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On article Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS (60 comments in total)
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Old Salt: Last year I bought my first DSLR with Wi-Fi built in. I was not sure this would be useful to me. Now all my cameras have Wi-Fi, and I am able to send pictures to my client before I've even finished shooting a job. The same images might be on their website within minutes, if the client wants it that way. They are happy, and I am happy. It even gives me freedom to not rush post processing the rest of the set. The client knows what they will be getting. And I do not have to carry a computer around. This makes sense.

Agreed, it's just another tool... Doesn't have to be as good as desktop editing, but it's better than nothing and it's still mighty useful.

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On article Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS (60 comments in total)
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MeganV: Thanks, Adobe; now let's tackle the problem of color- and brightness-calibrating those mobile screens.

Maybe I'm over-thinking it, but that's the issue that will keep me from editing on mobile beyond insta-filters (and, I think, the issue that keeps mobile edits looking like they do--including the muddy sample landscape shot, above). If you don't know how bright your screen is relative to . . . anything (?), how can you really judge exposure and tone? If you don't know how the colors you see relate to any standard model . . . same question.

These stuttering pushes toward "professional" creativity on phone OSes make me feel old. I'm trying, but I just can't envision pro photographic editing or retouching happening on an uncalibrated 5" screen. And I worry about Apple's commitment to iPad Pro. They rolled it out with the usual thunder last fall and this spring, but sales have been slow and by WWDC? Crickets: not a single mention of iPad-specific features or developments in iOS10.

I'm not sure that's something Adobe can really tackle, you pretty much need OS level changes for proper calibration.

The best you can do until Apple/Google provide that is simply to buy devices with the most accurate calibration out of the box, which is probably why sites like Anandtech do such critical display testing even as many users simply go "meh, that over saturated screen over there looks better to me"'...

I think there's a big difference between editing on a 5" phone and an 8-12" tablet tho, this all works on tablets too AFAIK... You're right tho, critical/final edits still belong on devices with full desktop OS and I imagine any pro that needs that kinda on-the-job flexibility would get something like a Surface Pro at least.

I don't need a laptop a Surface Pro or even an iPad Pro tho, these days I travel with a smaller Android tablet only and I welcome the ability to tinker a bit on such a device.

I'm not a CC subscriber either tho so Photo Mate R2 and Snapseed will have to suffice when I'm on the go. :p

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Leonp: really cool!
Top tip: download the 4k-file, go to the real life TV-store and put the memory stick in the huge and expensive TV in the middle. :-)

Hah, I wouldn't dream of reposting it but yeah you probably should look into that. I'd actually ordered one of the discs even before that comment.

FWIW, would've paid for a 4K download instead too... ;) (tho I imagine that's even more work for ya) Just seems like a cool way to show off a new TV. Was looking at the music of your composer also, will probably buy some on Amazon.

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Peadingle: An amazing film, but I am not sure how he drove 20,000 miles in 18 days, (which is driving for over 22 hours a day at an average of 50 mph) and still found the time to take the pictures.

Seems he's been making money off it for a little bit already (and indeed, even thru commercial use)... His site, linked in the article, is worth a look. There's two other chase clips that are also marvelous.

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On article Polaroid Swing is a new take on Apple's Live Photos (8 comments in total)

Sooo, they're fancy GIFs / not quite Vines? :P

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The Sling looks SUPER interesting for smaller kits like M4/3, it's somewhat similar to Thinktank's Turnstyle but I more than welcome another choice of bag in that style because there really aren't very many. Specially at that particular size (and made to fit tight against the body), a lot of "slings" these days are just oddly shaped messenger bags that swing around more than a proper messenger.

Something that's "only" good for a FF DSLR and a couple lenses will easily fit two small M4/3 bodies and like four smaller M4/3 lenses... I'm happy with my Turnstyle for day use but it has no tripod straps and isn't water repellant without a cover, might jump on Peak's Sling for travel purposes... Them not having extra dividers available for now would be an issue tho, I'd need at least 1 if not 2.

The tablet pocket looks like it'd just about fit a Surface Pro or even Dell XPS 13, pretty nice for something that compact, tho my current tablet is far smaller.

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ZurichPhoto: It has been interesting watching the increasing number of products that are being sold (marketed?) on DPReview as Kickstarter programs. We've reached the point where Kickstarter is not about backing a good idea but simply reducing the risk of the business to as near zero as possible. I want a bigger discount for essentially ensuring that the seller makes a profit.

I've participated in 8 or 9 successful Kickstarts, and most were from outfits way smaller than Peak... The Agua camera bag, Clearshot phone stand, Pressy phone button, Valleret camera gloves (you can notice a trend here, heh), Meenova USB OTG mSD reader, and Noke Bluetooth lock...

Many of those were conceived by just one or two people. I guess the outfit behind Noke might actually be comparable. Others I've funded, like Tim Schafer's latest videogame and CustomSLR's Slim strap, came from small companies on par with Peak I'd guess. I went in on one of Peak's straps too. At least half saw some delays, sure, but pretty much none outright disappointed me...

I'd say all met or exceeded expectations except maybe Pressy (the app is meh, serviceable but I'd replace it with Tasker for complex stuff) and ironically the Peak Slide (very nice, just too bulky for me, loving the Anchor Links with other straps tho). If you use just a little bit of common sense it's not hard to tell the doomed Kickstarts from the worthwhile ones.

Anything that seems way too good for the money or involves complex production PLUS a lot of software development is surely doomed, even big OEM walk a tightrope in those scenarios, Pebble was like the one notable exception to that and it still had teething pains.

If Kickstarter becomes too commercial or marketing driven something else will just take it's place IMO. Look at things like Massdrop, it's like a Kickstart/Groupon mashup in reverse... It's actually leveraging the group buy potential for custom orders from large companies, audio enthusiasts are loving a lot of the stuff they've put out.

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SirSeth: These bags look like they actually bring some new ideas and solutions to common problems. Magnetic closures--are they any problem for technology? I avoid any bag with velcro which leaves me with limited options sometimes, and I really like the stretch expansion and departure from traditional side press quick release closures and zippers for some compartments.

Also, there are some pretty clever silent Velcro implementations these days like what Tenba has been using... When you pull it a certain way it's no noisier than a zipper.

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SirSeth: These bags look like they actually bring some new ideas and solutions to common problems. Magnetic closures--are they any problem for technology? I avoid any bag with velcro which leaves me with limited options sometimes, and I really like the stretch expansion and departure from traditional side press quick release closures and zippers for some compartments.

Magnets don't affect much of anything these days (as far as common consumer tech), maybe your phone's compass losses calibration if you literally glue it to the magnet... Don't stick your credit cards between the latch and it's catch I guess? Heh...

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Niala2: What is the user-wiseness know-how explanation for why out if 4(!) rubber feet half are not supposed to touch the ground, but instead device will woble on the middle, hard, sliding metal.. ?

Bad render maybe? I don't think landing apparatus is a big deal on these things either way.

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On article 8K Helium Super 35mm sensor on the way from RED (86 comments in total)
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agentul: that's nice.

random thought: the old Star Trek movies had better atmosphere than the new ones, despite all of their high definition and improved special effects. maybe chasing higher resolutions sometimes diminishes the end product.

I really dig the new ones... /shrug If anything I think JJ went a bit crazy with the post effects on the new ones, and that has nothing to do with resolution. You can make 4K look as gritty, grainy, or old fashioned as you want... In the end it's all just tools in the hands of a human who's ultimately in charge of delivering his vision.

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Leonp: really cool!
Top tip: download the 4k-file, go to the real life TV-store and put the memory stick in the huge and expensive TV in the middle. :-)

Where's the 4K download? I saw the store links to purchase the BD and the music links but didn't see a download option... Is that a vimeo account thing?

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Mark9473: Awe inspiring. I'd love to see it 2 or 3 times slower.

You can buy his Blu Ray as and slow motion it to your heart's content.

Link | Posted on Jul 13, 2016 at 13:07 UTC

Why are they trying to make renting gear like one of those swag subscriptions for tochkes or some sorta curated experience. Gear isn't content, gear is for producing content. This seems like a solution in search of a problem at worst, and a service for those that just don't know what they want (at all) and simply wanna dabble in photography...

The latter isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't see the market. If you can afford $150/month ($200 with insurance) then you can afford to buy/return/resell a few cameras, and in the end actually own something in return for your time/money. Paying up $1,800 (yr) or even $900 and in the end come away empty handed is a tough sell.

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Amazing, truly awe inspiring, best thing I've seen online in a while... Gonna have to watch this one again on the 64".

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Toddler's eyeball sliced in half by drone propeller - BBC News
26 Nov 2015 - Oscar Webb's eye was sliced in half by a propeller after the operator, ... It was the first drone injury Oscar's surgeon had seen, but she said it ...
Drones WITHOUT Blade covers are disasters

The Dutch Police Are Training Eagles To Take Down Drones
CityLab-3 Feb 2016
... and eagles in London offered a real bird's-eye view of the city. ... One minute, a four-propeller drone is whirring about in a enclosed space; ... hit the d
rone in such a way that they don't get injured by the rotors,” said LeBaron

Columbus model left with a bruised eye after being hit in the face by ...
Daily Mail-11 May 2016
... 25, from Columbus, Ohio, was filmed being hit in the face by a drone ... on top of a rock when the four-propeller craft veered in her direction,

Should we put blade covers around helis too? You know, just in case a kid decides to go jump near one...

Not trying to belittle the dangers, but something like this falling from the sky is a hazard regardless of little bits of plastic around the rotors...

You gotta face the issue at the root, pilot registration or licensing if necessary, etc.

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snapa: Nice gimmick, too bad the IQ is sooo bad!

" If you were attempting to capture the same view with DSLR quality you would be looking at a hardware/software cost of $10,000 or more. "

That seems like a vast exaggeration... There's free open source software that can stitch great 360 degree panos *and* export them for VR use (and it's not a recent development).

As for capture, all you really need is a decent camera + FE/WA lens + tripod & pano setup (don't even need something as fancy as a Nodal Ninja, DIY-ish kits from someone like Hejnar/Sunway/Desmond will do for half the price).

That's maybe $3,000 in hardware if you absolutely must have a FF setup, way less otherwise (or if you buy some used/older gear). Could easily manage it for under a grand if you stick to crop bodies; including camera, tripod, pano hardware, etc.

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Keith57: Interesting article. Kind of overlooking that 360 panos have been around for around 15years !!

What I would like to add is a note about composition. It's not that simple! Where you place the camera and at what time of the day is crucial for a good image. What works for stills won't necessarily be good for a 360 photosphere.

Also, some people still confuse the 360 distortion when viewing the final image with the lenses used to capture the scene. They are totally independent. You can use a fisheye and stich a few photos to render a full sphere, or you can shoot with a long telephoto and stitch 1000's of images to capture the same scene. All you end up with is different amounts of resolution.

The final file is usually a 2x1 rectangular image (called an equirectangular) and the software you use to view it on your headset or in your browser window determines the 'projection' and level of distortion or not.

Some examples here:

Agreed, I think the (affordable) headsets add a whole new dimension tho... Regular 360 viewers seem to confuse people a lot as far as how to pan around (people that never played a FPS I guess :P ), the headset makes it more intuitive and immersive. I'd be curious to find out if there's a way to package and publish audio easily alongside the 360 VR panos, a song a spoken message or just ambient sound would add a whole 'nother dimension.

Link | Posted on Jul 13, 2016 at 08:27 UTC

Nice DIY solution.

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Maxfield_photo: Someone should tell the "European" Southern Observatory that Chile is in South America, they're liable to drown when they try to walk home from work.

It's conceived and funded by 15 or so European nations (at least until the UK packs up and leaves), built in Chile, to take advantage of the altitude and lack of air/light pollution I imagine.

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