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TW14: should have bought the stock a year ago. Big miss.

Yup. Like Netflix, it's self-sustaining. They make you pay every month (at least Netflix gives you something new each month) but the stock pays for the subscription.

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ZeBebito: Canon executives seem to enroll at the "Kodak business school".

Of course there is no comparison in any way between the companies. But even if this made sense, I'd say Canon is doing a bit better with cameras than Kodak is doing with film and paper.

Link | Posted on Mar 18, 2018 at 19:17 UTC

A very different interview from the others. First, these guys are older. Then there are the things they are focused on. Some boring items:

High volume sales
Product position (DPR readers will see this as "crippling" but it's actually cost to include)
Cost of features
Ease of use
Lens mount
Reliability (mentioned twice)

Boring business details, all taken from this interview and it's why Canon is Canon. I don't expect them to "shake up the market" but whatever they come with will sell by the pallet load.

One thing that did suprise me was their understanding that cameras like 5D IV are actually bought by advanced amateurs. They don't care what a person calls themself; they care how many potential buyers there are for a product.

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They said the same thing when Samsung got into those flat screen TVs.

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shadowz: "Samsung wants to dethrone Sony, reach #1 in the global image sensor market"

......just like, how sony would like to dethrone canon /nikon in the camera/imaging market......not strange ..is it ..? ......

Nikon and Canon have a 50-year head start.

Link | Posted on Mar 17, 2018 at 18:53 UTC

The question nobody asks is, why? Sony is a business and presumably their goal is to make money.

Sony cameras are great. Mirrorless cameras are great. But every penny spent on sensor development has the potential for huge return without the need to spend anything on camera bodies, lens systems, trade shows, pro support, brand endorsers, "sponsored" videos, sales staff, advertising, distribution, repair facilities, software, firmware, rebates, product placement etc.

As if that wasn't enough, Sony can actually sell its sensors to all the camera manufacturers instead of competing with them.

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The shot in the cave or arch is very smoky; typically unrealistic and flat HDR.

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Now that's a long base rangefinder!

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They strap you in and hand you a knife to cut yourself free? That can't be true.

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Well, banzai. The only thing Canon can do to upset the innovation crowd more than making bland mirrorless cameras is to say they're getting serious about mirrorless cameras.

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ecka84: Cannibalism back in fashion? :)
When will "doing your best" be back in fashion?
When will "milking the consumer like there's no tomorrow" finally end? I mean, when will they start making tomorrow's cameras yesterday, instead of making yesterday's cameras tomorrow? I mean, the global shutter sensors are all over the news and Canon just started (barely) using on-chip ADC (not for 6D# users, of course, no no no :), you didn't deserve it, and you're about to be cannibalized by mirrorless anyways, which might have been the whole point, because crippled DSLRs are easier to swallow :D).

And stop forcing people to buy Canon cameras. It's not like we live in a world where you can choose what camera to buy.

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This small increase is just testing the water.

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FantasticMrFox: Oh, after five years the price is raised from $50 to $53. Oh, OH, mayhem, apocalypse, doom ...

Thank you, Mr. Fox. Obviously Adobe aimed too low and needs to take a bigger price increase to get your attention.

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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (552 comments in total)

That's not the only thing market share doesn't tell you. It doesn't tell you about reliability, customer service, tech support, repair turnaround, loaner availability, availability of repair in foreign countries. Stuff like that.

Sony has made this a horse race. Used to be Nikon was big, Canon was bigger, everyone else hanging by a thread. But if Sony has a good quarter, they turn it into a media event and from a user's point of view it makes no difference at all.

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armanius: So for Nikon and Sony, a customer can spend $25K in their stuff, and still not qualify to the premium services, simply because photography is not their profession. Bummer for "amateur" Nikon and Sony users.

What would really be good would be committing to enough service staff to give everyone timely service.

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On article Pro Services: Are they worth it? (151 comments in total)

Ironically, the worse the standard service is, the more value to the "pro" option. Some brands' standard turn is really good. Then there are the brands where the service department is swamped and these plans are a necessity.

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When it can detect and correct subject movement between exposures and combine the files in the camera, Sony or whoever gets there first, will really have something.

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On article Canon got it right on International Women's Day (463 comments in total)

It's not all bad. At least Nikon didn't try anything with that stylish 100th anniversary logo.

Since it's a lot harder to be successful in professional photography than it is to take professional level photos, I don't see anything wrong with this, but many DPR readers disagree.

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Black tape would probably do the same thing but compared to icons like the Lenny Kravitz Leica or (i'm sorry to say, from my tenure with the firm) the Jesse Owens Leica, this one seems like something a photographer might use.

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The lesson here is that the only preson who gets to lob insults and make phony statements about a person or business without incurring any legal jeopardy, is the president.

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