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  • Replied in travel camera.
    I've got the 810 and the A7R night be interesting for me but as I mentioned to another poster, she'd like variable focal lengths without interchangeable lenses.  She'll use the 610 for that ...
  • Replied in travel camera.
    Thanks for the suggestion but I think she wants variable focal lengths.
  • Replied in travel camera.
    Again, this camera is for my sister in law, not me.  She travels a lot and the 610 usually goes with her.  That being said, she not that big and that camera plus lenses can get heavy for her.  She ...
  • Replied in travel camera.
    Thanks.  They're on the list to examine...
  • Replied in travel camera.
    I'll check it out.  BTW, price isn't part of the equation.  My brother will be buying the camera for her and he can afford it.  I'm definitely looking at the 1 inch sensor cameras.
  • Replied in travel camera.
    True, the 3300 is small and light with good IQ but my sister in law is thinking more along the lines of a fixed lends zoom travel camera.
  • Created question thread travel camera.
    OK, the question's been asked before but here we go again.  For someone shooting with a D610 but also wanting a smaller lighter fixed lens  travel camera (1" sensor?), which camera do you like ...
  • Replied in LR 5
    Thanks Lew.  That was probably it. I reinstalled the photos on the desktop, clicked add, and then opened them in LR.  They appear to still be on the desktop.  I'm not sure when I clicked move and ...
  • Created discussion thread LR 5
    PC question.  OK, so LR is now driving me nuts.  I download a file to a folder on the desktop from a memory card and then open up LR and try to import the photos.  LR imports it but it then moves ...
  • Replied in D800 AF
    Yeah, that should do the trick.  Thanks again.
  • Replied in D800 AF
    Thanks.  I've got it and I'll install it.  I tried 3d for pretty much the first time at an RC aircraft show.  I switched between 9 point and 3D and am trying to figure out which gave a higher ...
  • Replied in D800 AF
    But will it show which AF mode was used?  Will capture NX D?
  • Replied in D800 AF
    Thanks to both.  Somewhere I've got view NX buried in a pile.  I'll try to find it, install it, and see what can be seen.  I've got NX2 but of course it doesn't show the 810's RAW files unless you ...
  • Created question thread D800 AF
    Quick D810 question.  Is there any way to tell which focus mode (9 point, 3D, etc.) was used when taking the shot? I use LR for conversion but haven't found it in the metadata.  I also checked the ...
  • Naysayers...I'm shocked, truly shocked.  Thanks for your viewpoint.  Not sure about that Works download though.  Many of the third party vendor sites supply you with adware and spyware along with ...
  • I know the programs will work, I just don't want to have installation problems.  Also, MS changed windows photo viewer to something else in 10 if I've read correctly.  I know I'll get used to it ...
  • Thanks.  I've seen it on Amazon but I hesitate to spend $100 for a discontinued program.  I might do it anyway if it saves me from file conversion.  I tried to install it from a flash drive onto ...
  • I've read about the dual boot and have thought about it.  I imagine I could use my system disk to put 7 onto a new machine along with 10.  I plan to have the OS on a separate SSD.  I'd like to be ...
  • Created question thread Window 10 again
    OK, I know versions of this have been asked before but here goes.  My Windows 7 machine is having lots of problems saying that the hard drive is nearing the end of its time.  The machine is 6 or 7 ...
  • I think you're talking about a different crop and maybe a somewhat larger size. I've thought about that as well.  Not sure how I'll finish up the image.  Thanks for the thoughts.
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