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Funny Valentine: Something this review got very wrong: the sensor readout speeds !!!
Come on Chris !
The R6 sensor readout speed is 1/60 !!
The A7III/Z6/S5 readout speed is 1/40 !!
Canon R6 sensor reads faster than the competition.

" I doubt this could be true in cameras designed to take pictures at a much faster rate. "

1/60 or even 1/40 isn't a bottleneck to shooting at 10-15fps... There's a ton of crop bodies and older FF bodies with an e-shutter readout rate in the ~1/20s range. It's an impediment to how useful the e-shutter is tho, 1/60 starts to get it into the range where you can more confidently use it without worrying too much about rolling shutter artefacts and whatnot. It's still something that needs some care tho, even the A9's 1/160 can have it's limits with banding, etc...

It's a all irrelevant for shooting with the mechanical shutter but it's still relevant for video.

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MikeStern: Canon body 2500$
Sony body 1700$

And Canon slightly better to win this competition?
That simply isn’t fair.

Only enthusiasts and people who already bought one of these bodies care about "fair"... :P

Tho you could argue Sony's pricing leaves room for an extra lens, and sales on the A7R III make that enticing for anyone already tempted to spend $2,500... Flash forward a few months or a year and someone will be complaining it's not fair to compare the new A7 IV against the S5, etc etc.

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mkochano: Interesting to see how A7 III went from "our generic recommendation" [1] to the last place in just seven months.


That's a good thing for the consumer no? Competition can only breed improvements at this end of the market (vs the lower end where it can be a race to the bottom)... It just means any of the bodies as well as their successors in the near future will all get the job done, it frees you up to pick a system based on lenses or personal preference over other minor stuff.

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Darren James: Perhaps I’m have to check out that FE 20mm, I missed the memo on that one.

I couldn't decide... And love wides (and bought a Sony largely to shoot wides)... So I bought both the 17-28 & the 20/1.8 G as two of my first three E mount lenses. TBH I think they both have their place/use, and I do like the Tamron a lot but it's also a lens I could see replacing years down the line if I decide to go wider or splurge on the 16-35 GM etc. The 20G is not going anywhere tho...

I think both are pretty "safe" options, the 20mm is almost flawless (a little flaring, a little focus breathing, nitpicks) and the 17-28's range is somewhat limited but neither has glaring faults. The Sony with a 14 or 15mm prime might make more sense if you're really picky and/or just love primes, I might grab a wider prime in the long run rather than replacing the Tamron with another zoom outright.

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jpeghorror: Lenses like that Sony 20mm make me think stupid thoughts. Look away, look away...

[do not read] I'm loving it, I'm glad I splurged on it over the bevy of cheaper 20mm options, it's a lens that begs to be used. [evil grin]

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AlephNull: On the Sony 20mm G - it's also surprisingly small for what it is. Makes it comfortable as a walk-around lens.

Cameralabs seemed to give the nod to Sony on IQ when comparing it to the Nikon, and it's somewhat smaller/cheaper... I've not used the Nikon (or many other 20mm tbh) but the Sony looks like one of their better sub-$1K G lenses IMO, I'm thrilled with it.

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LAPoloPlayer: Just don’t get it. I just didn’t think the X100V took very good pictures. Color. Contrast. Really? But what really is strange is that it seems to require adapters according to most reviewers -I did not have the wide / tele / or weather adapters (the x100V is weather resistant... wait... that’s with an adapter. Oh. OK.) And these adapters are like $300 a pop, right? But it’s such a cute little camera. Small. Low profile. Good for street. Fits in a pocket. Ah. Then what about an A7C? Hmm. Haven’t actually used one yet. But it’s interchangeable lens and full-frame. Better autofocus for sure. DPReviews comparison? Oh please!

f2.8 or slower pancakes would be the only lenses with which an ILC would be as compact as the X100 tho... I'm not saying that's a roadblock, plenty of people like their 35/2.8 & 24/2.8 E mount pancakes... I've looked at the X100 a bunch of times myself, but I can go even smaller with a not much slower M4/3 pancake (by FF equivalency, f3 vs f3.4) and a substantially smaller body, and when I took the FF plunge I ended up preferring better lenses.

A low light comparison where the IBIS of those ILCs is taken into account would probably favor the ILCs too, OTOH none of those ILC pancakes are as reliably weather sealed as the X100V is and the Fuji still offers things (like the hybrid EVF) and quirks you wouldn't get on a compact ILC. It's pretty hard to make this comparison on paper and boil it down to a few specs IMO.

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I kinda wish that 24/3.5 had been a 28, since there's already a lot more 24mm options for E mount than 28mm ones... But I'm still intrigued by it, hopefully it's as good as the Tamron 24/2.8 but w/better AF (leaked images already show it's smaller)...

I'd been waffling between the Tamron and Sony's old 28/2 and ultimately decided to wait and see what else would come out, glad I did. I wanted something small to pair with the 45/1.8 (Samyang's) and this might fit the bill.

The 35/2 will face stiffer competition, the 65/2 looks interesting, I like seeing oddball FLs and slower/smaller options TBH.

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2020 at 09:42 UTC as 2nd comment | 2 replies
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marc petzold: I would save my Pennies for the new Sigma DN 35 F2 Lens...soo cute and small. Hope not too expensive. Check SAR. ;-)

LEAKED: First images of the new Sigma 24mm f/3.5, 35mm f/2.0 and 65mm f/2.0 DG DN FE lenses!

The 24 looks like an interesting pairing with the 45 IMO (or with Samyang's 45 tbh)... Smaller than the Tamron 24/2.8, hopefully better wide open than the Sony 28/2.

Link | Posted on Nov 26, 2020 at 09:32 UTC
On article Best gifts for photographers in 2020 (44 comments in total)

They multi tool is pretty dope, available on Amazon too but for a couple bucks more, I think I'll grab two the next time I place an order at Adorama.

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wats0n: I love my Instax printer. Probably the most fun I have had in a very long time (Fuji just knows how to make photography enjoyable in age where everything seems so sterile). The prints are incredibly beautiful. My wife got me one for Xmas last year and it’s been one of my favorite gifts !

I dunno about wats0n but I'm in my late 30s and I love the SP-3 as well, I sort of rediscovered printing over the last couple years and the Instax printer niche is for on the go use... Sure there's other transportable printers that can get you larger/better dye sub prints, but they really require you set em up on a table etc (I still really like having a Canon Selphy at home for instant gratification tho, anything larger than it's 4x6s I just order online).

There's cheaper portable printers than Instax but part of the latter's magic and quality is in the way it uses real film stock and exposes it via some OLEDs. The "prints" take a bit to develop but they spit out of the printer in about 12s, so it's pretty easy to operate it right from your bag without setting down anywhere in order to share some mini prints with strangers and friends alike. It can be a pretty good ice breaker, and for a lot of people holding prints is just foreign these days.

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On article Laowa 9mm F5.6 FF RL sample gallery and impressions (103 comments in total)
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kristian1: This must be one of the worst samples seen here, I understand that it is not very easy to use this lens , but it should be done with a bit more care in my opinion.

The review at has more samples that better leverage the extreme AoV of this lens, FWIW. I'm not hating on Damien's samples, I think it speaks to how niche going this wide is, but for that 1 in 100 shot it can be really extraordinary.

Link | Posted on Nov 7, 2020 at 19:33 UTC
On article Sony a7C vs Sony a7 III: Which is better? (237 comments in total)

@Richard It's rather obvious, but this article probably should've mentioned you're looking at a FAS display vs a tilt display as well, that can be pretty divisive for many and would be reason enough to dismiss one or the other from the get go for some. Don't think I saw it pointed out anywhere...

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Noah Yap: Interesting... being a Nikon fan I wish Nikon would expand the Z System a bit more too.

" I guess Nikons lenses are large due to zero optical compromise. "

That's a lofty goal but not reality at every FL, the 50 & 85 probably got closer, the 20 & 35 aren't significantly (or any) better than some of the smaller options in the market...

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panther fan: Nice, seems pretty in line with Nikon and Sony mirrorless lens lineup. Good optics, fast internal AF and weathersealing at a midrange price

No idea why Canon thinks their F1.8/F2 lineup should use external focus and have no weathersealing in 2020. The F1.8 lineups together with modern FF cameras really are the most flexible option

I think Canon is banking on the pseudo macro capabilities and the lower price of those f2 primes to move a lot of them, and who knows, they might just do it... But yeah the sluggish AF and lack of sealing is a turn off for me.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2020 at 17:13 UTC
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It is just a tool: Compact? There is nothing compact about this lens.

But a nice new option for L-Mount users.

It's not meaningfully lighter or smaller than the Sony... More like in line with it, definitely lighter and smaller than CaNikon's past options or even their current RF/Z options at the same FL tho. There's even more compact short teles out there (eg Samyang 75/1.8), but probably not many with AF (Samyang might be the only smaller FF one with AF).

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BrentSchumer: This is great. They need to follup with with F1.8 50mm and 35mm lenses, as well as some sort of nice superzoom like their 12-100mm on M43 or Tamron's 28-200mm.

Kind of annoyed that L mount didn't snag Tamron, to be honest.

The M4/3 12-100 is from Oly, not Pana, tho Pana's 14-140 was pretty decent... I wish Pana had made some collapsible tele zooms for Like mount like Canon's, they had some great little ones for M4/3.

Link | Posted on Nov 4, 2020 at 17:04 UTC

Compact-ish IMO... It's pretty much in line with say, Sony's 85/1.8... Lighter & smaller than the Z/RF f1.8 & f2 options tho. I know this is subjective but for me compact would entail something like the Samyang 75/1.8. :> (<3" & <250g). Still nice to see L mount being fleshed out by both Pana & Sigma.

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Noah Yap: Interesting... being a Nikon fan I wish Nikon would expand the Z System a bit more too.

Nikon's lineup is kinda odd, their Z primes are somewhat large compared to other mirrorless options, yet their collapsible f4 zooms (ultra wide thru normal) are pretty compact compared even to APS-C options... I haven't really looked at their tele zooms, Canon seems to be leading the charge on that end with their extending designs.

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Currantos: I don't understand this 50 mm at all.
We've just had massive discussions about how mirrorless lenses have to be bigger because of the optical path, etc etc, mostly explaining why the Nikon Z 50mm 1.8 is so huge and here comes out Canon with this small lens?
Totally confused.

Does it use unit focus like their 35/1.8? That would mean significant space savings at the cost of AF performance...

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