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  • Limiting DOF and using pleasing bokeh are essential techniques in some instances. On these forums, however, these concepts are frequently no more than the platform for claiming one's gear, or one's ...
  • Personally I think all of them are worthy of being printed, and printed large.  I would probably go #1 first, followed by #3 and #2.  But you can't really lose with any of the three.
  • Oddly, I had the same thought. I also thought I was rather fortunate.  I never quite bottomed out.  Hopefully this doesn't mean I have more depths to fall to.
  • Created discussion thread Be safe Gatlinburg
    I was never particularly a fan of the over the top nature of the place, but it would appear that the primary gateways (Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge) to the Smokies are taking a severe hit from ...
  • I rather like the first one.  It really places the viewer there.
  • On my one visit to Minneapolis I found Mill Ruins Park (downtown) and Minnehaha Falls (just outside downtown) to both be worth visits.
  • 7 and 9 show potential. 7 I would convert to B/W and crop a little off the top and right. Play a bit with some other settings and see what happens. 9 I would crop a lot.  The reflections and the ...
  • There are lots of Fuji shooters who photograph moving young kids.  What you need to decide is whether ergonomics/interface is more important or whether cutting edge focus speed is more important.
  • Replied in Black and white
    For me a pretty easy choice for B/W
  • Two thoughts spring to mind. First, I think you have an overly rosy view of the film era in terms of how most photographers approached photography and instant gratification.  Is there more of it ...
  • There are a large number of used quality bodies out there that one can find for under $500. Depending on what someone shoots it wouldn't be hard to make it work.  For me I'd probably hunt down a ...
  • Montrose Harbor is almost due north of downtown, so sunrise and the city won't be on the same sightline. I work downtown, but haven't given much thought to a sunrise. I'd probably try near the base ...
  • And never had a problem with viewfinders and bright sunlight in either OVF or EVF.  Yes I wear glasses.  No I don't have any particular secret. Rear LCDs... of course.  But not with viewfinders.
  • June is a good time to visit.  Lots of animal carcasses unfreezing.  Everything is being born. Crowds not out of control. Entering on the east side can be dicey if you are going over the ...
  • Commented on photo Grand Canyon Storm in the Random Items - Challenge 21 challenge

    I keep pausing and admiring this one since it keeps appearing in the dpreview frame. Excellent shot.

  • You know, we all say that there is little to no downside for video, but the Fuji XPro2 vs XT2 comparison, just released by DP Review, clearly states that merely upgrading from standard HD to 4K ...
  • That is, when my parents gave me my first camera. However, I'm not much into labels so I don't usually worry too much about any of this. Consider this - what makes someone a hiker?  Do they need an ...
  • I like the photo as presented and wouldn't change anything.  While I agree that on some level the foreground rock is a bit overly large (although it didn't even occur to me until after I saw other ...
  • Even though my photographic experience grew up very strongly in the digital world, I prefer direct physical controls and a minimalized menu experience.  Over the past decade I have used, and ...
  • Created discussion thread Smithsonian article on Right to Repair
    Interesting article from Smithsonian magazine on the fading ability of a consumer's ability to get electronics items repaired. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/fight-right-repair-180959764/
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