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Its funny to read this because anyone who's ever studied photography knows about Ansel microwaving the prints to check for dry-down. But maybe its worthwhile, to show to today's photographers how much effort it used to take to get to a great image.

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Nice. If your idea of a nice carbon tripod is a Chinese knock-off, the price will seem unimaginable. But if you're comparing to a really good tripod like Gitzo or RRS, this FLM looks quite reasonable. And unlike your camera, you don't replace your tripod every other year.

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mosc: Technology is one thing but cmon curmudgeons. There's no way you don't look at a camera with dials for shutter, ISO, aperture, exposure, and still have a dial under your finger to use for whatever else you can desire and not start to drool. I'm starting to feel like the camera is more about the enjoyment I get out of using it and all the dials and big EVF really make it fun to USE, not just fun to look at the pictures that come out afterwards.

There are two generations here; folks who want as many features as possible, with as many buttons and menus as possible...and people who want the technology under the hood, with exterior designs going back to what worked in the first place. Maybe someone will make a camera you use for 20 years, that doesn't require a battery.

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jl_smith: So I did a short comparison between an X-T2 setup and a D750, since someone mentioned one could just buy a D750 for 'these prices'. Of course you cannot *DIRECTLY* compare FF and APS-C (insert equivalence blah blah blah) but I came close. Also, this is an older camera vs a new X-T2, so prices are skewed a bit.

For those curious - took the prices and stats from B&H:
D750 w/ 35mm f/1.8, 70-200 f/4, and 16-35
bulk:215 in^3

X-T2 w/ 23/1.4, 50-140/2.8, 10-24
Bulk:162 in^3

So with the Fuji setup you pay 1.6% more in cost, for 82% of the weight and 75% of the bulk (volume) of the Nikon. Specs you all can compare for yourselves (video differences, OVF vs EVF, whatever).

Then there are the intangibles: control preferences, after-release support of camera, battery longevity, etc.

I prefer Fuji ;)
Others may prefer Nikon.

Good to have choices.

Interesting comparison. Both these outfits are heavy (bring on macho comments) but if you're going to carry all this stuff, why go with a smaller sensor? I don't fault Fuji; if you want lenses of this quality, they will be heavy.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2673 comments in total)

If you want a Pentax mount and/or pixel shift, this is a sweet camera. Otherwise, I think I'd wait to see if this camera triggers a Pentax revival. The rest of the unique features don't strike me as very useful (like new Photoshop features) but the list is long, the price is low and the images look great. Hopefully, Ricoh will continue the Pentax/Olympus tradition of being a bit more affordable than Nikon/Canon, for EU consumers.

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On article Pentax K-1 real-world sample gallery (144 comments in total)

Nice photos, but as far as I can tell, the pixel shift is the only thing that sets these images apart. So you have to be knowledgable enough about cameras to appreciate pixel shift, yet willing to roll the dice on a Pentax system. The night shot of Mt. Saint Helens is cool but so much has been done to it, it seems that the camera is almost secondary.

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On article Meyer-Optik Goerlitz launches 3-element 95mm F2.6 (124 comments in total)

If they made a triplet that performs well on a 60mp camera, then its worth $1700. Its also a miracle.

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Hopefully, this will be easy to defeat.

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On article The price is right: Canon EOS Rebel T6 / 1300D Review (421 comments in total)

Ohmygosh, just 18 megapixels. How will a beginner get by on that? And since the lens is soft (this being the real, substantial, drawback) maybe having less than 25mp is a good thing. Probably a good, cheap body for infrared conversion, too.

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I'll donate, but only if they agree to develop the film in Panthermic 777. Or maybe use those little bottles of FR X-22.

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Um, that's a good observation that Sony is probably concentrating their resources on producing their most popular models. They're pretty sharp at Sony, I guess.

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Didn't they recently identify the couple kissing in Times Square on VJ Day? We really are in the information age, if you live long enough.

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razadaz: A lot of people posting information here about their preference for DSLR design are not really listened to. I like many can see the obvious advantages of mirrorless but perhaps the downsides are not so obvious. Even Hasselblad say Mirrorless is 'probably' the future, implying that there are still downsides to the design. Mirrorless may well be the future, but that future might be further off than we think. When the Kodak/Nikon DCS 400 digital camera was introduced in 1994 many of us thought it was all going to change now. In reality it took many years.

When you sell both mirrorless and non-mirrorless, you say (obviously) that each has its advantages.

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villagranvicent: "Mirrorless is 'probably' the future" Really? That's the news of the century. Sounds like some Canon representative talking.

Canon sells a lot of cameras. When they say mirrorless is the way to go, it will be.

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (805 comments in total)
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FD: Body is great design :-)
It reminds me of my old Hassy SWC.
Never going to buy this, but hey YOU can ;-)

I'd like to see a medium format digital wide angle that performs like the SWC.

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Earth Art: What year will it be when camera companies stop using the letter "D" to let us know the product is one of those new digital doohickies? LoL

Or is the fascination with the D some sort of Freudian subplot?

It will happen when they stop using "X" like the X-Files. Although I don't think the Europeans will ever give up the little "i"

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (805 comments in total)
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PanoMax: It probably will compare favorably with the yet to be released Sigma Quattro H, which has approximately the same resolution. But, I consider the images captured with the Foveon® sensor to exceed in detail those captured with the Hasselblad. We shall wait and see and compare.

DPR readers want ISO 1,000,000,000,000. Try that with a Foveon sensor. (I'm happy with ASA 400).

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On article Rare Nikon 1200mm F11 pops up on eBay (120 comments in total)

It's a game changer for sure.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)
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Photomonkey: As others have noted this really is a brilliant achievement by Hasselblad.
A clean sheet design incorporating the heritage of leaf shutter Hasselblad lenses and the latest mirrorless design.
They have created a beautiful minimalist design as a platform for a new line of lenses that build on their heritage of superb optics.
The pricing is a breakthrough and was presaged by Pentax's success with moderately priced MF in their 645z.
Hasselblad realized that the demand for moderately priced MF was real and they committed to a camera that arguably is one of the best possible MF iteration today.

Its small size will and good price will attract a new generation to MF that will find new ways to use this format. I am certain that Hasselblad will follow up with more lenses and most likely TS and other specialty lenses that will make this a must have camera for many pros and other enthusiasts.

Can you imagine what a TS lens would cost for this?

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)

I give them credit for their timing. With nothing else going on at this time of year, they'll get a lot of free advertising. They may sell enough to be a success, in Hasselblad terms. I expect a lot of people will rent these.

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