS leaves supermodels skin looking like shiny plastic dolls. Oh, sure, the pores are still intact....doesn't make it look any less artificial. I'm not saying it's good or bad. just sayin'.

(I'm always looking for more efficient ways to edit) ?????? if assuming you need to edit, why not a way to take better pictures?

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Leshkin: Creativity nowadays is the ability to select one of hundreds of filters

Knowledge is harder since you need to make questions and not likes to learn. Creativity is the easiest way because anything is personal art nowadays lol

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It was a good nostalgy see R1 and thing why we haven´t that old tecnology flash that allows us to fire manually high speeds without expensive setups... a mysterie indeed

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PortraitLover: i dumped PS that was turtle speed on my mac.
bought a CaptureOne full license and realized it wont accept my 645Z files.
life goes on.
so how do i apply these sharpening using C1?

Don't worry about that, next week maybe you´ll see written that after all to have sharpen images is to buy a good lenses. This is a kind of thing every week changes.I have a half camera with half resolution of yours and I don't need this kind of thing.

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kaipr: Is there a software that:
1) Produces about the same quality (for Olympus/Panasonic raws)
2) Is more performant in browsing through images, rating them and applying rather simple edits (don't care about import or export speed)
3) Has at least an okay usability (don't care if its .001s faster when it takes 2 more seconds to get to it)
4) Does not cost considerable more than LR when I want to stay up to date for lets say 4 years

I couldn't find an alternative yet. DXO seems to be insanely slow compared to LR after import and Capture One is way more expensive than LR. Darktable seems to need weeks to get comfortable with (might be an option) and other software doesn't come close in quality it seems.
LR 4 years: 4 * 142 Euro = 568 Euro
CO 4 years: 332 Euro + 3 * 142 Euro = 758 Euro (or 4 * 214 Euro = 856 Euro for subscription)
Sure I don't have to update, but I usually want the improvements.

When we want to do something and we are always thins that everything is the same, in reality, we can't see nothing different.

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It is the modern world where futility is promoted, any crap is reasonable.

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Actually, these people are not good at selling new cars.
Imagine, because it costs immense change for new and better.

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(unknown member): The best converter ever....It brings the best from RAW files of any camera. I have used LR, ACR, PN, RT, COP10 ETC and none of them produces final results I get from Silkypix! In terms of RAW conversion alone nothing can touch Silkypix!

There are things I try understand but its impossible.In silkypix on fine color controler thers a white point all the time is telling,how much saturation we got on whenever we want in image.Only we need is pass cursor and know.If we want keep more or less saturation is near the finger? If we want change also? I
assume .Now,really? what saturation issues is that? Lazzy fingers maybe lol

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