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What a revealing interview. And DPR pieced this together from multiple sources. One has to wonder why Nikon won't even disclose how long they've been working on the camera. I suppose a question like, Does the F body you have on display still work? would go unanswered as well.

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Will Murray: Great images and article, Erez.

I'd love to see A LOT more of this sort of thing here. After all, it's ultimately about photography...

I agree (and any brand of camera would have worked fine with a subject like this) but this site is ultimately about buying cameras. In the past, there were photography magazines that contained mostly photos. They were never as successful as photo magazines that were really about cameras.

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ANAYV: Firs t off..Excellent shots ! Well done, especially coming from a landscape shooter !..
But no..we are not related. They only look a bit like us and facial expressions can be similar.
Can they speak..?
Can they sing?

They may look similar, but they are so many , many miles apart...created as a lower species than mankind. Man's creative thinking ability far outmatches these primates, as does the many ways we can communicate (though at the rate we are going these days...they are not far behind, lol) and express ourselves.

Most of their time involves fending for food, and eating ..limited creation.....man spends much more time doing many other things (some bad, unfortunately).

My 6 year old niece can communicate and express herself in many more ways than the oldest of these amazing creatures.

Don't let looks fool you...we didn't come from them......they would not be here anymore...we would of became what they were...according to some beliefs out there.

Just sayin

We can match them for body odor so that's something we have in common.

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Is the left side of the photo that leads this article an example of how great Sony sensors are at handling highlights?

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Well, given the size of his organization (1) he certainly is more efficient than Adobe.

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Fat Finger: “The anti-aliasing filter appears to be a bit stronger in the Z6 than the A7 III”
I have changed the image type to raw and there is zero difference in image between the two. Which would suggest simply diff in jpeg default processing , not hardware.

Maybe the AA filter is and example of the "crippling" Nikon users complain about other brands. As with the extra cost D800E.

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princecody: Better to buy this or rumored EM1X?

Just make sure you buy something. Even if the rumor is backordered, keep buying. The industry needs you.

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Focus Shift Shooting: I'm having trouble understanding a 89% score with a camera that has banding problems, bad low-light AF, as well as the 1 slot and the battery juice issue. Remember 89% is supposed to suggest that this camera is everything the D850 was when it came out. Except the D850 had none of those problems and was sold out for a year because it was the best camera ever made.

I think that perhaps DPReview should revisit the D850 and increase that score to 96%, because at the time it was just about everything under the sun done right.

The Z7 is a very good camera, and not much more was hoped for out of the gate into the Mirrorless FF realm for Nikon. But it's no D850. It does not warrant an 89%.

Good points but why is it always necessary to imply that the fact the camera was backordered had something to do with the quality of the camera? This is fan talk, and by that standard the Nikon DL is the greatest camera ever made because it's impossible to get.

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I think this is a nice idea. I was there when they did away with the script and went to blank top plates, and like the old Nippon Kogaku/Topcon/Olympus logos with the lens elements, you didn't realize how distinctive it was until they took it away.

Never cared for the red dot; it reminded us of the lapel pins and everybody had a drawer full of those. In the end, the customer decides. Some people want to advertise what they have, others don't.

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Anulu: A7R3 gave 90pp from DPR, what has:
vastly better AF and tracking
much more native lenses,
3rd party native lenses,
two card slot,
bigger buffer,
faster fps without AE lock,
much better batterylife,
doesn't banding,
has 2 more command dials,

That's all is only 1point difference, this is just ridiculous DPR :D

I'll bet most Nikon employees couldn't make a list like this but they can cut and paste this summary and keep it by the phone.

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G Master: The only good I see from this new wave of MILC is the prices for excellent dslrs going down.

Why? The whole point of this was supposed to be that mirrorless costs less to make. If mirrorless users think they're getting more, everybody comes out ahead.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4484 comments in total)

Amazing how quickly these reviews can get done if need be. The silver award might sting a bit, but it makes the D850 look even more attractive and I don't think Nikon will be terribly upset if users buy a D850 instead.

Know what would really be a hoot? Give the EOS R a gold award. Kidding! Just kidding.

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On article Gallery update: The Nikon Z7 goes wrestling (223 comments in total)

Whatever camera, these are more interesting and informative than pictures of the Space Needle or the fish market.

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On article DPReview TV: Crop sensor, pro body cameras (503 comments in total)

Without watching the video, you already know the APS cameras produce technically better images than m43. The difference isn't that much and probably wouldn't be an issue in a blind test, but the bigger difference is the size and weight of entire outfits.

The Fuji with a single slow prime lens is a jewel and a great reason not to go full frame. But when they mention in passing the 100-400 or the eagerly awaited 200 f/2, this is not stuff you want to tote around if you can avoid it. On on hot day in Australia, I saw a guy on a walking tour trying to keep up while working with his Fuji system, out of a rolling bag.

Also, I wish DPR would find out what the resistance is to in-body stabilization. I'm guessing it's a licensing issue ($) but like sensors that shake to remove dust, it's such a good idea, everybody should adopt it.

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On article DPReview TV: Crop sensor, pro body cameras (503 comments in total)
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samfan: I have 4 cameras but only 2 hands! What do I dooo?!


Make a demo video for DP Review.

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cheetah43: Did a greater percentage of photographers than today - both amateur and pro - wear Leicas around their necks in the film era? Probably. The reason may well be the much more affordable high quality competition that has become so much stiffer due to the digital technology. Buy the sensors from Sony, get able programmers, and off you go. So Leica has decided not to care too much about their traditional clients mass; they have instead gone for the nouveaux riches. Leica has had its financial problems recently. Now one hears about their collaboration with Sigma and Panasonic. Has the Penny dropped at last? Leica has really been silly in mis-spending their precious resources. They ought to streamline their production processes, concentrate on those models that have been praised and admired, at least halve their prices and perhaps see more of their products around the necks of photo enthusiasts.

Dentist users is slightly inaccurate but doctors and attorneys is spot on. Even a few who were both! Some of the most interesting and highly educated people I ever met. I never figured out if it was exposure to Leitz microsopes in med school, but for whatever reason, docs loved Leica. We had this joke that dentists weren't as creative because they were a much smaller percentage of the users.

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Photoman: "The Sky Is Falling!"

I wonder where else drones could fall from.

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Firmware or no, with this many suggested improvements, the next step seems obvious. They introduce an upgraded body that is more customizable and offers the requested features (except maybe in-body stabilization, which they seem to resist.)

EOS-R mk II costs a little more, while at the same time EOS-R mk I drops way down in price. Suddenly, all the shortcommings of v.1 become minor annoyances that are easily dealt with. And Canon has gotten a great learning experience from the first model.

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golfhov: Well done Nikon! Also thanks Roger

Roger doesn't sell (new) cameras, doesn't get trips to Hawaii and surely doesn't care which one you rent. His findings are literally nuts and bolts. What you can expect in terms of practical results and reliability, even with the wear and tear of multiple users who don't necessarily treat the gear as if it was their personal property.

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Good to know, since Nikon really can't afford to make a mistake.

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