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  • You might get some debate on that one. As wikipedia says: It also has issues with metadata It's telling that no camera uses png, I think.
  • I did. In the end I logged out and back in again and that showed them to me.
  • Upgrade to Mojave, which does support that camera. Or, if your on Mojave, shoot uncompressed raw, which is what it supports. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208967#notes
  • Created discussion thread Lightroom CC 2.0
    An update appeared on one of my Macs today for Lightroom CC 2.0 and an update to Photoshop. On the other machine... nothing, and this is three hours later. Lightroom CC has facial recognition, but ...
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    I'm talking about back up strategies not poorly maintained machines. I'm not talking about theft *from* machines, I'm talking about theft *of* machines. I have (like you) no idea how many machines ...
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    The original query I responded to was which I took in a broader context than just Macs and online threats. So my mention of file vault is about protecting data. I see your comments again about the ...
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    I'll disagree with you about that. The problem is protecting against likely and existing threats, not the so-rare-it-s-doubtful-it-actually-exists-stuff. a: Any back up can fail. Hence the ...
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    Use FileVault encryption on your Mac. Common sense when surfing and downloading X-Protect will do the rest. That's your minimum right there.
  • And...also? If you actually read these stories there is exactly one source which they all reference: The Bloomberg article. So to say that there are "rumours" is inaccurate. There is one source and ...
  • What do you think you're buying when you purchase an Apple computer? The hardware and the OS that is installed on it. As long as that runs as it did the day you bought it there is no rip off. On ...
  • Couple of things worth noting here: a: Neither of the apps that you mention are in any way vital for the operation of your Mac, and each can be handily improved on by much more powerful third party ...
  • There's a fallacy in there. For the very great majority of people, myself included, there are no performance issues with the new version. And of course, there's nothing to prevent you from ...
  • You can also send Raws from LR to DxO for raw processing... File -> Plug-in Extras -> Transfer to DxO Photolab and send back a dng.
  • I'm using Photolab and these presets also work in it. Download the preset and unzip it. It creates a folder with three folders within. The one you want is the version in the folder labelled 'DxO ...
  • No issues.
  • Worth noting that 'soon', according to the blog post, is December...
  • I've yet to find one that isn't compliant... and can affirm that LR, Photoshop, Dxo Photolab, OnOne Photo Raw, Luminar, Graphic Convertor,  and the Nik plug-ins all run fine.
  • Also, you need to include the version of the app and the version of the OS that you're using.
  • Have you seen Mylio. Have a read of this: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61594182 It certainly is up for the volume.
  • FWIW: I have use Migration Assistant to move data to new machines very successfully. However, I don't migrate apps, I simply install them on the new machine. In the past I found migrated apps ...
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