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Actually, this looks very similar in size and shape to my Canon SX1-IS, which also has an articulated screen.

In fact it is almost identical to the SX40 superzoom and that camera perfoms very nicely so I see no advantage whatsoever in this concept....sorry.

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Tom Goodman: The manufacturers can invent new labels for cameras nearly as quickly as they can variations for existing ones. "Enthusiast" is perhaps the most pernicious of these labels. The S95 and its competitors within this dubious category are simply inadequate to make quality images (and here's the important part) for anyone who has more than "enthusiasm" for photography. Any time I have taken my S95 with me instead of my Nikon D300 I have regretted the decision.

You clearly have no idea how to use the S95 then.

Plus there are so many places you can use the S95 that simply is not possible with a DSLR. My S95 and 60D get about a 50% share of usage for this reason.

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littleroot: I am guessing there are patent issues in the US? this is not the first time Eye-Fi has snubbed the USA

More likely something to do with FCC regulations.

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