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AlanG: What is sad is that in 1954 Leica released the great M3 and in the 64 years since with the exception of the M5 has been afraid to advance the design and functionality of the rangefinder and body in any significant way. And now they are not even embarrassed to say they are selling nostalgia. They do seem to know their market.

You're supposed to redesign things that don't work.

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Tommi K1: "There are a lot of use cases for dual card slots. For example using one card as backup, or one for JPEG and one for Raw. Dual card slots are very useful to the customer, we think. Some customers are OK with just one card, but from our research we think that many people will want two slots."

So they think....

So many claims that it is for a backup, yet everyone who knows what word "backup" means, knows that it can'be achieved with the dual card slots in the camera.

And JPEG to one card and raw to other? Like who does that and for what reason? To give the JPEG to customer and keep the raw?

Never hurts to be redundant. You know the old saying about prunes: Four is enough; six is too many.

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Credit where credit is due. It's not the easiest thing to take something away and convince people it's a bonus. But they're out there, and perhaps there is a market for a Leica that really gets back to basics, with no screen and no viewfinder. Add in no meter and you have a true Oskar Barnack camera.

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NaBalam: Why in the hell does it have a 'film advance' lever??

Does there have to be a reason?

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What a missed opportunity! Fuji could spend lots of money, develop an entirely new full frame system that's bigger, heavier, more expensive, while offering a small increase in quality, and ends up being equivalent to everybody else's FF camera. Who wouldn't jump in to a market like that?

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2468 comments in total)

Nice to see a fine performing portable camera system. Slightly smaller cameras with bigger lens mounts to accommodate even bigger lenses is one approach, but Fuji offers a really nice alternative.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2468 comments in total)
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MasterWayne: Very interesting camera and nice write-up!
A question to the native speakers out there. From the conclusion:
"If you're interested in stills and video, though, it's knockout."
The sentence before that one is also positive and I'm wondering how to read the "knockout" here. Does it mean something like "killer argument" in a discussion? Judging from the rest of the article, the balance between stills and video is a major selling point, but I actually never heard the term in such a context. Thanks in advance! :)

I think it means the only people who won't enjoy this camera are photographers who are not interested in stills and not interested in video either.

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KCook: I would have thought Canon could afford nicer shirts . . .

And just one size! Canon is so conservative, they won't even take a fashion risk. I remember at PMA, some companies were so cheap they issued a two shirts for a 4-day show. Contax had the nicest shirts, really sharp gold ones, but I guess it wasn't the best investment.

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mariuss: Hmm ... interesting.
Noone is wearing glasses.

Except for the Sigma guy (who owns the company), I doubt anyone likes doing these interviews and since they can't say anything that isn't already known it's easy to see why.

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dpr4bb: Did the design team have the freedom to use whatever sensor they wanted, or were they forced to use an internally-developed one?

I think the answer to this question is obivous.

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TonyPM: After the price goes down to about $1000, or $1400 with the RF 24-105 f4L, it will sell like hot cakes.

The Eos 6d markII has been on the market for a year and it's flying off the shelves.

Is there some connection between taking photos and checking sales rankings at Amazon? I suppose there are people who can't even go to a movie without checking the weekly gross, but it does seem odd.

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It's no Nimslo, that's for sure.

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Kashim: All the features missing or being of lower quality than what people expected, all that is on purpose, and not by accident. They leave those out so that in a year or two they can release a new version that adds some (but not all) of them. Every camera manufacturer does this, but Canon is probably the worst offender of them all.

You may be right. But you have absolutely no way of knowing this, and given the competition from Sony, Canon would be very foolish to release a camera that is obviously lower spec than Sony, if Canon already had a higher level model ready.

Of course Canon will have a higher level camera but for whatever reason, it's not ready. So they put something out as a stopgap. It's not a conspiracy, and no one is forced to buy one.

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miggylicious: Canon has been very clear that lens stabilization brings in more money by creating several versions of the same lens.

I wish DPR would find this out, but my guess is that someone owns in-body stabilization and a license is required.

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Will Murray: "and compactness and light weight. "

There are a lot of people who fail to realise these are important design priorities for Sony.

It seems stuffing features into small camera bodies is more of a Sony specialty than doing this with lenses, but that makes sense for an electronics company.

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Naveed Akhtar: sounds like .. I am not scared of monstor madam, I am scared of love!
why all these CEOs are such James Bond!

No idea what this means but I agree wholeheartedly.

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John Bean (UK): Thak you for writing “contacted Sony” rather than the awful “reached out to...” phrase that seems to have infected Dpreview of late :-)

A great way to reach out is to have a "telephonic conversation." Love that one.

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cosinaphile: nothing wrong with card or camera ?????? it simply does not work

well thanks for clearing that up,sony

That's not fair. They were vague.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4485 comments in total)
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cirtapfotos: Dear Nikon..I want a Refund, though I WILL never ever buy Z7. Thanks

DPR readers a tough customers, asking for refunds on things they haven't bought. The DL alone could end up costing Nikon a fortune. I'm going to hold off on the Z cameras and wait for the next letter in the alphabet.

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GHPhotography: "Kodak says to allow up to five to six weeks for everything to be digitized."

--Yeah, 'Kodak' says no such thing. The company licensing the name does.

DPReview really needs to clearly mark the articles that are Press Release stenography.

This article is confusing because it is done in the format and guise of a news article but doesn't actually mention the kind of thing an actual reporter would include, such as the actual scan details, and the fact that this just an extant digitizing service service licensing the Kodak name and repacking their existing services at a higher price.

The article is seems so deliberately lacking in information relevant to consumers that I have to wonder if it is a paid (but unmarked) endorsement, the kind that is against FTC guidelines.

Nothing that sinister. Photokina is over. Photo Plus hasn't started yet. Reviews take time, and even Sony can't produce enough new cameras and lenses for new product introductions 6 days a week,

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