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Bambi24: Taking an airplane in 1995: "Enjoy your flight."

Taking an airplane in 2017: "Bend over please."

Multiculturalism is so much fun.

I wonder why Japan doesn't have terrorist attacks.

That poison gas attack in the Tokyo subway must have been fake news. Otherwise, I'd say that was a terrorist attack.

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Thematic: How is it that these scanners are confused so easily when items are in one bin? Can anyone explain this? Last trip I (and everyone around me needed 4 bins) it was getting ridiculous.

One bin for shoes.
One bin for belt and other pocket items.
One bin for tablet and phone.
One bin for laptop.
Then the carry-on bag.

If we add this camera bin many travelers are now at 4 or 5 bins.

And guess what happened once people were at the gates....announcements for lost items was like a laundry list of travelers....DOZENS of people called back to collect items.

The billions of dollars of lost time and wages to economies has to be staggering.

I get it. Sorta bin laden. Good one.

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Zigmont: Meanwhile, 40,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2016 and 8,800 people have died so far in 2017 from gun violence. But hey, you got to have your priorities, after all, terrorists are scary.

You can't get elected president by telling people to be afraid of car accidents.

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SmilerGrogan: Why no flash Nikon? It's so useful to create undetectable fill in harsh lighting conditions.

I like the comment about saving weight by not including built-in flash. That's gotta save at least an ounce. But presumably, after criticizing Canon for omitting built-in flash, they see an opportunity to sell radio transmitters.

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On article Nikon announces development of D850 (494 comments in total)
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D500 001: Aside from this announcement is the countless negative visioned people posting here. I feel pity for such a person that defaults to negative views. Be happy with life and work on your own faults first.

Thanks for the guidance.

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Tom Lusk: Sigma continues to pump out fantastic lenses!

The Samyang cannot be used to render straight lines so unless someone creates a profile, there is nothing to spend hours on. On the other hand, the Samyang is sharp, cheap and lightweight. And by the way, most of the distortion isn't in the corners.

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If you look closely when she turns sideways, you'll see a large key in her back. The 10-minute lunch is used to wind it.

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Looks like something Peter Gowland would have built if he did mermaids.

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Hasa: I am used to Canon-Nikon bashing at work as we simulate ardent entrenched fanboys. So to alleviate the misery of Canon fanboys here is a consolation link full of Ken`s praise, e.g. "Superb technical image quality", and: "The low cost comes from having fewer controls than fancier Canons like my 5DSR." : http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/6d-mk-ii.htm

I was so upset that Canon had produced a lousy camera I wasn't going to buy anyway. But now...the Rock has spoken.

Ken knows more about cameras than Fro's barber. But he really needs to introduce numbers. If he rated one camera an 88 and another a 91, that would be huge.

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With mechanical cameras they had no equal. With electronic gadgets, not so much.

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Pretty dismal. But the way it sells or doesn't sell will provide 1000 times more information than a DxO number. Customers vote with their money. If low dynamic range doesn't concern them, Canon will have little incentive to do better. Still, it's amazing how upset DPR readers are, when no one is forcing them to buy this product.

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cdembrey: Photokina may well go the way of Codex. The death of traditional hobbyist photography isn't helping.

This isn't about photography; its about photo shows like PMA which finally had to acknowledge that photography is now consumer electronics, and there are already shows for that.

The supermodel guy is correct that things change too quickly for a bi-annual show but the problem is that Photokina is extremely expensive for exhibitors, most of whom are not European.

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justmeMN: From Thom Hogan:

"Simply put, some of the Nikon crowd seems to have lost faith in the Nikon brand. Generalized, we see these five complaints:"

"Nikon quality has eroded — the D500, D600, D750, D800, D810 all shipped with clear issues that needed fixing, some particularly bad (D600 shutter splatter and D750 vignetting). Even the very minor ones, such as the D810 white dot one, now get amplified."


This is just another incident that reinforces that negative stereotype. :-(

This seems a bit overblown but lets not rationalize. Nikon innovates more than Canon and that's why they've had problems. This sounds good, but what is so innovative about the shutters on the D600 & D750?

Sooner or later, every manufacturer has a QC problem or worse, a design flaw. Nikon seems to be on a hot streak but this could just as easily have been Canon, Sony, Fuji, etc.

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There was a time when companies would give stuff like this away for free. It was called promotion and the idea was to gain exposure to new users, not fleece existing customers.

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It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for them. Why is it that some companies are able to make the transition from complicated, mostly mechanical cameras to ridiculously complex electronic cameras with much difficulty, while others can't? Nothing in Leica's history points to electronics expertise so no surprise there, but Nikon made auto-everything cameras long before digital.

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Photo_AK: Wake up DPR, this is NOT a new recall!

If the batteries started overheating in 2012, they must be pretty hot by now.

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Dan_168: That's a great news, as a multiple system user, I use mostly Canon and Nikon SLR lenses on my Sony A7RII, two of my all time favorite lenses for both buildings and landscape is the Canon TSE17 and TSE 24 II, due to their optic quality and Tile/Shift capability, hope this adapter add more capability to my Nikon 14-24, Samyang 14, Zeiss 15, Zeiss 21....... Anyone know the price?

$300 but I doubt you'd want to use it on your 14-24 lens. The examples on their website look pretty good, at least with their lens.

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BrightTiger: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
That's the issue I have with these DPReview CIPA regurgitation articles. It's so "just now" to be pointless except to ignite flame wars. This is on top of whether a camera has a piece of glass in it or not. Really? It's not film vs digital. That was a huge culture shift. Why don't we have the great lens shift vs in-body shift sales differences? It's marketing you Pavlovian suckers. Just gotta work you up so you salivate over mirrorless and get you to spend money today before you even come close to wearing out your DSLR gear. Ring! Ring!

Go someplace where people are relatively affluent and fond of technology, say, Japan. Look at the number of cameras, the vintage, the age of the users. Go to areas that attract lots of tourists and look for the same things. Not super-scientific, but it gives you a real world idea.

Link | Posted on Jul 10, 2017 at 04:45 UTC

I think, as we get older, we get more interested in others and their lives. The point is well taken, don't expect great photos of people unless you are good with people. That said, other than the bridge in the fog, this seemed to be mostly standard stuff, from hot air balloons to hood ornaments.

By the way, for those who focused on the gear, even in the glory days, a Cambo was the second to least expensive 4x5 monorail and these days you can probably get one for next to nothing.

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I liked the guy who showed us how a pro mounts his 24-70 lens with one hand, and then dropped it. You can learn so much online.

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