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Trin56: A rite of passage in my neighborhood was to lie between the tracks and let a train pass over you. Probably frowned upon now.

Nobody ever sneezed and jerked their head I hope!

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Terry Breedlove: Never cross a road a giant diesel truck might kill you.

Damn all those Abbey Road photos!

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pkcpga: It would be terrible if Pentax stopped making cameras, the camera industry in general needs to do something to gain back customers or entice younger customers. I'm sure schools cutting back on arts programs and getting rid of photography classes in high school doesn't help.

Ehh, I don't blame the current generations or even their education, as a whole they have demonstrated and raised more interest in photography than possibly ever.

I don't think any of the current camera makers really made a solid transition for their P&S market, 1" sensors came to late and 1" compacts are still too pricey... If the $400 G9x was out when smartphones started taking over it might've changed the whole narrative... Took a few years before Wi-Fi was even a thing on small sensor compacts tho.

Mirrorless players have also utterly failed to market the virtues and advantages of their systems, Sony has done better than most but not by much. I was particularly disappointed Samsung never put forth a strong marketing push for NX, since their marketing muscle is half the reason they rose to dominance in the phone market.

The end result is several whole generations that bought into the "smartphones killed the P&S" narrative (can't blame them, it did kill the traditional and stagnant P&S market) and think that there's pretty much 0 choice between a smartphone and a DSLR.

Given those choices their preference will be obvious, even if borne out of ignorance somewhat.

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Robin Ducker: Yup, Pentax is going to the dogs yet again. I am quite sad for them they they have never had an owner that could do them justice. With the innovations they have come up with, they need to steer clear of the consumer market and become a bit more like Fuji or Hasselblad.

Doesn't Fuji have a foot planted firmly in consumer land with it's X mount/system? Granted it has a ton of diverted interests from low end Instax stuff (nothing low end about that revenue stream) to office printers & copiers, etc... Ricoh's on the same boat if you consider them as a whole rather than Pentax as their victim.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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KAR-I: What is a female oriented camera !? Olympus advertisements are going to create Olympus Girl !
I used to have an E-PL3 which is, in my opinion, very capable camera while coupled with a bright lens of course. I was occasionally hearing that it was women's choice... When I decided to change it, an employee of a photo store said me : it's for bobo chicks, I can't resell it !!
So lack of an electronic shutter, unchanged image quality since E-PL5, etc, would be in relation with femininity ! :)

I used to think the PEN was just more popular in Japan but maybe that changed? Or Japanese men like larger cameras? They've kinda shortchanged the PEN for a while, going from 3 models to like 1.5 really...

The E-PL barely sees any iteration abs the F was rather overpriced even compared to their own OM-Ds, still seemed to get lots of love on the boards. Had they squeezed weather sealing on the PEN-F and/or retained the tilt screen I'd take it more seriously.

Panasonic seems far more interested in that end of the market tbh... And even they scaled back from the lovely GMs.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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Albert Valentino: I wish they would have asked if the good old Tilty screen would make a comeback or perhaps be an option. I really hate Fully Adticulated Screens - which i guess video shooters like, but i never shoot video.

I've learned to live with it on my E-M5 II but still prefer tilt as well... I hope the next E-M5 (if there is one and they don't scale back to just the 1 & 10) goes back to tilt, seems like they could go either way since the E-M10 is still tilt as well yet the PEN-F went FAS.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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FlyinDoc: If and when Sony puts phase detection in their RX10 cameras, it will match any M43 camera for AF, match for IQ thanks to superior sensor performance, and have incredible versatility thanks to that great glass. 4K - check, IBIS - check, lower price point - check. Where is the advantage of M43 ILCs?

I know it's apples vs oranges, but M43 system is being squeezed from above and below is what I'm trying to say.

There's an ultra wide RX model? (RIP Nikon DL) Or a fisheye? Or a compact one that doesn't incur the high cost of a second RX100 camera? What about f1 models for better subject separation? I get the argument, but the huge range of lens and body choices are still one of the biggest arguments for M4/3.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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Marty4650: "We had many discussions, and we chose to be bold and aim for a hit a higher consumer value point."


"We talked it over, and we decided to charge a lot more for it. As long as the camera performed as expected, we knew that our customers would pay a much higher price for it. And we needed a much higher price due to our sales volumes shrinking. It turned out to be the right decision."

Fuji's pricing is the most curious to me, because it's the only other system I'd realistically see myself using instead of M4/3... Mayyybe E mount but the lens landscape still looks too frozen in place there and I've no interest in buying FF glass.

Fuji used to be pricier than Oly/Pana pretty much across the board, but they sorta started at the opposite end with lenses and they've now been putting out cheaper alternatives. The X-T2 definitely undercut a chunk of it's competition.

Will be interesting to see where the X-T20 lands relative to stuff like the E-M10 III, G80, etc. Olympus and Panasonic still seem to have larger lineups which can be both a blessing and a curse (while Fuji has more interesting compacts and now a MF system).

I buy into a system tho, bodies come and go.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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Sergey Borachev: Unbelievable. He kept saying stills oriented, stills, stills,.stills ... but the most basic requirement for stills cameras is IQ. There's so little in sensor IQ improvement in Olympus cameras in the last 5 years, with the result that it's IQ is clearly less when compared with competitors APSC cameras and by a margin that is more than what the difference in sensor sizes suggests (DPR review finding). All I can say is that they are indeed very bold to increase prices so much while delivering so little in IQ.

I can happily live with 5 stops of IS instead of 6, with just HD video instead of 4K (video is supplemental, yeah, right), with just 10 fps instead of 15, and with just a tilt LCD instead of the video FAS, and none of the gimmicks like HiRes, for a stills oriented camera.

Sounds like you'd be just as happy with your 5 year old camera then, or a different system that puts IQ above all else...

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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Stejo: Everybody sees Olympus and Panasonic as brothers in arms, yet they see themselves as competitors. That's not very healthy.

So much RnD effort wasted at perfecting their practically identical IBIS and 4k video features twice basically. Imagine how much better both the GH5 and the Em1ii would be had they shared tech and focused on improving other aspects with all the time gained.

I'm not sure why they shouldn't compete aggressively just because they share a mount, Android phone makers share an entire OS but they're still definite competitors. I don't think sharing a mount was ever about pooling resources, it was about indirectly cooperating to build a more complete system.

Despite some incompatibilities (DFD, stacking, and some UW/UV lens quirks) I think they've mostly succeeded at that. No other system as young as M4/3 offers the same breadth of choices, to Fuji has done an admirable job. Sony could probably achieve the same if they weren't stretched across several mounts/formats.

Olympus has used Panasonic sensors as recently as the E-M1, FWIW. I imagine they've looked at licensing deals, they have some of those in place with Sony, doesn't always make sense tho.

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On article CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: 'We chose to be bold' (350 comments in total)
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Fujica: --- --- ---
"Some people think the E-M1 Mark II is priced a little high. How do you justify its cost?

We have a target group of customers and a target group of competitor cameras in the APS-C format range. So the current pricing matches that price band. We opted for a price that would allow us to achieve higher performance levels and offer higher value to the customer. We had many discussions, and we chose to be bold and aim for a hit a higher consumer value point."
--- --- ---

So basically Olympus says that they are aiming for profit optimization in expectation that the customer fully understands this behaviour.

In other less polite words they say to their customers:

"Scr3w you - pay more and our marketing team will make sure to fool you so you will accept the higher price".

Thanks for sharing this inside knowledge on how Olympus really think about their customers.... :(

Ehh, I'm not too perturbed by the price, given the market status and the competition's prices... I'm more interested in how they intend to segment things down their lineup. The original E-M1 sat uncomfortably close to the E-M5 II anyway, part of it was that it came out much earlier but still...

Rumor is the next release will be an E-M10 II. If *that* one were to move upmarket too I'd be concerned, because it'd signal the death of the midrange model and/or a big gap between $1,000-ish and the E-M1 II. They really need to bring OSPDAF down the line already, it's taken way wayyy too long.

Oly usually holds back nothing that can easily be implemented in lower end models just for the sake of segmentation but OSPDAF is a big outlier in that regard.

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harvo: I have owned 3 Olympus OMD digital cameras. I have had the cracked LCD frame and EVF surround falling off and lugs loosen on my M5. I was charged 160 bucks to repair the lugs our of warranty. I have had my M1 dials fail and a strap lug fall off. I was charged 180 bucks to repair my lug out of warranty. I take care of my stuff. i am no longer looking to Olympus as my first choice for my next camera. Many users had lugs fall off and dials fail. I think that those defects are unacceptable and repair should have been done under warranty whenever that happens. I would have liked to see questions on Olympus QC and support for regular users. I don't care if pros use Olympus cameras or not.

Forum complaints kinda used to reflect this, even if the majority of the users were Oly users, their complaints and stories vastly outnumbered any similar reports for Panasonic bodies... How things were handled also seems inconsistent, I seem to recall more than a couple people getting free out of warranty repairs.

It didn't stop me from buying an E-M5 II, I think they've tightened up QC with later releases, but I still bought these extended warranty just in case. :s

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Hugo808: I never liked Nikon's shameless market segmenting. Removing the second card slot can only be to keep a few things that make the D500 the top model.

I think it's dumb, specially when it's a regression for the model line, but they're probably looking at their competition and seeing what they can get away with... I've no clue what Canon is doing but over in mirrorless land two card slots seems to be a ToTL / $1,500-2,000 model feature (mostly because most models used to be considered kinda small for it until recently)... So this D7500/D500 display kinda tracks with that.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1160 comments in total)
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eno2: I enjoyed reading your review but I have to disagree in regards to image processing: I consider the GH5 JPG engine the best out there, much better in fact compared with the rest of the cameras.
I'm not implying the GH5 has the best image quality, but relative to it's RAW quality, the JPG's look fantastic and much better than the competition for the same RAW noise characteristics.

Huh, I didn't know the E-M1 II halved it's readout speed, that's pretty impressive, for a while there wasn't much progress in that regard. Why does it always take some enterprising user on the boards to figure out that kinda stuff?

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1160 comments in total)
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mosc: How does it take a 6000x3000 image for it's 6K photo mode (which doesn't make sense anyway because 6K would be 5760x3240) when the sensor is only 5184 pixels wide?

Ehh... In the end it's an effective way of marketing the feature for the people that'll really end up using it, I think outside of slow moving subjects (for which you don't need 30fps anyway) most enthusiasts will end up using conventional bursts modes anyway, specially on the GH5.

4K/6K Photo still has it's fans, specially on lower end bodies with more limited conventional burst modes. The biggest caveat isn't even really the res or that it's JPEG only, the biggest caveat should be the potential for rolling shutter distortion.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1160 comments in total)
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CaPi: "For stills shooters (..) there are arguably more better options out there"
What might those be? I have high hopes for the improved autofocus.
An thoughts on those options?
I am looking for a new body / system.

Are they comparable when using primes and ultra wide zooms sans OIS or only when using OIS lenses for Dual IS on Panasonic bodies? That's the biggest question, with Dual IS they were already comparable a year ago on the GX8 (except it didn't enable IBIS for video, main reason I passed on it, that and no EFC).

In addition to the features listed above, Oly has other niche/specialty features that cater to those leaning more towards stills... Such as Live Time and Live Composite. Personally I think Oly's high end burst modes are also more appealing (if a little harder to use) than Pana's 6K Photo and lens limited-DFD capabilities.

6 of one and half a dozen of the other tho, if you bother to do some research or read some of the more expensive reviews (not a dig at DPR, but they don't retread over old features as much as say, Cameralabs) you'll see there's still plenty to differentiate either's offerings, let alone vs Fuji/Sony.

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snapa: It still amazes me how a 'm4/3' camera can cost $2,000 (without any lens), and be considered such a great camera. Once you start adding Pro lenses, then think about how well the IQ is at higher ISO levels with still pictures, it does not make any sense to me.

Maybe if you are looking for a very good 'video camera', it would be a good solution to your problem if you are looking to get very good videos. Still, to me, a m4/3 sensor camera for $4-5,000 (with lenses) that take just OK still pictures seems like quite a bit of money to me IMO, considering its competition with larger senor cameras.

BTW, how may professional videographers seriously look to buy a m4/3 cameras for taking serious video?

" I just wish the m4/3 bodies didn't keep getting bigger and bigger. "

That's a pretty broad generalisation, the GH keeps getting bigger because there's a demand for the features that keep growing it, M4/3 bodies as a whole aren't getting any bigger. The GX8 is the only other big model size jump I can think of, and they followed it by the surprise launch of the GX80.

The G7 & G80 were just about the same size as the preceding G5/6. The current GX800 is larger than the GM line but those were smaller than basically any other ILC, and this GX is more of a GF (and smaller than pretty much all GF bodies at that).

Olympus seemingly abandoned half It's PEN lineup but current OM-Ds aren't any larger than the first gen OM-Ds either, the E-M5/10 II are the same as the original E-M5 oh so many years ago and the E-M1 have always been roughly the same thing but with a deeper grip.

One could also argue Panasonic has done more to provide some ultra portable options within the system than Oly has, they came out with the GM and current GX bodies while Oly pulled back from the PEN. They also make some of the best small glass within the system (12-35, 14-140, 35-100 - both of them, 12-32 pancake, 20/1.7 pancake, upcoming PL8-16)...

Whereas Oly has been focusing almost exclusively on larger Pro lenses the last few years, and the only really small lens they make for which I'd say there isn't a Panasonic equivalent (or better) is the 9-18 (maybe the 12/2 as well).

Sorry but people griping that the system has "lost it's way" every time a larger body or lens is released just gets old, the fact is most of us actually using the system totally appreciate the fact that it scales so well in either direction.

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Larry Winters: I thought the m4/3 appeal was suppose to be less expensive along with smaller glass and cameras. Pany must have missed that memo. $2K for a huge m4/3 camera without a lens is ridiculous. IMHO, Pany has priced themselves into a corner with m4/3 and with most of their marbles in that arena I have a feeling they are going to feel the hurt.

All the mirrorless players have tried to scale their systems so it hits as many price brackets as possible... One could argue Panasonic has been amongst the most successful, who else's lineup scales all the way from a tiny GM/GX to a GH? The advantage of smaller glass doesn't disappear just because this one particular body is larger than the rest, and it's still smaller than many video cameras it might be used instead of.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1160 comments in total)
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Limbsjones: The GX8 was actually the first Panasonic camera with Auto ISO in Manual mode.

Yeah exposure compensation in addition to auto ISO is definitely new, at least they're iterating somewhat quickly on this after missing the boat for so many years... AND making the same changes across their entire lineup, not arbitrarily keeping this kinda thing as a high end feature. It's a shame they aren't as proactive as others about retroactively updating older models tho.

A bias setting so one can rely on the excellent IBIS would really take this over the top for me... I don't think Oly has added that on any body either, they had auto ISO in manual years before Panasonic but didn't bother adding exposure compensation to the equation until the somewhat recent PEN-F... I'd kill for an update to add it to my E-M5 II, it certainly has enough dials/toggles.

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On article 2017 Pulitzer Prize winners for photography announced (168 comments in total)
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Contra Mundum: They should disqualify any propaganda 'art' from participating, otherwise it becomes just as ridiculous as a Nobel peace prize.

He's pretty sloppy, I mean, no quip about #thefailingNYtimes? #pulitzerwinningfailingNYtimesphotog deserves your best satirical effort, lean into it!

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