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I have had some and liked them, but moving to the Godox system because of the availability of ttl and the integrated receiver/flash system they have. And not much more money ....

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Xezi: I'm still unsure if this is a mockup or a real city. Looks like it's a large collection of wood miniatures. Very good.

I don't think you can tell by looking at the buildings, but the bushes and trees look asymmetrical and organic, not preformed plastic. That makes me think it's a real place.

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Akpinxit: Really impressive .With such high players , it is getting harder and harder to pick new model to buy .

Actually, this makes it easier to pick a new one to buy.

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RudivanS: Just got the new Vanguard Up-rise 48 series II - very well made and above all handy.

I'm deciding between these two bags now. Two advantages the Tamrac has over the Vanguard: 1. two side access panels; 2. ability to change to sling and backpack. Your thoughts? What about the Vanguard would lead you to choose that over this one? Anything it has this doesn't?

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Wait, I think I see Jesus' face.

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I can't believe the number of whiny old (and young -- don't want to be ageist here) farts complaining about why this camera isn't there and why that camera isn't there and why that is there and blah blah blah. Oh DPR is a whore and all this nonsense.

Please, stop the nearest person and ask them to slap you hard in the face to bring you back into reality. This poll is nothing to get upset about. Nothing to complain about. Just get over yourselves, would you please?!

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The older version was really stunning, optically. I was so impressed. It's AF was as bad as it's optics were good. I wanted to buy it, but couldn't bring myself to. If this AF is decent, and if the optical quality is at least as good as the older version, this should sell like hotcakes. (Unless it's priced too closely to the OEM versions.)

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My copy of the non-OS version of this lens was very, very sharp. I've the Canon 70-200 II now, so have another wickedly sharp zoom, but this one focused accurately and was a remarkable lens for me. If I were in the market, I'd certainly consider this lens. It is on the high side.

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