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Jetranger_Pilot: I have never once been in a position where I have wished my 24-70 had VR. LOL Which is why it doesn't have it. It would serve no purpose. This lens is a staple for wedding photographers.

As others have stated, if you need VR on this lens, you have bigger issues.

Because of the magnification of long lenses, VR became an important addition. Some people don't understand that it is not even needed in mid to wide lenses. Even long lenses without VR can be compensated for with proper technique. You want to spend more money for no benefit? There are lots of places waiting to take your money.

The glut of people demanding useless features will keep the manufacturers busy and rich.

Those complaining about the weight of pro lenses - take a course on the importance of light. Then hit the gym, or buy the slow glass made just for people like you. Better still, get a little camera with tiny buttons that will fit in your pocket. Or use your phone. That should be light enough.

Since this new 24-70 is a "pro" lens and people have been asking and asking for VR, it would seem that professionals are the ones who see the need.

Years ago, it was "pros" (meaning anybody with an expensive camera) bragging about hand-holding an M camera for 4 seconds. Tall tales, but with a lightweight camera, cloth shutter and no mirror, every once in a while you might do it. These days, high ISOs and stabilization make all that laughable.

But even if this was a valid point and everybody should just go to the gym, the manufacturers desperately need to come up with new features to move inventory.

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Sean65: Good cameras sell.

Not always and even when they do, good cameras don't need to be replaced every other year.

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Good for them. They've been down so long, it looks like up.

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At $249 and 14 ounces its difficult to argue image stabilization adds significant cost and weight. All that's left is image quality and while this lens probably isn't great, there are lots of sharp lenses that do have stabilization.

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Tim Gander: The antithesis of a prime lens. 'Tis the devil's work.

Only in performance.

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Jim Evidon: Until you technical experts have the opportunity to read the patent application to see what Olympus is doing exactly, your comments need to be restrained.
You may very well be ultimately correct, but the article does not present enough information for you to say it won't work, will lose half the light, etc. Crystal balls are fine in their place, but are highly suspect.

Until we hear from Olympus or Ken Rockwell there's not enough information to reach any conclusion.

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str8pipe: I hope this means a new 70-200 f2.8 is on the way :)

What's wrong with the 14-24?

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timo: I don't think I would ever make a camera-buying decision on the basis that 16MP is inadequate for my needs. Scarcely more than ten years ago most people thought 6MP was adequate, and they were mostly right.

6 megapixels wasn't good for anything, except claiming it was better than 4 megapixels. 16 is adequate for many things. I still use a D700 on a regular basis for photographs of groups that are printed on 11x17. You need to resolve a lot of detail for all those faces.

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I'd love to have the 24-70, especially since it has VR (which "real" photographers don't need, but I do.) I just wish it wasn't such a brick for a lens with a relatively short range.

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RichRMA: Nikon Canada found out long ago not to ship in boxes marked, "Nikon." When I ship a lens or related item, I mark it as something slightly different and haven't had a problem. No one in their right might would put, "Nikon or Canon camera or lens."

I remember coming back from PMA one year. Seemed like the whole photo industry was on the same flight. At the baggage carousel in Newark, the Olympus, Minolta and Canon guys picked up their stuff. All in unmarked cases. Then came two large aluminum Adaptacases with bright yellow Nikon stickers.

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On article Lens Rentals Canada closes its doors (178 comments in total)
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vaclav1: In Canada people with University education often earn less money than people with Union jobs. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has enormousness power. My postman at my previous address in Vancouver owned a new Porsche.
No wonder that I ship to Europe every package from USA and I get all packages to my US address, it is much cheaper and much faster.
This is a victory of sick socialism over freedom.

Visit an American post office and you'll see "freedom" in action. Well, action probably isn't the best word to use.

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On article Fujifilm announces X-T1 IR for infrared photography (207 comments in total)

Didn't Fuji have an infrared forensic camera before? I think I had one.

Since cameras already have more than enough megapixels and brands that use an AA blur filter have realized they can charge more for leaving it out, the final enhancement (meaning something to make people "upgrade" yet again) will be a camera that can do both regular and infrared photography via an internal filter switch. Pay a bit more for one camera, but only have to buy and carry one. Then, you can dabble in infrared without a big commitment. Sigma almost did this by accident but somebody will do it eventually.

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On article Fujifilm XF 90mm F2 LM WR real-world samples (186 comments in total)

Looks sensational. Glad they didn't go out of business due to the white orbs. I should have saved the comments from those savvy DPR readers.

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A last, when somebody sticks up a 7-Eleven, we'll be able to tell if it's man or a woman. That's technology!

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On article Quick Review: PhotoKeeper (103 comments in total)
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Jim in Hudson: The review is about a service and how it stacks up to others like it. Why have some posters turned this into a debate about whether this type of service should even exist?

Why not? Potential customer feedback might be useful for a new product.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1561 comments in total)
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nick101: I'm struck by the issue of the number of features vs the user interface for managing them. I wish some manufacturers (Sony aren't alone) would recognise that adding to the list of features and options doesn't add value unless we can use them effectively.

It's a shame that such a capable device is sucj a challenge to handle

I think the problem is that Sony is an electronics company, not really a camera company. Consumer electronics manufacturers focus on adding as many buttons as possible and when they don't fit, it's menus and sub-menus. Like a "user friendly" car stereo.

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On article Adobe Camera Raw 9.1.1 now available (32 comments in total)

How about a lens profile that turns files from the Otus into velvety LensBaby shots? That would be worth paying $120 a year.

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The takeaway is that great lenses can be built anywhere but it's too expensive in Germany. While Sony squandered most of what they got from Minolta (and yes, Minolta had some superb lenses including several re-branded for Leitz) they wisely saw they needed assistance with lenses. Of course, Zeiss is not new to this, having a similar arrangement with Kyocera for their Contax-branded cameras.

Cosina is amazingly capable especially with short runs, producing everything from budget film SLRs to Zeiss lenses but apparently they are not producing some of the most recent Zeiss.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (467 comments in total)

Maybe it's a generational thing but I'm amazed how many people make a point that it's just ten bucks a month--as if this will never change. "Dear Photographer, We're thrilled to announce some new, not very useful features. To support the cost of developing these exciting new enhancements, we're increasing the cost of a CC subscription...."

Of course this could never happen because the cost of things you pay for every month never goes up.

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On article Adobe announces final Camera Raw update for CS6 owners (467 comments in total)

I suspect the cloud will eventually be incorporated into our lives like cell phones or cable TV. Everyone will have it, it will work everywhere and it will be like electricity or tap water.

The problem is, Adobe needs the money now, and it's obviously not de-bugged yet.

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