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JackM: HUGE step in the right direction, but I wish it was 16 or 12mp for lower noise. I don't expect to print 20x30 from a point-n-shoot.

Nikon should do the same with their 1-series sensor.

Still waiting for the Canon S1X...

Of course, this has a larger sensor so the pixels will be larger than on, say, the 16MP Coolpix P510

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Chaitanya S: tooo many pixels on a small sensor.

It's all subjective. I mean, the pixels are nowhere near as cramped as on many other P&S cameras.

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kwa_photo: I'm glad to see more manufacturers catching on to this's time is long overdue! Now Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Sony offer larger than compact sensors. Nice. I'm still not a fan of Sony design or their products at all, but I'm glad they are here...they have a big market and it will push others to progress!

Refreshing to see such an honest and even-handed comment.

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El Profe: A 24MP's APS-C sensor camera for only $699... Incredible specs for an "entry level" camera. Specially for a camera that may end probably having better photo quality than any other camera, since is probably using the same 24MP's sensor of the Sony A77. But without having a translucent mirror reducing the amount of light hitting the sensor, or degrading the image sharpness, and for half the price!!!

If all you're looking for is megapixel count, then yes, you're getting a great deal here. There are many other spec differences between the A77 that factor into the price difference, though.

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ogl: Nikon offers MUCH cheaper 24 MP camera than Sony.

"I don't care about specs."

False. Megapixel count IS a spec, so you obviously do.

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ogl: Nikon offers MUCH cheaper 24 MP camera than Sony.

Or put another way, Nikon offers a 24 MP camera with MUCH different specs than Sony:

A77 has 19 AF points, 12 fps max. shooting rate, triple-hinged articulated LCD, Full 1080p60, 1/8000th max. shutter speed.

D3200 has 11 AF points, 4 fps max. shooting rate, fixed LCD screen, 1080p30, 1/4000th max. shutter speed.

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RadPhoto: There is more Sony cameras than lenses.


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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: Nikon..where is yours? We are waiting :-)

I'd say Nikon is waiting too, for the water to subside. They haven't had the best of years in terms of production infrastructure and note that even though Canon made their announcement today, it won't be available until next March.

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truknayr23: Sony A77? what was that again? hahaha... i just simply love canon... but i bet this will cost as much as my car.

Cameras in completely different classes. There is no need to disparage another brand to applaud this new Canon offering. Every new camera release is a win for all consumers.

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