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Alex Mc: When I bought my Olympus OM-D EM-10, about 4 years ago, the IBIS was just another feature on the side of the box, and not one that factored into my purchase decision all that much. However, last year when I upgraded to the OM-D EM-1 MkII, the IBIS was a major reason why I chose it.

While I haven't experienced the lens stabilization of a high end Canon or Nikon, I can say that the IBIS (especially in the EM-1 MkII), is a huge improvement over the Sony A6000 + kit lens that I had for a short time.

Sadly, I just don't have steady enough hands to avoid using a tripod in very low light or for 1:1 macro shots, but not having to take one with me, especially when travelling makes the world of difference.

Even though I'm in my 70s, my hands are still very steady. No matter if your hands are steady or not, good stabilization will allow you more options. I can hold longer than people with shaky hands, and I do take long exposures. I sell a photo of a local harbor that I took at 1.3 sec and I wasn't even leaning against a post. This was with the stabilized Olympus EM1 Mark II with the stabilized 12-100mm lens. The two work together.

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Aleksandr Pishchik: The best stabilization is still a tripod especially in low light and long exposures. I am not a Pro, but from the magazines I believe that is their preference as well as mine.

I don't care what is "best". I dislike tripods and that's my choice. I have a tripod in my car all the time and it almost never leaves the car since I got my Olympus EM-1 Mark II. Yes, I'd need it for star shots, but for most of what I do, I don't need it. I've been freed!

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D7000ShooterUK: What matters is whether your camera SYSTEM has effective stabilisation. It does not matter whether it is IBIS, OIS or a combination of the two as long as it is effective for your shooting requirements.

Olympus has in-camera stabilization PLUS some lenses with stabilization that ADDS to the in-camera stabilization. I am extremely happy with my Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark II with 12-100mm lens. I dislike tripods -- they slow me down -- and now I can take low light photos hand-held. A real game-changer!

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NCB: Bought the G1. Still have it and occasionally still use it. I liked the output, preferred it to my D80, and the light weight and compact size was a great boon. Biggest negatives were the ergonomics; too many small buttons crammed in places they were easily touched accidentally. A smaller LCD would have meant they could be shifted out of the way. Too often I would suddenly find I was in some mode which would take me time to get out of.

Wondering what to do with it. It was effectively replaced by my D3100, with better ergonomics and even better picture quality. But fitted with the 16-85 lens the D3100 is hardly compact or lightweight. I could trade it in for a G80/85, still fairly light and small. Or even a D3400 with P 18-55 lens, actually lighter than the G80/85, and the price is a steal. I could even keep it!

Mirrorless make great infrared conversions because, duh,, mirrorless is what you see is what you get...

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fPrime: Nice retrospective while the m43 format is still in production, guys.

Unfortunately I’d wager that m43 won’t be around for the next ten years. Full frame, even though it may only be mirrorless, most definitely will.

At this point I won't buy a full frame camera. I had Sony for years, but since they started focusing seriously only on full frame, I bought two Olympus cameras and absolutely love my EM-1 II. Outstanding camera. I sell my photography and it does everything I need done.

I don't need the pixel count or the huge lenses of full frame.

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Pangasinan2: Still using my G1, but the case has become sticky due to the ageing of the rubberised cover.

Me too. Mine is RED! I converted mine to infrared years ago and it still serves as my infrared camera. Mine is sticky too! I've tried de-sticking it, but so far without success.

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tvstaff: The color rendition and RAW conversion of CR2 files by Adobe and the associated lens corrections are abysmal, second rate and border on negligent. I find Lightroom to be little better than FREE applications. The catalog structures are archaic. Adobe as a RAW file converter STINKS.

Are there any conversion programs from Lightroom to some other catalog program? I have thousands of images in Lightroom and have been worrying about that for some time. I chose Lightroom before Adobe went into the software rental business... I'm afraid that Adobe knows it would be much easier for me to just pay the darn rent for Lightroom and PS...

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ArcaSwiss: I pay $1500 per year to maintain one seat of Pro/Engineer CAD software. I get about three new releases per year. But if I stop paying maintenance it still works. I'm not a renter. It makes me a lot if money so it's a good value.

I've never used AutoCAD but knew there was a subscription. I tried to read up on it yesterday, and it appears you go in with a full license and leave, as ArcaSwiss says of his CAD software, with the latest version.

But Adobe didn't want to do it that way because for new users with no money, so much a month sounds SO reasonable! In order to capture the new users with no money, it would have to be a more complicated model.

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kymarto: I am loath to give more money to Adobe at this point, but I am thinking to upgrade to CS6 from CS5. I don't need the minor new features, but at least it will be somewhat supported for a time. But can I even upgrade at this point? I do not see upgrades anymore in the Adobe store? Does anyone know?

People are buying CS6 upgrades. You can't find the link on the Adobe website, at least not easily, but it's been posted. I think maybe this offer expires very soon. Then nada.

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