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photophile: The Galaxy explosion?? How did I miss a Cosmic event on that scale!! This is going to put interstellar travel back by a half a million years. So much for advance bookings.

This guy is trying to save the galaxy and all he gets is a bunch of smart remarks.

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Someone has to be first, but you'd think people would learn not to upgrade firmware unless the benefits are dramatic and the "early adopters" have already done the de-bugging.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200/TZ200 Review (517 comments in total)

Maybe if the zoom range a was a little bit less the lens wouldn't be as soft. Eventually people will catch on that putting Leica or Zeiss on a lens is no longer a guarantee of anything.

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havoc315: There is another reason you've heard so much about Sony: Their USA marketing department has become fantastic at generating buzz. Every product release becomes a major event, with bloggers and vloggers being given free or subsidized trips... Look at the just-completed "Kando" -- 200 "influencers" spending 3 days in Sony nirvana... Of course Chris and Jordan (as 1 example) are going to have an enthusiastic new video showing off Sony's newest camera -- when they just got to play with it for free for a trip with Sony providing models, balloon rides, etc. (Not claiming that Chris and Jordan sacrifice their objectivity... just saying it's going to result in immediate videos hitting the internet, of the camera being used in spectacular settings).

More to the point, these events are extremely expensive. Sony is willing to pay to get the coverage, Canon seldom is and Nikon can't afford it.

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It needs no explanation that when you have to write about something every day, it's a godsend that one manufacturer cranks out enough products to fill that space. No explanation needed.

Now, if the Sony well runs dry, what would make interesting reading is the ferocity of Sony users and how upset they get when someone prefers a different product. Honestly, whose business is it if somebody wants to use an SLR or god forbid, a camera not made by Sony?

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monked: I am so confused as to why there are so many Sony haters. If you hate them so much, stick with your Canons, Nikons or whatever. I don't see the big deal.

These are companies. There is nothing to hate nor would it serve any purpose. What can be "hated" is the ease with which an organization that provides ostensibly ubiased information accepts trips, sponsored content and so on. Of course these things are useful and everyone involved thinks they're a straight arrow but as this article hints, people have noticed things are getting pretty cozy. Not unique to the photo industry of course.

Honestly--so much attention to Sony that it warrants an article on why so much attention to Sony. Um, ok, sure.

BTW, this is not the same conflict as being part of Amazon since consumers can buy whatever they want from Amazon.

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tkbslc: NR algorithms for smooth textures are pretty simple. How does it work for hair?

I wonder about less extreme amounts of correction, because impressive as it is, you can still see a loss of detail similar to what you get with current, "no loss" noise reduction. Things are cleaned up, but they are also smoothed over.

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fPrime: Kodak also had a well managed decline in revenue until the party was over. Profits are good but revenue and growth are king.

Ah, but Kodak had Antonio Perez to ride things all the way down. It's doubtful Nikon can find anyone like him.

Link | Posted on May 14, 2018 at 16:54 UTC

The D850 shows that giving consumers what they want can pay off. But what does this have to do with Sony? Even Thom Hogan has a long post about Sony. Maybe, if Nikon continues to be profitable they can throw big publicity events like Sony.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review (278 comments in total)

For a lot of people, the trade-offs with the RX10 are not bad at all and not changing lenses can be suprisingly fun. I consider mine a camera plus several lenses, so it doesn't seem that expensive.

I'd check with Sony first, just to get an ok, but maybe minivan should be the specifier for this category of all-in-one cameras. It does sound pejorative, but so what? Super-zooms are rarely super, but everybody recognizes the term.

Good video--and who doesn't like to see Fro against the Pacific Ocean. Now, when you finish working through the Sony line, can you do some videos on some other brand? You may have to bring your own lunch, but the weather should be clearing in Seattle.

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razorfish: While Panasonic has to «sponsor» in order to get a good, informative interview published, dpr pours out «article» after «article» of so-called objective journalism full of Sony praise. I’ve followed this site for over a decade, and the recent Sony bias is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Sad to witness.

DPR has to write about new cameras every day, all year. In the past, this would not have been possible because cameras had reasonable product cycle--a year and half or more, and enthusiasts kept their cameras, even skipping an iteration (which is what led Adobe to subscriptions, to prevent this option.)

But Sony is an electronics company so their approach is not like a "finely crafted" camera company. Whenever they think they can make an improvement, it's time for another model. The free advertising is just a side benefit.

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FuhTeng: Troll on DPReview, troll on. I enjoy all the fanboys coming out from their caves to bash a camera they haven't used.

You obviously don't enjoy it but really, what difference does it make?

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denooyer: Unfortunately a bit pointless, as you can't tilt & shift with this lens. So for pure architectural work, you are still better off with Canon/Nikon body + their own brand shiftlenses.

Very true, but they pushed the SWC for architectural work, for years. They even had special publications on using it for architecture and if you happened to be able to get to place the camera at the exact middle of the subject (not likely), it worked great.

But it looks beautiful and would be 5 times the price if it was a Leica lens.

Link | Posted on May 8, 2018 at 16:25 UTC
On article Pentax K-1 II Review: A worthy upgrade? (1398 comments in total)

The anti-Pentax conspiracy continues. Ok, just kidding, but I predict they will find a way to turn off the noise reduction and I doubt it will take long.

Link | Posted on May 7, 2018 at 16:17 UTC as 235th comment
On article Pentax K-1 II Review: A worthy upgrade? (1398 comments in total)
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PDD: DPREVIEW staff, Are you sure?

Even as it is, they bent over backwards to say good things. If this were pass/fail, image quality inferior to the previous model would be, as DPR readers like to say, "a fail."

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The runner up will receive a room at the Travelodge across the street, by the coke machine, facing the highway.

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Anything's possible. The president has declared bankruptcy several times and it doesn't seem to have hurt him. Still, it's not a good sign.

As for taking a swipe at Adobe, most software is, mercifully, still something you only have to pay for once.

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On article Crystal clear: Inside Nikon's Hikari Glass factory (93 comments in total)

These behind the scenes articles are quite interesting. Much more so than pixel counts or the latest software upgrade and the problems associated with it. Thanks.

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(1) I thought the anteater was sleeping. (2) It's a lot safer this way. (3) Ok, but it was a taxidermy specimen, not a stuffed animal. (3) My camera wasn't a Sony so this was the only way I could be sure of getting a picture. (4) Nobody complained about my photo of the mastodon. (5) They said the same thing about the horse in Animal House. (6) Many people witnessed the live anteater but due to the hostile environment they are afraid to come forward. (7) The live anteater was genetically cloned from the stuffed one. (8) The original anteater refused to sign a model release.

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On article Sony a7 III Review (2158 comments in total)
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xiao_xiang: Today I stopped by a Sony store to check out some of their wares.

Walking through the camera section, I decided to have a look at the A7iii. While they didn't have that model in stock, I checked out the A7s, A7rii, and A7riii.

Beautiful to hold, well balanced with their kit lens, just lovely actually. More compact than my D750 and frankly a more modern look. I have previously "decided" to get a mirrorless camera probably next year.

Raising the Sony models to my eyes, one model after the other, the EVF were just awful. Lacking in contrast and detail, I was dismayed to realize that EVF's have not come along as much as I expected in the last 5 years. Adding to the distraction, focusing caused the image to jitter and jump around. It's like looking at an old CRT TV.

Blame me for liking an OVF all you like. But these view finders needs to get WAY more resolution and quality. Instead of faux 1080p, they need to be 4K viewfinders. Then let's talk.

The good news is that you can choose the type of viewfinder you like.

I question people telling other people what they can or cannot get used to. The thing about a good optical finder is, there is nothing to get used to. Either you see comfortably or you can't. But the idea that someone might prefer something with less technology is not acceptable to the Sony fan.

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