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SmilerGrogan: Doubleposted

It is not an inconsequential product. From here, it's a short distance to the Amazon Not-So Basics Flash for $99. Then come flash triggers, umbrellas and reflectors with Amazon advertising (I'd make them free), Amazon camera bags, soft boxes, flimsy tripods.... But it has to start somewhere.

Link | Posted on Aug 9, 2017 at 00:50 UTC
On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1063 comments in total)

The sensor in this new camera isn't good enough for the price, period. If they can't put a sensor of at least 5D3 quality in this camera, Canon should buy from Sony or some other sensor maker. Or get out of this segment and start their full frame offerings with the 5D4. Given the D750's latest round of problems, maybe the $2000 FF SLR camera is cursed.

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To anyone who's worked in the photo industry, everything here is stunningly obvious. But it probably needs to be said, since so many people treat camera companies as people, worring about their health, thanking them for firmware that fixes problems that should not have occured, attacking their competitors, arguing over silly press releases about sales numbers. Unless you're buying a camera from a manufactuer with a really small market share, none of this matters.

What rarely gets "tested" or measured by anybody, including DPR is the entire picture of a brand. On time deliveries, repair service, repair frequency, customer service, loaner pool, size and frequency of rebates, etc. But some of this varies by region, and it's a lot easier to measure chromatic aberration.

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If it turns out to be reliable, a pair of these for $300 could be a nice low cost option.

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Any company that would acquire Calumet is obviously a company specializing in distressed merchandise and they're not going to spend a nickel they don't have to.

This is what the politicians casually refer to as "winners and losers" and unless they have a legal remedy, these folks are the losers.

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My money's on the Chinese. It's the name that has value; put it on a Panasonic lens and it's instant German precision. Leica licensing could be really lucrative, whereas you can only have so many commemorative titanium plated limited editions.

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PhotoKhan: Sample 1 - Yellow tint.
Sample 2- Magenta tint.
Sample 3 - Yellow tint.

A competitor for Foveon sensors, finally.

Foveon seems really advanced compared to this.

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Tazz93: Wonder how that's gonna fare... Canon clones (appearence) on a Nikon.

It's old story; do you want to see, or to be seen?

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No matter what happens with cameras, it's all about the sensors. Do you think Nikon will start making their own sensors any time soon? What a great position to be in. And Sony's been a good investment too, if you bought right after they released the Seth Rogen movie and the Koreans hacked them.

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On article Nikon 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye zoom sample gallery (65 comments in total)
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Joed700: This lens is designed for APS-C sensors, but most of the photos were shot with a FF D810 in cropped mode. I'm not sure that's the best way to show the performance of this lens. I think most people who would consider this lens would be APS-C users who already have the D500 or D7xxx or similar....

I must say though, it's a nice lens in terms of wide coverage, but a very slow lens due to the crop factor...

Having not used it, I can say it's an excellent lens, too.

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CCD FTW: It is good to stick with these 'photographic companies' rather than those silly littel 'electronics companies', the latter will just abandon systems every time a different idea comes along, unlike these great photographics campanies... They would never, EVER do that.

With electronics, everything is instantly last year's model. Now I'll go watch my Trinatron.

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On article Video: See exactly how a mechanical DSLR shutter works (91 comments in total)

Cloth shutters are smoother, quieter and they don't play music.

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Canon almost always delivers on time so it would seem a lot of people want the "boring", low dynamic range 6D2.

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2017 at 18:45 UTC as 69th comment | 1 reply

So a guy found a roll of film from 1965 inside an old camera and it's an internet sensation.

This appears to be taking advantage of some recent finds of very old film. But in this case only the camera is old. What does the 1929 date in the story headline have to do with the photos?

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Saurat: Image quality differences beween Sigma and branded lenses are insignificant unless one is enlarging photos to a ridiculous sizes. Not that real world facts make a difference to DPR commentariat and Angry Photographer fanboys.

This was not a test of all Sigma lenses. It was a test of a specific, $1300 lens that's pretty good but not great. If you are angry, be angry with Sigma.

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CallumG: I hate to be this guy but could some lens galleries be shot with some Nikon bodies? I've seen alot of Canon bodies for lens tests as of late (for multi mount lenses).

And that is because more people use Canon so this is a realistic test. Given the Canon sensor limitations, if you have a Nikon, you can assume your results will be a little better.

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We have an individual who says he is so beloved, his inauguration was attended by more people than any other. This turns out to be false, and by such a large margin there is no need to count, because you can see...by looking at the photos. There's a lesson there, and if there's any opportunity to prevent embarrassing photos, you can bet any politician will go for it.

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Bambi24: Taking an airplane in 1995: "Enjoy your flight."

Taking an airplane in 2017: "Bend over please."

Multiculturalism is so much fun.

I wonder why Japan doesn't have terrorist attacks.

That poison gas attack in the Tokyo subway must have been fake news. Otherwise, I'd say that was a terrorist attack.

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Thematic: How is it that these scanners are confused so easily when items are in one bin? Can anyone explain this? Last trip I (and everyone around me needed 4 bins) it was getting ridiculous.

One bin for shoes.
One bin for belt and other pocket items.
One bin for tablet and phone.
One bin for laptop.
Then the carry-on bag.

If we add this camera bin many travelers are now at 4 or 5 bins.

And guess what happened once people were at the gates....announcements for lost items was like a laundry list of travelers....DOZENS of people called back to collect items.

The billions of dollars of lost time and wages to economies has to be staggering.

I get it. Sorta bin laden. Good one.

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Zigmont: Meanwhile, 40,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2016 and 8,800 people have died so far in 2017 from gun violence. But hey, you got to have your priorities, after all, terrorists are scary.

You can't get elected president by telling people to be afraid of car accidents.

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