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  • I often share my photos on various groups on Facebook, and interestingly the one with the most comments (not necessarily 'likes') was one of a sailing boat on the river near me. I shot quite a few ...
  • Out of a perverse sense of interest, how does a mirrorless camera utilise PDAF? I thought a mirror was needed to do that and I'm interested in how they have got around that problem.
  • Replied in Very...odd
    I would assume it is to do with the compressed nature of the snow underneath the foot. "Loose" snow has a greater surface area and thus would melt a lot quicker than the compressed snow which only ...
  • I wouldn't necessarily say I have changed my opinion on which is best. However, I do take more shots now where manual is preferable, largely when shooting macro insects with flash, where I want ...
  • How would you feel if the products you created (i.e. photos) were "pirated" and used without your permission? That should be a big clue as to how you should feel about pirating software.
  • Whilst the flickering artificial lights are likely the cause, it's also worth checking if you have auto-bracketing on (and disable it if so).
  • Replied in Interesting
    Probably a good day for street or stock photography though
  • I watched it a while back, and some of the episodes are great and some were so-so, but it largely depending on the type of photography involved I think. Also worth checking out the Abstract series ...
  • I take photos of things that interest me, and that seems to largely be insects at the moment. I have taken my camera to zoos and family gatherings etc as well as well as dabbled in some other ...
  • Think about the number of kids you could have saved instead of reading this article and typing your drivel

  • Replied in Evil TTL
    In my defence, I don't know why it was set for TTL anyway as I normally use manual flash when shooting macro, which is my predominant shooting anyway :)
  • Ahh, I didn't know that. I knew that red eye flash works by sending a pre-flash out to contract the target pupils, but didn't realise it was similar for TTL, and I can't say I've ever noticed the ...
  • Created discussion thread Flash/Shutter/Bird Timings
    Hey everyone. I've very much still learning at this ol' camera-larky and I was slightly confused by the image I took which is attached below. I was out in a city park shooting some of the smaller ...
  • I think you'll find that the camera was doing a pretty good job at reacting to the amount of light available with your prescribed aperture and shutter speed. If you wanted a lower ISO, you should ...
  • I'm still waiting for my photos to be reviewed, which I can imagine could be a slow process, but they seem to be getting quite a lot of exposure and likes. There appears to be almost an ...
  • Created discussion thread Does anyone use EyeEm?
    Hi all. Just a Thursday afternoon chat really. I've recently discovered EyeEm after a friend claimed to have made a few dollars out of photos that were originally just sitting on his harddrive. ...
  • Obviously you haven't seen the blurry handheld ones I deleted :D
  • Hi Max Iso The weather hasn't been too great here recently and I have been busy with job interviews etc. but I did manage to get out and about a few times. Personally, I'm not a massive fan of ...
  • The most amazing part of all this is the quality even after excessive cropping!
  • Some people get quite hung up on getting the most accurate colour rendition they can, but my personal take on it is that you can't control every monitor that the image will be seen on. As I shoot ...
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