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MichailK: so not any word at all about the next e-m5mkiii by the Olympus guys at CP+ ??

While I do agree that Oly has put off any updates to their midrange lineup for a bit too long (OSPDAF or some other means of better C-AF for less than an E-M1 II is long overdue), I don't know how likely it is that a $1-$1.2K G90 is imminent. As aggressive as Pana was the last few years, they currently seem to be trying to reset prices or bring their average price point back up.

Point in case, the G85 has held it's value far better than most Pana bodies over the years... AND the somewhat underwhelming GX9 (a GX95 in most people's mind) just debuted at the SAME $1,000 price point, several hundred higher than the old GX85. It wouldn't make any sense to come out with a 20MP G90/G95 at exactly the same price point but with sealing and a better EVF compared to the brand new GX95.

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Mr Kobayashi: I shoot mostly street with APSC and I think M 4/3 is awesome and I'm especially interested in Olympus glass. Problem is the system is just too damn expensive at he EM1 level. The EM5 is nice but still 16mp. I probably would have bought the EM10 III if they just put a damn 20mp sensor in there. I mean why is this a big deal for them? There's a lot of competition out there...

I agree, keeping the best sensor away from lower end models has always been a bummer and it's something Olympus specifically used to avoid in the past... Why is 16mp vs 20mp a big deal tho? There wasn't a huge performance jump there like with other sensor generations.

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6BQ5: I really enjoy my 1st gen M10. The body is perfectly small. I shoot raw and don't use the scene, program, or automatic modes. When using only A, S, and M modes I feel like the M10 is just "pure camera". Nothing extra. I love it! I hope Olympus will keep something like the M10 around for a long time.

Seeing as how that model line is the one they've taken to updating most frequently, and how it's probably the most popular and/or recommend of their models (outside Japan where PENs still rule anyway), it seems likely it'll stick around for the foreseeable future.

I wouldn't be shocked if the IV came out before the next PEN-F even. That being said, I didn't like the way they purposely stripped out some features on the III just to make the UI simpler and easier to use, that felt like a step back for enthusiasts and people already used to Oly's menus.

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Russell Evans: When did US $1000 lenses become " extremely affordable"?

Cine lenses are spec'd/calibrated by T stops rather than F stops, typically have geared rings and are better optically corrected, amongst a bunch of other esoteric distinctions like possibly minimizing focus breathing which would ruin some shots, having declicked aperture control, uniform filter threads across focal lengths, etc.

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Ben of the North: I'll stick to my 12mm Samyang, 9mm seems to be VERY wide

Wish they'd make this one in a MFT mount, dunno why they skipped it... I've seen people saying the same of their existing 7.5/2 even if it isn't quite as wide (in equivalent terms) as this 9/2.8 on APS-C. It would still be smaller and cheaper than the Kowa 8.5/2.8.

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On article Google reportedly to acquire Lytro for $40 million (166 comments in total)

Sounds like a Moto-style IP and patent grab, watch them resell the husk of Lytro in 2 years or disappear it completely... Not that I care mind you, much more curious about what they'll gain.

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waloshin2015: Looks mediocre to me... rather take my Fuji anyway.

The E-PL9 doesn't have 5-axis IBIS either FWIW... :P Seems it's implementation is in line with that of earlier E-M10 models, kind of a downer IMO.

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dpfan32: I'm getting kinda nostalgic because I had the original E-PL1 and I had good times shooting with it until it got replaced by a RX100.

But this incarnations don't make lots of sense anymore. Especially at this high prices. I'll choose a E-M10 any day over this one.

Ehh, that audience might still put something like the 20/1.7 on it... I think the bigger issue is this body isn't very competitive even within the system.

The GX850 is both cheaper and smaller, not to mention better spec'd in some ways (and the screen tilts in a more traditional and useful direction IMO); tho the E-PL9 still has IBIS going for it (even if it's an inferior implementation of it than any other current body).

Oly's own E-M10 line is more full featured (even beyond the EVF) and not any pricier... This might be a hit in Japan but probably a flop everywhere else. Something like a second control dial on it and/or IBIS at least as good as the current E-M10 III would go a long way in broadening the appeal of the PEN Lite IMO.

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Mark Turney: Why would I put Google cr@p on my iPhone?!

Yeah trolling is so lolz hyuck hyuck... /smh

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AshMills: Whatever your brand affiliation, progress like this should be good news.

Didn't Nikon use Aptina on the 1 series?

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Impulses: If it shifts 1-10 why do you need a max of 999 frames? Or does it let you combine focus bracketing with other forms of bracketing? I wish Oly would let me combine high res mode with focus bracketing...


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AshMills: Whatever your brand affiliation, progress like this should be good news.


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Bokeh Blues: The a7III performs better than the a7II? A new model has slightly better performance than the model it replaces? Wow who wouldve thought!

The a7III has similar IQ performance compared to the a7rIII except lower resolution? Wow. Its almost like theyre the same generation cameras made with similar tech except one has a higher resolution like its some sort of 'r' designated model made for resolution!!

Next on dpreview: Ground breaking news just in! Professional lenses are more expensive than cheap consumer lenses and also perform better!!

The previous A7 models were contemporary with A7R and A7S models that outperformed it, Sony didn't *have* to use their newest sensor tech on the A7 III, just like Canon has recycled sensors with identical performance across some models for half a decade or longer.

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On article Behind the scenes: Shooting Lamborghinis in the snow (84 comments in total)

That's pretty badass, tho Pirelli needs nicer looking stickers. :P

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anticipation_of: Focus bracketing sounds great. It's easy to ever-so-slightly miss focus, especially when working quickly. It can be tough to tell in-camera whether you've focused on a subject's eye or on their cheek for instance, but it makes a big difference to the quality of the image, Also it allows for almost infinite control over depth of field, enabling focus stacking and tilt-shift effects that allow for deep yet selective focusing, even at wide apertures. A great feature. Should be standard in all cameras.

I've seen some that let you pick the start and end point, with an ambiguous choice of points in between (since 1-10 is a different scale per lens), but that's still not very useful in a fast action/reaction situation... But yeah they could implement it so it's more useful for the situation you describe, a turbo/quick bracket where it jumps 'back' from the focus point just a couple steps then racks forward.

I imagine acutally going forward then back then forward would be a much bigger pain as far as accuracy and playing with any given lens' AF motors, dunno...

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On article Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8 FE sample gallery and impressions (157 comments in total)
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Leiduowen: So now that the mirrorless cameras have clearly laid path towards the future, photography has become the rich man's pastime again. A 35/2.8 lens for 350 bucks? Give me a break! What about a nifty-fifty, not the cheapest one out there but rather a solid Sony 55mm F1.8 for US$900? Or a 85/1.8 Zeiss Batis for a grand? Now with the two big names expected to jump on the mirrorless train this year, as well, I can see the "old" Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies going down in price and, thanks to the heaps of existing "legacy" DSLR lenses, becoming the budget amateur's resource bank. So for those photographers without, let's say, a three grand to spend for a starter, but those who value creativity, painting with light, sheer pleasure of sharing the moment over MFT charts and technical perfection, the future is actually very promising.

What are you going on about? 50mm are often cheaper, sure, 35mm are not... Canon's EF 35/2 is $600, so is Tamron's. Nikon's 35/1.8 is $530. What exactly makes this 35/2.8 for FE an overpriced option? Specially considering it'll benefit from IBIS (granted the Canon has OIS) and it's suitably smaller in line with it's speed/format. The much older Nikon 35/2 is *still* more expensive at $386.

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Joed700: I saw another review on YouTube on this lens. According to the photos shot with both Sony version and Samyang, the Samyang version is much sharper. One of the reviewers felt kind of bad after seeing his own comparisons that he paid lot more money for the Sony version. Personally, I bought a used Sony version, but had I found out about this sooner, the choice is very obvious in this case...could have save myself $200.

@MyReality: FWIW, I didn't make that comment in defense of the Sony Zeiss, at all. Given the degree of variance I've seen for other lenses from both brands I think it's very likely you'll end up with comparisons that feature a better than average sample from one and a worse than average sample from the other, and vice versa.

My comment wasn't meant to favor either, but to state that any minor differences observed may well be within the degree of sample variance, for either.

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Martin JC: Lenses are to cameras as apps are to smartphones. The more the better as it gives consumers choice. Good to see these coming to market.

Could say that same for lenses (I guess you did?), even these short hands on impressions are useful... Far too many lens reviews are little but hype and subjective impressions, there's only a couple sites I trust for that (literally, Lenstip & IR for systemic testing, Cameralabs for comparative tests, maybe the occasional blog post from Lensrentals).

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sirhawkeye64: I think Rokinon/Samyang have improve a bit over the past few years to make them a worth competitor to some of the other third parties, like Tamron and others. The only concern I still have is the potentially higher copy to copy variation and likeliness you'll end up with a defective lens is probably higher as well. But still, I think they've come a long way, and for what you pay for the lenses, it's not that bad, especially if you get a good one on the first try. In fact I'm considering going back and looking at one of their 12mm wide angles for my Nikon and possibly the Fuji (if they have them, can't remember if it was 12mm or 14mm wide angle).

They make a 12/2 for Fuji IIRC, I was very tempted by it for M4/3 (even tho it's just a regular wide there rather than an UWA equivalent) as it's a little better optically than Oly's much pricier 12/2... The latter has AF tho, plus it's smaller, and I eventually found a good deal on it.

What makes *this* Samyang 35/2.8 stand out is that it's amongst the first few Samyangs with AF.

Their M4/3 fisheye is excellent regardless of price too, easily as good as any of the two pricier first party fisheye (which of course do have AF, not that it's a big deal for a FE). If it didn't exist I might not have had the chance to own a fisheye at all cause the prices would've scared me off.

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On article Rokinon AF 35mm F2.8 FE sample gallery and impressions (157 comments in total)
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Mathieu18: It does show mild field curvature at moderate to long distances and f/2.8. Not severe, but something to be aware of. For it's price it's a great option.

Does field curvature change with aperture? Just wondering since you qualified it with 'at f2.8', I thought it was an intrinsic property of the lens design (for any given lens).

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