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When it can detect and correct subject movement between exposures and combine the files in the camera, Sony or whoever gets there first, will really have something.

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On article Canon got it right on International Women's Day (463 comments in total)

It's not all bad. At least Nikon didn't try anything with that stylish 100th anniversary logo.

Since it's a lot harder to be successful in professional photography than it is to take professional level photos, I don't see anything wrong with this, but many DPR readers disagree.

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Black tape would probably do the same thing but compared to icons like the Lenny Kravitz Leica or (i'm sorry to say, from my tenure with the firm) the Jesse Owens Leica, this one seems like something a photographer might use.

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The lesson here is that the only preson who gets to lob insults and make phony statements about a person or business without incurring any legal jeopardy, is the president.

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It's like the double bullet theory. These things probably happen all the time, now that you can take dozens or hundreds of shots at no cost. Google photos of Horseshoe Bend; they;re so similar you can almost stack them.

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Bruce Crossan: One of these images looks a little over-processed and the other a little under

So just stack them.

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MaxiMax: Typical brain dead leftists... I hope they get a nice fine.

Of course this has nothing to do with leftists or rightists, but it does show that the TSA was doing their job. Hopefully, the police and the courts will do their jobs, too.

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PPierre: I fear Canon is misled... The A7III is not a threat because it's a mirrorless camera, it is a threat because it potentially rivals the 5DmIV at a much lower price, with some great features Canon users can currently only dream of.

If Canon releases FF mirrorless cameras that have the same drawbacks as their current DSLRs (vs. the market), I fear they will just lose precious time and money that could be much better used on their DSLRs.

Canon could just make a 5DmkIV with top-notch 4K, top-notch DR and low-light performance, and well, maybe a hybrid EVF/OVF, and price it correctly (around $2500), and they wouldn't have to fear anyone. Whereas if they release a half-baked overpriced mirrorless FF, which I fear, they'll just end up losing their DSLR customers to Sony/Fuji.

It seems like a simple solution but I don't think Canon wants to put the money into this much development, pay top dollar for a sensor and then compete on price with Sony. Sony will take a loss to get a foot in the door.

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Isn't this obvious? A sale is a sale. They sell more cameras than anyone else. They'd like that to continue. If they can't get you to buy both an SLR and a mirrorless camera, they'll settle for one or the other but they would prefer it was one of theirs. A sale is a sale.

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Marty4650: Canon has one huge card up their sleeve.

They have the largest installed base of users. At least twice as many as anyone else has. This means more brand recognition, more legacy lenses, more of everything.

They don't need to follow the market, they could lead it if they wanted to. But obviously they would rather let others lead, then wait to see what happens, then jump in when they feel the time is right for them to do so.

But Kodak had a secret weapon: CEO Antonio Perez. This guy could put Amazon out of business. It would take time, but he could do it.

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$300 is fine but you're adding 5 elements, then shifting, and hoping for a result sharp enough for architectural photography. Anything's possible!

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User9362470513: Could Nikon not have provided an English translation alongside the cameras?

But there is English all over Yokohama, in train stations, shops, hotel lobbies. Anywhere a foreigner might go.

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dpfan32: Still expensive ... I probably have to buy the Canon 70-200 f4L in the end despite not having OIS

If the 70-200/4 IS Canon is not within your budget, I'd get the Tamron because with an f/4 lens having image stabilization is a real plus.

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entoman: Amazingly compact for a 100-400mm equivalent sports lens. Great move by Panasonic. Is this fully compatible with all functions of Olympus EM1 Mkii?

You'll be waiting a while for m43 to equal the quality of the current full frame cameras but in the meantime you can choose between somewhat less image quality vs. injuring yourself. (When you have both formats, it's a real dilemma deciding which choice you will regret more.)

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Retzius: Burnside? These lens names get more ridiculous everyday.

At the intersection of De-centered Drive and Blurry Boulevard.

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I would like to pair this with several of the new Canon robot flash units.

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Retzius: I hate opera.

It's not catchy like Milvius but it's memorable.

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cosinaphile: not gonna risk putting my lovely pen f on a usb tether for such a tiny amount of enhancement .... fears of bricking

Agreed. Still happily using firmware 1.0. The Pen already has too many features; why add more? Hardware can cause problems, but software is where the real pain lies.

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Now that they have enough lenses, they can sell a body like this for $2000 and make it back in lenses. This is exactly the right move, especially since they don't have to buy the sensor. I suspect Canon got wind of this and dropped the 6D to a grand, for those who just want full frame and already have lenses.

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Mayl: Can someone explain to me how is this a “basic” camera... sounds more like a good value pro-camera! Well done Sony! Competition is good, and Sony deserves our money!

If you feel Sony "deserves" your money, why not skip the camera and just write a check, as generous as possible, to Sony Corporation?

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