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newe: Interesting comments here about phones vs cameras. We just got back from Mexico with our aged D300. Saw Coba, Cozumel and a ton of other stuff. I was the tiny, tiny, tiny minority of those with "real" cameras. People would come over and see just how much better the pictures were. They'd actually ask how they could be so good on a 10 year old camera. I said camera phones don't have good lenses. They cannot zoom or work nearly as well. Pretty much everyone who had a camera phone said they could zoom, and immediately showed me a digital zoom. When I explained what is going on, they shrugged their shoulders. Hey I love my Nexus 6p, it has a cool camera and I use it. Camera phones certainly have helped to get more pictures taken. But they have also dumbed down the general population. Most people don't have a clue how to take pictures anymore. Convenience has taken over and people don't care if their pics are blown out, noisy, blurry or digital zoomed...they just don't.

Stop by a camera store in Mexico City and see what a good camera costs. It's crazier than European VAT, and Mexico is a poor country to begin with. So yeah, people use their phones.

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HowaboutRAW: Viva Technics.

If they can make money with record players, they can make money with cameras.

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FrankS009: From the article, some significant restructuring is going on, but there is no indication that Panasonic is leaving the camera business. There is a lot of negative doom and gloom reaction to this report that doesn't do Panasonic any good or any justice. To be more positive, my layman's guess is that Panasonic may make less models but ones that are leaders in the market to reassert their presence.


Panasonic can take care of itself (they're kinda big) but it would be fun to copy some of these comments and revisit them in a year.

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fPrime: Another nail in the mFT coffin.

What is so bad about having 8 different lens choices (other than it makes no sense)? I hear some consumers get upset when their favorite brand doesn't offer enough lens choices.

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noflashplease: At this point, with the MicroFourThirds platform moribund outside of the video niche, there's very little hope for a turnaround of Panasonic's camera division. If Panasonic retreats from the camera market, it might be a positive development for more relevant startups like Z Cam and Yi, as well as renewing the credibility of the Leica brand and bolstering the prospects of Olympus for survival. Panasonic's exit from the camera business could be a positive development for the industry as a whole.

Except that they're not exiting the camera business and everybody knows the difference (and price) between "real" Leica and Pansonic Leica.

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kwa_photo: I take this as they "scale back" will really be a re-focus on the cameras that MAKE money. They have to scale down the models and focus, much like Fuji has done (almost an exclusive focus on the X series). This is what I would do as Panasonic, and yes, I know some of the moves may not be popular:

1) Cut down to 2 main camera groups (m4/3 and high end 1" compacts). All else, incl. sub-1" compacts/point and shoots, super-zooms, etc. are eliminated.
2) m4/3: Keep GH, GX and G.
3) 1": FZ2500 and 1 to compete with Sony RX100 line.
4) Fixed lens m4/3 compact: LX200, but CONSIDER moving this to a 1" sensor.

That's it. m4/3, 1" and maybe an LX100 successor (I love my Top 109). It's also time to re-eval the Leica relationship. I'm not sure how the financing of it works and if it brings IN cash to Panasonic. I think Panny can drop the Leica partnership and stand on their own to legs with their excellent lenses.

Obviously Panasonic can drop the Leica partnership, if it becomes unprofitable.

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Normally, nobody pays attention to what's been going on (for example, people continue to buy Pentax cameras, obviously not worried that a company with miniscule market share will be around for a while.) But when you mention that Panasonic will "scale back" (no hyphen), everyone assumes they will exit the market within 30 days.

I take this to mean they will stop making telephones, CD burners and lower end compact cameras, and that's long overdue.

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On article The Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 is old-fashioned fun (146 comments in total)

The infinity lock was supposed to reduce stress on the focusing threads which are obivously pretty fine on this lens. Wear to the the focusing helical and the resulting wobble was a problem I saw with a lot of the 21/3.4 Super Angulon M lenses.

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I'd look very closely at The Strobist. He seems to really like the place (just kidding!)

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FLruckas: What's next?

Flying a drone from your dentists chair to shoot a lion in Africa?

Little dark humor here....


Good one!

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On article Re-make/Re-model: Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 Samples (195 comments in total)
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BobYIL: Terribly disappointed... would rather wait for the reissue of Hector 28/6.3 which is 55 grams lighter..

I assume the comment about the 28mm Hektor was a joke, but obviously lost on this audience.

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This was a beautifully made, well thought out camera. For me, the problem was that such an obviously high quality camera with it's metal body and Leica lens led me to expect APS-quality results. Like the Fuji X10, I don't undertstand why they lavished such quality on such a small sensor. But I do understand why people like this camera.

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The 17 TS, both for it's optics and it's ingenuity and ergonomics. Well, that's three things. The first time I saw that fisheye front element, I new it was a very different design from other shift lenses. Honestly, I thought the price was low for a super wide lens with those capabilities (and apparently Nikon agrees.)

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Leandros S: "It takes decades of experience to design a lens like the Canon EF 16-35mm F2.8L III USM."

Today, it mostly takes state-of-the-art software.

If all it took was software, all expensive lenses would be really good.

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mandm: The Veydra Mini Prime lenses range from $799. to $1249. at B&H, so not that expensive.
The guys that took them likely heard that there were expensive lenses in the building and believed they would be an easy sell to photographers; not knowing that the lenses were very specialized.
Back in the film days Nikon had a truck from the docks to their NY warehouse disappear. 1990's
Canon Chicago had guys break in to their warehouse and use Canon’s forklift to load pallets of Canon stuff into a semitrailer parked at the warehouse for a long weekend. The Canon stuff ended up in Eastern Europe. 1980±.

mandm knows his stuff. I don't think they found much from the EPOI robbery and it was an entire truckload.

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shirazigs: Is it a new way to advertise a business? I haven't heard about this brand!! By the way, the rubbers are so sloppy. I hope you guys find them and make them clean there first. And I want to say that the photographer of this photo is unprofessional. I hope you find them very soon.

If there's one thing I hate, it's sloppy rubbers.

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These will make the cover of the KEH catalog a lot more colorful.

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Alan M 8: Where was the cutting things in half (by hand, obviously) meister?

He was out having a Meister Brau.

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This is some pretty straight talk from DPR, I must say. Still, everything I know about medium format tells me this camera will be capable of slightly better images than any current FF camera.

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On article Pentax KP sample gallery (93 comments in total)

When the caption says "adjustments limited to exposure, whites, highlights, shadows and blacks" is there really that much else that can be adjusted? I guess this means no further noise or lens-related adjustments.

The photos look good and even when the sun comes out, the dynamic range looks good. I'm not sure its holding the white picket fence, but if it is, that's impressive.

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