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These statistics are fun and no doubt helped by bundling broadcast and medical, but how much are they spending on R&D just to get to where they are now? If cameras were a fantastic business it might make sense to throw money at them.

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On article How do you know you need a new camera? (410 comments in total)

Well said and and yeah, the D700 remains an excellent camera. Unless the new camera enables you to do something the older one could not do, it's just an update, not an upgrade.

It's also important to remember DPR readers are camera fans whereas the general public is less so. For example, I don't even know what model iPhone I have but it allows me to make and receive calls, so replacing it would not be an upgrade.

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When you don't make it, you are at the mercy of the people who do make it.

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Lars101x: 80% seems high for this.

See, that's the problem. DPR keeps harping on how the thing takes really good pictures. That's got to count for something. There are comments here saying it should receive 75%, instead of 80% as if that makes any difference. Why not 77%?

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On article Nikon reshuffles management structure (244 comments in total)

Dedicating the Research & Development Division to research and development sounds like a savvy move to me.

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davesurrey: A CEO once said that when he took over from the previous CEO he'd been told 3 envelopes had been left in his desk that he should open when things got difficult.

So when the first problem arose he opened the first envelope and read "blame the previous staff", which he did.

Then when the next crisis struck he open the second envelope which read "reorganise."

Finally when the reorganisation didnt work he opened the last envelope which read " prepare 3 envelopes for your successor."
Such is corporate life.😂

That is a fabulous (and wise) story. Blame whomever was there before you. Works in politics too.

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P Hartung: I came here for my daily article on the Sony A9 and got nothing. Damn...

It's a letdown, no question. Maybe Monday.

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Carl: The Sony 12-24/4 is produced in China, while the equivalent Sigma is produced in Japan. Doesn't this mean lower production costs for Sony? Why does this not reflect in a lower customer price?

The quality may be fine, but obviously it's considerably cheaper to manufacture in China. Otherwise, why do it?

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Conrad567: Seems that most of the film dinosaurs are on the cusp of extinction. With the exception of FujiFilm who had the foresight to start manufacturing everything from copiers, to medical imaging, to digital cameras. Unfortunately even NIKON appears to have misjudged the market and his hurting in a huge way.

This was mostly true, even in film's glory days. Medical and scientific products that have high markups and require little hand-holding, support cameras. Occasionally, a camera is hot for a short period but it's never steady money like microscopy, enodoscopy or in Leitz' case, precision measuring instruments.

I've always suspected the Leica pros who are actually doctors, became familiar with the brand in medical school. Of course the cameras are a separate boutique brand these days, with unique business that just may survive as the rich get richer. But when Leitz was Leitz, there was some serious tension between photo and "Micro" as it was known. That's one of the reasons the Passport unconditional lifetime warranty went on the chopping block.

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So many hidden features. Great for those of us who love surprises.

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The photos are great and these guys oviuously took great pride in their work. I wonder how many people it takes to perform the equivalent functions on a modern newspaper? I'll be these guys were replaced at a rate of 5:1 or greater thanks to technology.

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kreislauf: Many people today would use their f2/100s, f1. 2/85s or f1.4/50s on their pro-am camera to blur out everything but a single detail.
Glad that these images have a huge DOF

That depth of field is how life went on, without autofocus.

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Ken Aisin: Please keep Lightroom a standalone product. I want to own my tools, not rent them.

1000s of pounds of what? A Photoshop upgrade every other year wasn't that expensive.

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Pavel Muller: I am unlikely to go with this lens, mainly because I now tend to use M43 system and I leave my Nikon 800 and its lenses home. However, I like the idea of a slower lens that is still superb optically. This lens does not seem to be optically superb (but it seems good), has no tripod collar (even though it may need it more than faster lenses) and it has no tripod collar (again, important with a lens of this length). I have been saying for quite a while, that having slower, smaller lenses that are otherwise on par with their heavier, bulkier and pricier brethren would be very desirable. I do like my svelte Nikon 70-200 f/4 that is in all respect but speed comparable to pricier and heavier 70-200 f/2.8. I wish there were the whole lines of slower, smaller lighter lenses. This Sigma is a somewhat flawed example of what I am looking for.

I agree. Slower and lighter.

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On article Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF gallery and first impressions (318 comments in total)
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Vit Adamek: How does it compare to my old Canon FD 100m F2.8? :-D

What's the price difference between the two?

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If you're going to deal with Profoto, shaving a pound with a small camera is the least of your worries. Perhaps Olympus got some much-needed money out of this (or worse, they didn't) but it's a shame you can't just buy a full-function flash trigger from Phottix or similar. With all the "pro" talk, the manufacturers start believing their own hype.

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cosinaphile: well ill be doing the upgrade for my pen f , but im not excited

what is this gonna do that will rock my world......help me if im missing something here

not looking forward to the tethering nonsense necessary for oly firmware upgrades...
touch that usb cable the wrong way and you've got a nice brick

If there's nothing of interest, skip the update. That's as low risk as it gets.

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virtualreality: Firmware updates are overrated, somehow they are always announced when no real products are on the way.

And they're too expensive! That's why I'm dissatisfied.

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SungiBr: That's the second camera company that's dennying a Nikkei report.
Seem's like Nikkey's articles are starting to get to much gossip and less so informative.

Much ado about nothing. Fans, again.

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Gesture: Interesting dynamics in the photo industry, as Pentax has brought forth quality product since Ricoh involvement and Panasonic has some of the most interesting, less like others platforms in a me-too industry. Getting EVFs in compacts so well is just one example. GH platform, of course, another. If I were doing Vlogging as a semi-living, the GH and GX (?) models would be of interest to me.

Why would you want to be a Pentax employee?

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