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framboulatos: How about we don't post his bland blathering when he has nothing to say?

How about this: "We have new cameras coming for Photokina that will blow the doors off what we're selling now!" Add in a road map of lenses that aren't available yet, and you've got a smart strategy.

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Marty4650: In typical fashion, Olympus refuses to be greedy.

Leica would have doubled their price for a special edition camera, but Olympus only charges $250 more. Then, out of guilt, throws in a more expensive kit lens lowering the effective price increase to only $150,

This is why Olympus can never be Leica. They just aren't greedy enough!

And by the way, the brown leather really does look nice...

The price is very reasonable. Maybe they think this is much as they can get away with and still move 3500.

To really be like Leica, Olympus needs to commemorate an important event in history, like the 127th anniversary of Estonia.

Long live the O product!

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On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (479 comments in total)

Yes, there are cameras for every situation. The problem is, there isn't one camera for every situation. I'm still using my G1X because I can't find anything smaller that doesn't leave me wishing I had brought a bigger camera (have had three RX100 Sonys.)

There are pocket cameras that don't fit in your pocket. There are compact cameras that require un-compact additional viewfinders. There are cameras with Leica and Zeiss lenses that produce good but not great quality due to small sensors and extensive software correction at wide angle settings. And there are compacts that require you to carry two cameras if you want both wide angle and telephoto.

Yes, the technology is amazing but as you point out, like all electronics, they are replaced by better models within a year. And since compact cameras should, in theory, appeal to everybody, a lot of these are pretty expensive for someone who could probably get by with a phone.

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halfwaythere: I just find so funny how Canon simply slapped Nikon in the face.

The G7x II is smaller, has a longer focal range and maintains a larger aperture through it compared to the DL24-85. Back to the drawing board Nikon.

DxO will say the Nikons are rated 88 and the Canon 79 but the picture quality, especially from a sensor this size, will be about the same. Silver awards all around or maybe gold for the 18mm.

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On article Macphun offers Aurora HDR Pro 3-month payment plan (39 comments in total)

How about "Pay What It's Worth" software? Download it and if it doesn't screw up your computer, pay what you think its worth. I'm kidding. Sort of.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (315 comments in total)

If I get all 3 of them it should hold me until something better arrives at Photokina. But am I correct that the sensor in these is smaller than the sensor in my $300 Coolpix A? I know, sensor size makes no difference, especially if you own a Sony but I still think bigger is better.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL compacts (315 comments in total)
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Jennyhappy2: Nikon hit the ball out of the ballpark! Seems most were not expecting much out of Nikon but the combination that they provided with these three cameras is quite impressive.

Requiring 2 or 3 cameras to do the job doesnt' seem that impressive (although I don't know a better way to do it) but I want to see what they are able to squeeze out of this sensor before deciding Nikon has made some kind of breakthrough.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)
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LFPCPH: Not knowing what CP+ is I googleed pictures of it. It seems to be a convention for female Asian photomodels.

Unfortunately, no.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)
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FantasticMrFox: This camera would be a nightmare to handle for anyone whose right eye doesn't work properly (like me). Put your left eye to the viewfinder and you won't be able to reach any of the controls on the right side of the body. You'd hardly be able to hold it comfortably and press the shutter.

How can a company which continue to pump out some of the best lenses on the planet take one of the best sensors there is and put it into an abomination like this?! It almost seems like they are desperately trying not to sell cameras.

Realistically, they are not a camera company. As for the Foveon itself, if it was without significant drawbacks, Sigma would never have had the opportunity to buy the company.

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1060 comments in total)
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lemonadedrinker: That is a fine looking camera and I'm tempted to say it's nearly as fine as my Nex 7, but that would be cheeky.
What interests me more is how many 'styles' of black and white picture taking there are? You can set up different degrees of contrast and sharpness on all of these cameras of course, but the thought of being able to do your own set-up covering more parameters is interesting to think about..for instance, that beautiful Kodak paper with the slightly toned look etc and a Bill Brandt effect. Endless.
Anyway, a lovely camera; well done, Olympus.

Haven't read the basic photo series in years but now I'll have to look. Maybe pre-visualization came from Minor White. Or maybe Fred Picker who was a sort of Digilloyd back in the day.

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rjjr: Has Sigma improved the high ISO performance of their sensors over the last iteration?

An interesting argument. The Foveon is too noisy to use above 400-500 but since nobody else is trying, that somehow makes the noise less noticeable.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2016 at 17:30 UTC

I think a corner is missing, but other than that, I'm very curious how the images look. I still dust off the old DP1 once in a while. Its an oddball, but the lens is very sharp and the Foveon just adds to that.

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Sonyshine: I think these cameras just illustrate how confused Nikon is and how it confuses its customers too.

Why three cameras? Hoping 1 out of 3 will be a hit?

Why are none truly pocketable like the RX100?

If Nikon is going to copy the RX100 at least include a built in EVF!

What does it say about Nikon 1 cameras? Why is a J5 with kit lens cheaper than any of these ?

Why high spec fast lenses here and slower lenses for 1 system?

Sorry Nikon. You are just muddling along without any clear direction - AGAIN!

Too expensive to build the finder in. The customer buys the camera and the finder comes later, on the installment plan. If these Nikons are sharp in the corners at the widest settings (meaning 18mm or 24mm), this would be something Sony does not have (although people don't seem to mind.)

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Tieu Ngao: Please stop complaining or whining. There will never be a perfect camera for everyone. Therefore having more choices is always a good thing. The whole industry is declining and we should appreciate the fact that the manufacturers are really working hard.

Good point. A fairly expensive small camera that requires 2 cameras to get to 85mm is not quite the perfect camera. If they're good, some people will buy both.

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jpeghorror: The pedants are out as usual, boring everyone with their twaddle.

In the world of urban photography, these discreet little wonders with their super-fast AF are going to kick ass, EVF or not.

When Canon makes the viewfinder separate (obviously to knock $200 off the price) its sacrilege. When Nikon sells the finder as a separate piece, its a savvy, cutting edge idea. But that's the nature of Nikon fans.

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Cameracist: Want the 18-50. But I am not sure if it outweights my lust for Ricoh GR...

Certainly a low DxO score is no cause for concern. Speaking of Nikon, Thom Hogan has an excellent write up on DxO's "methodology" this week.

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GabrielZ: So Nikon are taking a page out of the Sigma book for multiple variations of the same camera with different lenses.

Its the only way to get decent lens performance and f/1.8. Problem is, three pocket cameras = one bigger camera.

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Nathan8: Am I the only one that thinks the DL24-500 looks a bit too ugly...?

The G3X is a monstrosity, agreed but I'd like to know how BarnET got these new Nikons to test so quickly. Even Ken Rockwell has only had his for a couple months.

Link | Posted on Feb 23, 2016 at 19:11 UTC

Let the engineers focus on counting the pixels. What I want to know is can they get the noise under control? I don't need ISO 400,000 but a clean ISO 800 would be nice.

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The VR makes these interesting. With VR, if it turns out to be soft at 18mm (or 24mm) you can just stop down. Those who shoot bokeh portraits at 18mm won't take that approach but for that, a little softness might be a good thing.

P.S. I know DPR is totally independent from Amazon but why do the three huge Amazon pre-order blocks all say the same thing? How does one get a DL 24-500 with a 18-50 lens?

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