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  • Thanks much.
  • Created photo thread Key West Denizen
  • Replied in Win 10 problem
    Well, everything appears normal in device manager.  If I wait until the problem shows up again (which it will soon) device manager would most likely still show everything as normal except that it ...
  • Created question thread Win 10 problem
    I've got a brand new Win 10 build (by a local shop) but I've got a problem.  Before I take it back in I thought I'd see what other folks have to say.  The machine is good and it's fast.  It's got ...
  • Tell me about it...
  • Replied in D500
    I would miss those tools.  I suppose I could export back to another program but I'm guessing I'll just get the stand alone current version of LR.
  • Replied in D500
    Thanks all for the thoughts...
  • Created question thread D500
    So, I've got the D500, CS5, LR 5.7 and a trial version of LR 6.8.  8.8 is $149 US for a stand alone version.  All I need is a good RAW developer for the D500.  I don't need the LR catalogues and ...
  • Yeah, I forgot about that with group auto focus.  I've used it on the D810 but haven't tried it yet on the 500.  Thanks again.
  • Thanks, it really worked well for those shots.  Do you know how many focal points you used?
  • Nice shots for sure.  Just many focal points did you use, what was focus set to and what metering mode did you use?  I just got the 500 and the info would be helpful.  Thanks much.
  • Replied in DDR4
    I stayed with 32...
  • Replied in DDR4
    Got 2x16...
  • Replied in DDR4
    I did, but I'm not going to try to overclock the machine.  Improved multi tasking and faster LR/PS and whatever replaces photo viewer should do me fine.  I hope...
  • Replied in DDR4
    Thanks for the thoughts.  I'm sure that a SATA SSD will be just fine for the build.  I plan to put the programs and OS on the SSD and use a spinning HD for the data.  That will be backed up with ...
  • Replied in DDR4
    Thanks.  I just pulled the trigger on such a system.  With respect to another post, I'm thinking about maybe cutting back to 16 gigs of RAM.  Mostly I'm looking for faster processing speeds and ...
  • Replied in DDR4
    Thanks.  I did follow up on the link.  I think, at least for my purposes, 2133 will be just fine.  I'm probably overbuilding this thing anyway...
  • Replied in DDR4
    Thanks for the reply all.  BTW, do you think Corsair is the best RAM?  How much better than others?
  • Replied in DDR4
    Thanks to you and Stives for the reply.  Yeah, there's always the temptation to get more than ones needs, and even that is a moving target.  I'm thinking the 2133 will be just fine.  I've read ...
  • Created question thread DDR4
    Looking at a new PC build, not built by me.  I've settled on an i7 6700 chip and 32g of RAM.  Next question is what speed for the RAM and what manufacturer.  The place that will build it has ...
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