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CatchAlive: I am honest: if this kind of article is the future of DPreview, I will sign out.

What's next? "You want a Leica but you don't enough money? Let's see the cheapest way to emulate a Leica" or "You can't afford the new Zeiss Otus? Here is a listing of lens way cheaper that will do the job"

It reminds me when I began guitar in the 90s reading articles like "5 ways to get Satrini's sound... cheaper"

It's not simply about the price factor, although I'll argue that may have been given a bit too much weight, but it's an opinion piece... Not some sort of official referendum or buying guide, I don't see any harm at all and given the number of comments it garnered it seems to have revealed there's still quite a bit on interest in this niche.

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Sidath Senanayake: I'll take the optical image stabilization of the S7 and S8 (and other phones) over a 1 point difference in DxOMark any day.

I'll take Google's HDR+ over either, sounds super gimmicky, it's super effective and instantly satisfying in practice.

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barrym1966: is it allowed on planes?

It's not a Note 7, so yeah? I'm not one to defend Samsung, and the jokes will probably live on quite a while longer, but the S7 was never affected and I imagine they'll make damn sure not to repeat the same mistake... Plus the joke wasn't that funny, at least give us a pun!

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smarter: I had X100T, sold it. I can choose now:

-Really small: Panasonic GM5 + 14mm f/2.5 or 12-32 pancake zoom
-Small: Olympus Pen-F + 17mm f/1.8

Besides those I can also mount my small Olympus 25mm f/1.8 and Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.7 lenses when I want to.

I decided 2 things for myself: No expensive fixed lens camera and no camera without EVF

It's almost like M4/3 users should blame themselves for the direction Panasonic took with the GX850 (to an extent, I still think they could feature more enthusiast friendly controls without killing it's entry level appeal)... Seems like a whole bunch of us waited until clearance sales or waded into the used/grey market to pick up a GM1/5.

I grabbed my GM1 in March of 2015 for $330, body only and grey market off eBay (but NTSC - Taiwanese seller), the GM5 was still going for $800+ at the time and it'd barely been a year and change since the GM1 had launched (at the end of 2013, barely). Best $330 I ever spent on a camera tho, I can easily see myself using it for another 3-4 years.

I prefer the larger screen, flip up flash, and looser wheel so I don't even mind not waiting for the GM5... I do hope they evolve the GF7/GX850 concept a bit and don't keep up sizing it for the heck of it, they've got a history of going up and down with the GF series designs pretty haphazardly.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Lets face it, phone cameras are improving at a rate greater than large sensor cameras. This is no surprise as the R&D budget is greater.

For now, the gap between phone cameras and purpose built cameras is still large. But, I would find it useful for these phone cameras to be included in the studio comparison tool, to see them pitted against normal cameras, like the Nokia Pureview has been previously. This gives us an idea of how big the gap currently is.

Hmm, I actually disagree with both of ya... I think the gap is still fairly large and not closing all that fast, at least when you're shooting in challenging conditions (and let's face it, tons of smartphones are being used in low light as much or more than in good light)...

OTOH I don't see why it's unfair to compare the computationally heavy approach phones take with stacking and HDR to larger cameras. Phones like the Pixel have leveraged fast sensor readout and processing far better than many camera bodies that should technically be capable of doing the same, but don't.

There's a RAW and a JPEG comparison tool, IMO it's totally fair to compare HDR+ Pixel shots against any JPEG coming out of a camera... They've made HDR and stacking so much more accessible, and isn't accessibility and instantly pleasing results the point of shooting JPEGs (be it in addition to RAW or not).

Why can't cameras with IBIS and 20fps output match the same processing? It's time they start to do so tbh... If you wanna make the test somewhat fairer then just use the phones handheld so auto modes can't stack more frames than would usually be realistic.

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dbateman: Best option is to try and get a Panasonic GM5 with either the 12-32mm or 14-42mm pancakes. Full range, option to go faster when need and smallest for in your pocket. But the GM5 with kit 12-32mm has been harder to find. Hopefully Panazonic wakes up and reallizes people want a GM5 body with updated sensor and 4k.

Yeah the 12-32 is more of a versatility thing, even tho it was part of what drew me to the system (along with the 20mm) I'm using it a lot less these days... Mostly because more often than not I'm either using a prime on the GM1, or I'm carrying both it and the OM-D and end up mounting a combo of much wider/longer UWA and tele zooms.

Still tho, one phone with a 28mm EFL sensor/module doesn't represent the whole of the market, or even the whole of Apple's lineup for that matter. I'd be surprised if they go with dual cameras on the smaller model right away... Phone are closing the gap somewhat, I wouldn't characterize it as fast tho.

Google's computational/processing heavy approach is doing more in that regard than a the couple phones with dual cameras, instant HDR for the masses without capture delay is pretty impressive IMO. Software trickery is gonna take the whole market farther than piling on the sensors, and camera makers best take notice.

There's really no reason that camera bodies with IBIS and 20fps capture shouldn't be able to output HDR JPEGs that blow away anything Google can do, yet the HDR modes I've used are still limited or suffer from misalignment... I'm ok with bracketing and post, the average user isn't.

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smarter: I had X100T, sold it. I can choose now:

-Really small: Panasonic GM5 + 14mm f/2.5 or 12-32 pancake zoom
-Small: Olympus Pen-F + 17mm f/1.8

Besides those I can also mount my small Olympus 25mm f/1.8 and Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.7 lenses when I want to.

I decided 2 things for myself: No expensive fixed lens camera and no camera without EVF

Has Panasonic added exposure compensation for auto ISO+manual in any body yet? I dunno why they're still fighting this, they were like the last camera maker to add auto ISO in Manual mode too... I still wish Oly had backported that to my E-M5 II via update, not like it lacks the dials to handle it (same/similar config as an E-M1 II with the 2x2 lever to change dial behavior, who wants WB on a dial anyway).

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2eyesee: Interesting article. More like this please - comparing what you can achieve with different systems with similar goals in mind.

What I would like to know is what is the best option here - or suggestions given by others commenting - if you prioritise video as much as stills?

Ideally for video you would want:
1. A quiet lens.
2. Stabilised lens - or in-body camera stabliisation - or at the very least very good digital stabilisation.
3. Ideally, a microphone jack and shoe for attaching an external microphone (I don't know if any small cameras have mic jacks).

Any ideas for camera/lens combos that would be good for video?

Pana/Sony bodies rise to the top then thanks to IBIS, and the PEN-F I guess but I still think it's overpriced (no sealing for more money than an E-M5 II? Meh).

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KLO82: Why no Fuji X70?

Or perhaps it's just a more innocent combination of factors, it's seemingly EOL and the writer clearly prefers 35mm EFL to 28mm anyway.

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Infared: I'll take my PEN-F and any or all:
Panasonic 14mm f/2.5
Pan/Leica 15mm f/1.7
Olympus f/1.8
Panasonic 20mm f/1.7
Olympus 25mm f/1.8
Olympus 45mm f/1.8
Fun photography! :-)

Yeah mosc is gonna have to explain that one, or he missed a few choices.. Even if we rule out zooms and large or manual focus primes (like the Pana 12/1.4 & Samyang 12/2), and further rule out those that are only marginally faster (14/2.5), there's still the Oly 12/2... The system could maybe use a more budget friendly wide option beyond the 14/2.5 but ehh, there's still plenty to choose from. There's also a tiny 7.5/2 coming (from Laowa/Venus), and an 8/4 already out (from SLR Magic), albeit MF.

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Dave Lively: The author left what is probably the best m43 lens for this purpose off his chart, the Panasonic 15mm f1.7.

Designed to work well with the GM5 it is small, fast and has a good reputation optically. I decided to go with the Olympus 17mm f1.8 because it was less expensive but looked hard at the 15mm. I tried the Panasonic 20mm first but found its focusing too slow and noisy.

I wish the PL15 wasn't a PL so it would've been cheaper from the start, or that it were a 17mm. As it is, I'd rather go tighter with the 20mm than wider with the PL15, tho that's subjective. If we go by original MSRP, the PL15 probably deserves it's price tag more than the somewhat more flawed Oly 17, based on IQ and the utility of the aperture ring on smaller bodies.

I do hope Pana makes a couple more small primes at some point, even if M4/3 is absolutely spoiled for choices already. Outside of the 12/2 I think they've done a better job of it than Oly at most focal lengths... At least as things stand today.

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cerich: The Oly EPM2 while an older body is still very capable, throw on the 14/2.5, 20/1.7 and you have one serious pocket camera that will give you more quality than most can master.

The 20/1.7 is fine for street IMO, when you're not refocusing from minium distance to infinity (when do you?) it's pretty snappy, hopeless for action if your wanna use AF-C tho... The Pana 42.5/1.7 is probably a little pricier still than the 45 but it's OIS and much better minium focus distance are a boon...

The market for older M4/3 bodies is kinda curious, seems there's a lot more peaks and valleys to demand than you'd think. At one point you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a GX1 for $200 or less...

All of a sudden there's actually a dearth of new, attractive,. AND small enthusiast focused M4/3 bodies... With Oly basically killing off a chunk of the PEN line and barely keeping the L on life support while Pana upsizes all the GX bodies except for the GX850 (really a GF9, sold as such elsewhere).

I can see why GM bodies are selling used for as much as they were going new a couple years ago. Feels like there's room here for either Oly or Pana to make a more attractive $600-700 tiny body.

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K25: what is the point of fixed lens digital cameras?
Fixed lens cameras had 2 main advantages vs. ILC in film/flashbulbs era: 1) size (thanks mirrorless) 2) shorter flash synchro time (thanks central shutter)
But nowadays?

My GM1 kit that'll fit in a waist pack is the 12/2, 20/1.7, and 42.5/1.7; no other system scales down so well... Hell I can squeeze the E-M5 II into the same pack instead of the GM1 but the latter is more conspicuous... My pocketable no bag kit is simply the GM1 w/either 20/1.7 or 12-32 on a strap, the other lens in a pocket. Hoping to add the Laowa 7.5 f2 to the mix soon...

Even if I jumped on another system at some point and sold off some of my other larger/more expensive M4/3 lenses, I'd probably always keep that bunch of primes around for use on a tiny body. Not like their resale would net me a ton outside of the 12/2 anyway (and I got that one refurb & on sale for $380, would've never paid $700).

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Jorginho: The end of the GM series, even if I did not buy one, is a very sad thing. I started a poll over the mFT forum about a week ago and out of about 7 future developments of Panny a GM7 together with a superlative GX9 cam out on top. Panasonic would do wise to reintroduce it. What held back GM5 sales, I think, is the somewhat lacklustre EVF (we understand it on one hand. but still). Also some other things were not as good as other mFT cams. But with current tech, a better EVF and 20 MP sensor with DFD things might (drastically) change.

I recall them saying at one point that GM1 sales were pretty strong, I think it tailed off with the GM5 despite the latter addressing a lot of people's concerns (EVF, dial, etc)... I think timing had a lot to do with it, there was still a LOT of GM1 stock on hand when the GM5 was introduced just a year later.

I and a ton of other people that were on the fence ended up buying a GM1 on clearance for $300 rather than a GM5 for $850, then they introduced a GF7 kit with the 12-32 & 35-100 which further split a niche within a niche of a market. That led to the GM5 ending up on clearance itself not long after...

I'm fine with a more plastic build a la GF/GX850, they just have to throw enthusiasts another bone or two. An extra dial somewhere and a custom spot or two on the mode dial would make the latter so much more appealing. That plus the existing tilt screen and DFD would easily sway me.

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Marty4650: My Panasonic GM1 with 14mm f/2.5 lens is the best compact camera I have ever used.

And it is absolutely tiny compared to the Fuji X100F. See for yourself.

The GX850 display is still 3:2 (not an exact match but close enough), I think the GM5 and older Oly PEN bodies were the only ones that had a wider screen... That was actually one of the reasons my first ILC was a GF and not a PEN.

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Marty4650: My Panasonic GM1 with 14mm f/2.5 lens is the best compact camera I have ever used.

And it is absolutely tiny compared to the Fuji X100F. See for yourself.

@rrccad The original GM1 had an average sized ~3" LCD that better matched the sensor aspect ratio, they got that combo right IMO... The GM5 went 16:9 or whatever to fit in the EVF but I personally prefer the larger screen for the use I give it (either at nighttime or as a second body)...

The GM5 did finally add auto ISO in Manual mode on a Pana body, there's a few other firmware improvements (eye AF etc) but that's by far the most prominent for an enthusiast IMO. I actually prefer the looser dial on the GM1 but I'm sure I'm in the vast minority there.

I haven't even paid attention to the aspect ratio of the display on the newer GF & GX850 bodies, I've they've gone wider that'd be one more mark against them for me... As it is the only reason I'd give up my GM1 would be for a tilt screen.

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Woodyz: Fuji sells its own cheaper X100--it's called the X70.

I would've preferred an X70 with the X100 lens and no VF, that could've been cheaper still...

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tkbslc: No mention of Panasonic Leica 15mm f1.7? That one on a Panasonic RF style body gets my vote.

It's on the chart within the article, but it's pricier than the Oly still and closer to 28mm EFL than 35mm EFL, at least that's why I'm guessing it didn't get a nod in lieu of the 17/20mm options (and why I've never picked it up myself, nice as it'd be to have that aperture ring on a GM1 combo).

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dbateman: Best option is to try and get a Panasonic GM5 with either the 12-32mm or 14-42mm pancakes. Full range, option to go faster when need and smallest for in your pocket. But the GM5 with kit 12-32mm has been harder to find. Hopefully Panazonic wakes up and reallizes people want a GM5 body with updated sensor and 4k.

The better M4/3 pancake zoom starts at 12mm (12-32), and goes up to 32mm... Even if it's no better at 32mm than a phone, there's really only one phone that has a focal length near 50mm EFL (and it's not f1.8 on these second sensor/lens module mind you)...

So the pancake zoom is hardly pointless in good light, and something like the 20/1.7 is eminently pocketable.

Even a 42.5/1.7 is pretty portable (w/OIS and pretty good close focusing capabilities, often a weakness of fixed FL compacts), which is a key advantage vs the other ILCs whose longer primes are significantly larger. It's the combination of all those that drew me to M4/3 even pre-GM series.

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dylanear: Love this line of thinking.

I just wish there was something like the GM1/GM5, but a tad taller, with front and rear command dials.

And I wish the 20mm 1.7 wasn't quite so large in barrel diameter. Given that the lens elements are very small and the AF performance is mediocre, not sure why it's so big? What's in there taking up that space?

I welcome more excellent quality pancakes like the 20mm 1.7! The 14 2.5 is not all that sharp. The Oly 17mm 1.8 and PanaLeica 15mm 1.7 are great, but a bit long compared to pancakes for pocketable shooting. Really sharp, really small 10mm, 14mm, and 25mm lenses would be fantastic! Small, metal, and very sharp. I don't care what the aperture is as long as it's 2.8 better, just sharp and small.

Everything within the core of the 20mm moves back and forth when you focus, obviously all the AF motors and electronics are outside, and since it's a pancake that means they're mostly around that lens group...

I'm fine with it's diameter an AF performance tbh, many of the fixed lens compacts are equally useless at AF-C or video anyway which are it's main weaknesses. It does look oddly large on a tiny GM1 despite handling super well...

I think the ratio of lens diameter to body size tends to attract a few more looks from non enthusiasts but I dunno if something like an X100 would be any more stealthy, perhaps if it had a tilt screen... The AF toggle on the GM1 would be more at home on the GX850, ironically.

I know their GM/GF amalgamation (a GX in name only) has been downgraded to entry level status only, but the Fuji A3 does that so much better without compromising enthusiast appeal. Just one extra dial and a couple Custom spots on the mode dial would go such a long way on the GX850.

I hope they find their way back to better controls within that line eventually, the GF6 got close with a mail dial + exp compensation (/e-zoom) lever, and the GM5 was ironically the first Pana body to offer auto ISO in manual mode.

It's almost like there's a free engineers over there that wanna make the ultimate enthusiast compact but the broader marketing/company vision keeps meddling with it.

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