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Put this out there at $59 and people will make the effort to switch from LR and start learning a new application. Functionally, it may be worth more, but that's assuming people aren't already using a competing product.

Link | Posted on Nov 9, 2017 at 18:55 UTC as 50th comment
On article Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month (359 comments in total)

Not a Sigma fan but if they can drive prices down, that's a good thing.

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Everythingis1: The market is squeezing everything into the high end, which leaves 4/3rds ilc's in a very weird spot competing with much larger sensor cameras. The added value of video capabilities is really starting to diminish, but it's the only way to charge this kind of money for this size of sensor. This sensor size makes the most sense for point and shoot, where are the high end fixed lens cameras with these sensors??

That's why I bought a Pen. The small sensors have gotten very good--much better than you would guess, even if you are used to full frame--but if the camera and lens aren't small, why deal with a small sensor?

Canon, who as we all know, never innovates has managed to put APS sensors in some very small cameras.

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Where were these guys when we needed them?

Maybe it's not so silly. When you buy something digital, its obsolete within a year or two. But analog is already obsolete, so the value and utility of the product won't depreciate over time.

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leoberaldo: As mentioned, only a very small part of the market was served by the brand's official channel. The majority of users buy their equipment through sellers who offer better prices (often because there is tax evasion in these operations).

Sony and Canon operations were cited as similar, but this is false. Canon, in Brazil since 1974, sells a much larger product portfolio (projectors, cameras, printers). It also has a factory in Manaus, which allows it to offer better prices for their products. Sony is the same case.

Nikon for years was represented by a company called T Tanaka. That changed when in 2011 the brand set up this operation, in order to expand its market share and also serve as the basis for the Olympic Games in Rio, which were sponsored by them.

So, there is some speculation in the comments below. Other elements need to be taken into account. Associating the closure of a small operation (in a tough environment) with the end of a brand seems to me an exaggeration.

Thanks. Interesting to hear from people who know something about the situation.

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IdM photography: Nikon are stopping DIRECT sales in Brazil... not stopping sales... Does Nikon have direct sales in the USA or in Europe? No...

Nikon sells any way they can and that's part of the problem. When you see gray cameras at 2/3 the price of the "official" import, it's not like the seller built the cameras. Through some channel, Nikon Japan made them available to somebody at a low price. Why? Because they need to move inventory and a sale is a sale.

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On article Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 sample gallery (214 comments in total)

As undercorrected lenses go, it really is pretty nice. It should do well since it's something the doctors and dentists don't already have in their kits.

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MirkoK: lot's of people here unable to purchase the camera/back ranting about it

They should feel guilty making comments when they can't even afford a $63,000 digital camera.

Link | Posted on Nov 7, 2017 at 04:01 UTC

More like Malcom Forbes or Steve Forbes.

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NottsPhoto: Come back to me with a paradigm shift.

Game changers are a dime a dozen.

It's hard to beat a good paradigm shift but a steep learning curve comes close.

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I think I see what's going on. Brazil is a high tax country so people buy gray. Nikon Brazil does not want to pay for warranty service on cameras they did not sell in the first place. Since Brazil is not the United States, they probably don't allow the official distributor to refuse service on un-official cameras, so Nikon is saying despedida.

The problem with this strategy is Nikon users will suffer, but that's Nikon. No camera company has had more difficulty with gray policy. But that's because other manufacturers have tended to look the other way, figuring a sale is a sale.

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (769 comments in total)

The gold award seems a bit much, but when you change the emphasis of a review from praising a camera's DxO score to whether the pictures look good and is the camera fun to use, I can see how you'd get such a favorable conclusion.

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Spad16: Looks like you still haven't quite got it about the Slide. The Capture is a nice enough mount for a GoPro, I have one, it works fine, but is a bit uncomfortable, I'm sure the new one will be better.

But it's the Slide thats important, it's simply the best camera strap there is. The reason for it's greatness, that you never mention is the slippery material, and probably the anchor points contribute too. I can't really see the point of attaching to the bottom of the camera, maybe somebody else does. The brilliance of the idea is that you attach the strap on the ordinary side strap attachments, and it works like an ordinary camera strap, except it never sticks, you can get the camera up to your eye in an instant, thats why it's called slide, it slides!

And, if you use it as a shoulder strap, it slides right off your shoulder.

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On article Canon EF-M 22mm F2 STM sample gallery (176 comments in total)

Some nice photos that show what you can do with an affordable lens.

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Mystic38: late breaking news.. spend over $3k on a camera body and its good.

If statistics took pictures, Canon would sell fewer cameras.

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lylejk: This is BS; as soon as you broadcast information to the masses, you no longer own it. Now if it's a screenshot of a logo and that person wants to use a logo for their own company and such, then possibly this is a copyright issue, but if the screenshot's of a crime that was reported on, then the information is not public domain. :)

As a pratical matter, once you put it out there, you lose it unless you can afford to sue. I'm not an attorney (that would be Perry Mason, not Marshall Dillon) but a company the size of CBS suing anybody for $150k is pretty weird. Sounds more like the Time Tunnel.

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fnannini: Shouldn't they just shoot it down? What a waste of time!

In the U.S. we have so many guns, the bullets aimed at the drone would collide with other bullets.

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mostlylost: There are now, I have read, technologies to allow security personnel in restricted areas to take control of or force down drones. Considering the seriousness of the issue and the tendency of some people to ignore regulations and common sense, I suspect the use of such technologies will become common place. And I hope soon :)

What is to stop bad guys from buying a device on Alibaba and taking control of Uncle Ted's drone? Maybe not today, but soon.

Link | Posted on Nov 2, 2017 at 16:39 UTC

The differences are getting so small, it's almost like they had this capability in the previous model but decided to keep it in reserve.

Link | Posted on Oct 31, 2017 at 16:42 UTC as 88th comment | 3 replies

I guess this means more Nikon products made in Japan. I can live with that.

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