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Cameras like this are what makes Canon the biggest player. (Yes, this is Nikon but the point is the same.) Small, light, cheap, fun. While DPR readers argue over the thickness of anti-aliasing filters, the masses, people who don't claim to be professional photographers, buy cameras like this by the truckload. The only drawback is that there can't be much profit in cameras that net for $350 but that's not the customer's problem. If you're worried about Nikon's financial health, buy a Z model.

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Art-Photography: Another fact which Sony fanboys always try to avoid is:
Nikon designs it's own image sensors.

Inside the Nikon Sensor Design Lab:

If the sensor is great, who cares who makes it? And if it isn't, who cares who makes it?

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I want to see some memorable images from one camera that cannot be taken with the other, or with an SLR. Otherwise, just a battle of the spec sheets. Even the price could have been predicted, with Nikon wanting to be just a little higher than Sony, but not push their luck. And Canon will be lower priced than either, not quite as state of the art but perfectly adequate for most users.

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Threlly: Jeez....terrible...terrible clickbait.
What is DPR coming to ?

There haven't been any Sony articles for at least 3 days; maybe 4.

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An entry-level camera with "only" 24 megapixels. Put a good lens on it, it's light as a feather all many people need.

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jglaser757: This is Awesome news, A high in demand camera means that It can be sold at a premium(Hopefully it will be the same issue with the D850.).

Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get to pay more than list price.

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Now this is shocking news. I was talking to some industry friends and I said "you know they'll backorder, probably into next year for some, and claim they were overwhelmed by success, unable to meet the astronomical demand." The response I got was don't be so cynical.

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dual12: Adobe trying to force people to give them money...yet again. I haven't given them a dime since 2012.

When a user has no realistic options, their "choice" is not a sign of happiness.
The problem is complexity. Even if there was software vastly superior to Adobe, painless and free, users would still have millions of files, tags, sidecars, preferences, profiles, keywords, proprietary file formats and on and on. Only someone who truly loves software would want to start over from scratch.

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Frank_BR: Adobe is losing touch with the real world. No surprise if Adobe announces tomorrow that it will no longer support computers that work on the "older" 120V 60Hz power grids...

If Adobe understands society is being overwhelmed by needless complexity and change, why jump in? We are innudated by solutions looking for problems. Make it work, Adobe, then leave it alone. You'll get your money every month, regardless.

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On article Which is better: Nikon Z7 vs Sony a7R III (1530 comments in total)
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Sutlore: I'm looking forward to see productive conversions and comments here :)

The first mirrorless camera with 3 card slots gets my money.

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TORN: Lenses on mirrorless are closer to the body and thus do not drag down so much?
If you put a lens of the same size on a dslr and on a smaller mirrorless, they both have exactly the same „distance“ to the body. But since the mirrorless is slimmer and leighter and usually has the worse grip, you can feel the pull of heavy lenses much more and you have less grip to compensate.

Buy a scale. They're useful for other stuff as well, like selling last year's digital camera on eBay while it still has value.

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fPrime: Skip the introductory fluff and start at 10:00 minutes in where Rishi has to address criticism of the AF. The body language behind the words is classic!

Please. Space age polycarbonate beer cans.

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sop51: Interesting conversation. Most tech writing today is just integrated marketing and communication, more like publicists releasing press copy, but this honestly addresses several issues that have come up here in recent days. I just wish all the disputatious trolls would take their stupid arguments elsewhere.

If there's one thing I hate, it's disputation! I like the DPR pieces the manufacturer pays for, and the comments are disabled.

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Elonlukatski: The magic of the new Nikon is the Z mount. This will be paying huge dividends as the lenses come out. Nikon will be a one to design and build lenses with far superior optics to anything Sony can do with their smaller mount. We don’t know what Canons has coming but they might be in the same minutes boat as Sony. The things people are so upset over right now like the single card slot and maybe some focusing issue can easily be taken care of in firmware or in the next body. I think we will see a more robust Pro body with dual cards slots coming when the Pro 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 lenses come out. Nikon will be working in the firmware right now for the Z6 Z7 cameras.

The new lenses will indeed be great. They'll have to be, and priced accordingly. And just imagine how large they'll be with state of the art performance and the much larger lensmount. Like Sigma Art lenses, only a little shorter.

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baggy1: As a former Nikon user for 20 years who now uses a Sony A7III, I would of gone back to Nikon just for love, if they had kept the autofocus the same and bunged in another card slot.My Sony hasn't given me an out of focus pic in 10,000 shots and all the settings are on defaults.I just tap eye af for people shots.Nikon fiddle with features to fit bodies into price points.I think those days are over,consumers are saying "just give us what you have got"
Also Sony makes XQD cards, the sensors, probably touch screens and EVF's too,and have always made pro broadcast camera's.They will always be ahead,in theory anyway.

If a Sony camera has a component not made by Sony, that's bad. If a Nikon camera has a component not made by Nikon (and in fact made by Sony) that's good.

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technotic: When will Canon be "brave"?

Not being brave has worked out a lot better for Canon than for Nikon.

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HP McGargo: "...a little shortsightedness?" Common now DPreview, you expect Nikon to share the new lens mount technologies with third parties? Who in their right mind would give away the largest income producer for an ILC manufacturer?? In due time perhaps but to give away that source of revenue before the first camera is sold is insane. Also take issue with Dpreviw's lecturing Nikon on what they should do. As though this place has become the paragon of corporate strategy, no, you're not.

Fair enough, but Nikon has not been a paragon of corporate strategy either. Their handling of defects, lengthly backorders and alienating owners of gray market products being just three obvious examples.

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babart: Swell. Now I wish DPR would be a bit braver when it comes to innovating designs by other camera manufacturers. Nine separate articles, several videos, and a photo gallery? What's next, an interview with the design team and the first customer to purchase one in Japan? Agreed that Nikon makes excellent equipment, but your "coverage" of the Z models seems a bit over done. Sort of like current political reporting in the U.S.

I want to see a video that shows how to open the box. Love those. Then it's back to news about Sony. It's been 3 or 4 days with no articles about Sony.

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I think it would have made more sense to partner wiskey with a product like Lens Baby or in this price range maybe a Thambar.

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I don't think Nikon made these Z cameras to solict opinions on how to make mirrorless cameras. I believe they were hoping (praying) that everyone would say "Hits the nail on the head; I wouldn't change a thing." So the damning with faint praise is ominous.

As for not welcoming the use of off-brand lenses, there are two explanations. The one I'm surprised they haven't pushed (yet) is that Brand X might break your camera. But the most likely explanation is that at the lens prices they are asking, given the chance, people will go elsewhere. As a college student, I had 2 Nikon F bodies and a bag full of Vivitar lenses.

Finally, there is timing. The economy won't go on like this forever, and soon all mail order in the USA will have to collect tax. Nikon needs to get the Z system shipped and established quickly.

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