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Has anyone at DPR asked Sony what becomes of the trade-ins? Just curious, but the trade-in value is in line with a good rebate so presumably, they could throw the trade-ins in the dumpster.

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Except for their superb color meters, Minolta's professional stuff didn't gain much acceptance until Maxxum/Dynax. Really a shame. I had forgotten about this lens. Very impressive. They were great engineers.

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As always, it's all about convenience. For those who live outside the DxO world (that would be almost everybody) good enough is good enough.

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Lightright: I will see some convergence at some time in the future. It would be an end game for DSLR's when you can attach a lens to a smartphone just like a current mirror less camera at this pace of tech advancement and the camera would be relegated as a specialized tool for taking photos instead of being an essential one.

There have been contraptions with accessory lenses for phones but it's too much bulk and bother for phone users.

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Different users have different requirements. If the DPR staff had chewed on it, they might have liked it better.

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I realize it's the end of summer but really, this is just filler. Both cameras have been tested and anyone considering spending $2000 on a 6D2 already knows the pros and cons of full frame. If you didn't know this, why would you even consider a 6D2?

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DFPanno: A7R II with the Loxia lenses is not much bigger and provides some of the finest files avaible from a small format camera.

You see, everything is just a few ounces more. A Pen is just a few ounces more than a Sony point and shoot. A Fuji is just a few ounces more than a Pen. The new compact Canon SLR is lightweight, but then there are Sony full frame cameras that weigh just a bit more. And the lenses track the same way.

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when the pen F came out I bought one immediately based on simply the concept of a pen with a corner EVF something I wanted strongly..... my first mirrorless camera
was the Olympus ep1 ... it changed was a camera what a camera needed to be in size and convenience

within hours drilled out a lens cap and mounted with glue and washers a Nikkor
50mm f1.4 for a nice 100mm equiv portrait lens ... that was summer 2009
before adapters were available

the pen f is small and powerful ... backpacking with a big dslr is an unnecessary weight burden today ...so many mirrorless cameras would do fine

but the Pens ability to do a good 50 mp file on a tripod with sensor shift is a real plus for scenic shots

When you add lenses to the Fujis, its suprising how heavy they are for small cameras. Better image quality? A little, but not that much plus the Pen has a nicer EVF.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the iPhone 4S (90 comments in total)

Some blown highlights in the cream cheese on that beautiful sandwich. I assume the image was adjusted "to taste".

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Adam2: Yawn, these stunts seem to pop up now and again and one can shoot a wedding or other event with a pinhole camera but does that prove? I understand paying homage to history but these events are hardly newsworthy.

It's summer.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 sample gallery (229 comments in total)

These look just fine and I'm sure they would satisfy the vast majorty of people for whom photography is for making a record of their lives, family and friends.

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Exactly what I noticed the first time I used a Peak strap and it's clear in your photo of the GR.

The receptacles that thread through the eyelets are huge and the threads themselves are short. So when you grab your camera, a large plastic piece gets in the way of a secure grip. I told them this long ago and they wrote back, saying they would make some with longer pieces of thread.

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There is a third way. Between the "college photo course" discussion in this video and at the other extreme, engineers who count each increase in megapixels, you can look at photographs that have stood the test of time and ask, why?

For better or worse, the barrier to entry with digital cameras is so low that people can take photos first and figure out if it was worth doing, later. If you enjoy it and you have a credit card, go for it.

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SmilerGrogan: Doubleposted

It is not an inconsequential product. From here, it's a short distance to the Amazon Not-So Basics Flash for $99. Then come flash triggers, umbrellas and reflectors with Amazon advertising (I'd make them free), Amazon camera bags, soft boxes, flimsy tripods.... But it has to start somewhere.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1105 comments in total)

The sensor in this new camera isn't good enough for the price, period. If they can't put a sensor of at least 5D3 quality in this camera, Canon should buy from Sony or some other sensor maker. Or get out of this segment and start their full frame offerings with the 5D4. Given the D750's latest round of problems, maybe the $2000 FF SLR camera is cursed.

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To anyone who's worked in the photo industry, everything here is stunningly obvious. But it probably needs to be said, since so many people treat camera companies as people, worring about their health, thanking them for firmware that fixes problems that should not have occured, attacking their competitors, arguing over silly press releases about sales numbers. Unless you're buying a camera from a manufactuer with a really small market share, none of this matters.

What rarely gets "tested" or measured by anybody, including DPR is the entire picture of a brand. On time deliveries, repair service, repair frequency, customer service, loaner pool, size and frequency of rebates, etc. But some of this varies by region, and it's a lot easier to measure chromatic aberration.

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If it turns out to be reliable, a pair of these for $300 could be a nice low cost option.

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Any company that would acquire Calumet is obviously a company specializing in distressed merchandise and they're not going to spend a nickel they don't have to.

This is what the politicians casually refer to as "winners and losers" and unless they have a legal remedy, these folks are the losers.

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My money's on the Chinese. It's the name that has value; put it on a Panasonic lens and it's instant German precision. Leica licensing could be really lucrative, whereas you can only have so many commemorative titanium plated limited editions.

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PhotoKhan: Sample 1 - Yellow tint.
Sample 2- Magenta tint.
Sample 3 - Yellow tint.

A competitor for Foveon sensors, finally.

Foveon seems really advanced compared to this.

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