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...And, in order to accomplish those things, we had to leave those tiny 4/3 sensors behind.

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FuhTeng: Fascinating - there's enough of a market for another player to put forth the effort with a completely new entry. Neat, even if it's far beyond my budget.

How do you know there's enough market?

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MrTaikitso: Agreed, plus Panasonic G7 kills this. Superb 'GH4 lite' spec and ergonomics for a very competitive price. IE, 4K and a proper articulating touch screen. As you say, M5 is two years late. The lack of USB-C in latest Canikons shows that the product development lifecycle by these companies is way behind consumer electronics companies like Sony and Panasonic who are better in tune with today's market, people wanting to go beyond their mobile phone camera. People keep their cameras for 5-15 years so they need future proof technology, not just a good sensor or glass.

Who keeps a digital camera for 5-15 years? Maybe a Nikon F, where you had a professional tool you could use for decades and put your money into lenses, but not a digital camera.

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zakk9: So, it's not bleeding edge. Guess what, neither is a Toyota Corolla, the most sold car in the world.

...And most people are not car enthusiasts yet almost all own cars. More often than not, Canon seems to run on the John Dillinger business model. Asked why he kept robbing banks, Dillinger said, "Because that's where the money is."

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Camera companies go through periods of innovation, and they go through periods of stagnation. OTOH, electronics companies (Sony) are accustomed to constant product changes, and it shows.

I don't think Canon knows what to do with these cameras. Since they sell more SLRs than anyone else, they are probably not convinced an expensive small camera won't just cancel out sales of SLRs and more expensive lenses. They've done some things right, like pricing the M3 at $500 w/EVF in Asia to get users to buy the system, but their hearts just aren't in it.

I have most of the M lenses (not hard to accomplish) but the appeal was the low prices (let's see Fuji make an 11-22mm Image Stabilized for $400). But a $1000 body that looks just like a little SLR makes me wonder what the point is.

The Sony stuff I have tried has just not been as great as the fans say. Olympus' sensor seems to be too small. Fuji's mirrorless really delivers, but the lenses are too heavy for a small system.

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Arun H: I wonder if DxOmark ever scored it?

No, but if they do, and it gets higher than 88, I'm going to buy one.

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solarider: Curiously Canon hobbles the fastest shutter speed at 1/4000th second, for a nearly $1000 camera.

It doesn't have ISO 1,000,000,000,000 either. How will people use this thing?

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tom1234567: Canon trying to copy the X-T2 DPR seem to be pushing this camera

but The X-T2 is a far superior camera

Tom G

It's good enough to sell in numbers Fuji can only dream about. (But, sure, I'd rather have an XT2.)

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Dames01: Essentially this is an 80D with half of the bulk and weight: 40% less! I was thinking of getting another lighter set-up from Fuji or Panasonic for travelling light, but with the adapter I should be able to use all of my EF lenses with minimal performance penalties...

It may be half the weight of an 80D but when you add the adapter, plus full-sized EF lenses I don't see how it could be travelling light.

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At the rumored price, I'd have bought one, but for a grand I think I can live with waiting for Photokina. I do think Canon was wise to get this out in advance of the show. It's nice but seems unlikely to be a show stopper. No doubt Sony will introduce lots of new cameras.

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telawrence: Ah the curse of the critic, I'll just have to bow to the superior knowledge of all the critics on this site who aren't happy with a camera they've never used or have even seen in action. Without using the camera I'd have to say it has potential. I'll be interested to see how fast the AF is, and how it connects to smart phones(which could be a big bonus for younger buyers). And of course every camera review of a camera that isn't full frame has to have someone comment how it cannot compete with a full frame camera and how their camera is so much better. Canon are heading in the right direction with this. Sure it would be nice to have this cheaper, but in time that will come. Where Canon goes, Nikon follows, so it should be interesting to see if Nikon rush out a model to try and compete, or if they take their time and create something without all the faults.

Only a handful of people have handled this camera and a space is provided for comments, what do you expect?

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If this is any good, it could be a way to keep the camera somewhat light and without the need to carry and change lenses all the time. On the other hand, if its Tamron superzoom quality....

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22codfish: So this is the camera for the wimps that complained about weight!

427 grams stripped compared to 1010 grams for a Pentax K-1 full frame. For about a pound more you get ten times the camera.

An extra pound is plenty of additional weight. If somebody wants an SLR, they can get an SL1 which weighs less than the M5, not more--and (sorry), they won't have to worry about the future of the company.

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On article Video: Canon EOS M5 hands-on (28 comments in total)

"From my own perspective, it's the most interesting EOS M camera Canon has produced." Wow, that's audacious!

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Of course it will come down. But for $1000, I wonder how much better this is than just getting one of their smaller SLRs. Its already a little bigger and heavier than the M3. And guys who want to use it with the adapter will end up with a pretty heavy package.

Well, at least the M lenses are cheap.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2082 comments in total)

You guys must have had this camera for some time to complete a review so quickly.

DxO not withstanding, this looks like an excellent camera. At last, the lower noise you expect from a full frame camera.

I've never figured out the focusing options on the 5D3 and it hasn't been a problem. I doubt AF on the 5D4 could be even more complex, but I'll bet they tried.

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On article Getty Images asks court to throw out $1B lawsuit (102 comments in total)
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photomedium: Goddamn this discussion is boring!

We need Ken Rockwell and Fro to weigh in. But seriously, a huge corporation selling your photos without the photographer's permission is potentially more important than the DxO score of a camera that will be discontinued by Easter.

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On article Getty Images asks court to throw out $1B lawsuit (102 comments in total)

Ok, anything you find online is in the public domain. De facto, as the lawyers say. This makes sense, because if a thing can be stolen, it will be.

But charging money for something that's available for free, that's pretty low.

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Reason #11 at the end of your article contains the answer. It's the world's most popular camera. It doesn't have to be great, because its a cultural movement. As for the other 10 things, image stabilization should be helpful.

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Brorjace: 1000 comments. Crazy. So much hate out there.

This is a phone. It doesn't rise to the level of being loved or hated. It's a phone.

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