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Other than the price, this lens looks strangely familiar. Now, they need to go back and and update the 24 PC-E. Incidentally, the reason Nikon calls shifting the lens "perspective control" is because it's perspective control. DPR makes it sound like they've coined a new phrase, like Pure Photography.

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The photo shows the problem. Lighter cameras are still not light. This might work if it came with SpiderSuspenders.

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Aberaeron: People should buy, or not buy, products and services on their merit at that particular point in time. If they are not satisfied with the product, they should not buy it.
Same goes for the updated new modified product. The older model is exactly the same after a successor model is introduced as it was when purchased. If it was worth buying then, it should still be worth using today.

Product development is a good thing. Buyer remorse or jealousy or coveting the latest gadget despite having a perfectly good recent product is not good. Indeed it is rather childish in the literal sense. Child like.

Then what is the purpose of DPR, if not to convince you that what you have is obsolete?

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AlfaBet: Most of these cameras are mass production crap. You can buy them mint condition everywhere at a price of less 50 euros everywhere. Especially Belomo crap which is the most crappy and less interesting from collector's point of view.

The Pentax Spotmatic was the poor man's Nikon F, at least until the Nikkormat was introduced. Of course the Spotmatic didn't have a removable prism, but for the average user the only drawback to the Pentax was the screw mount, which created an opportunity for Minolta and all the others.

A one of a kind Pentax or Nikon would probalby be worth a lot, but if it was something that went on to be a dud, like a Nikkorex Zoom, even a unique Nikon might not be a big deal.

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AlfaBet: Most of these cameras are mass production crap. You can buy them mint condition everywhere at a price of less 50 euros everywhere. Especially Belomo crap which is the most crappy and less interesting from collector's point of view.

There is no comparison at all between a prototype of the Nikon F, which launched Nikon's golden era (at least in sales) and put them on top in the film camera days...and a bunch of Zenits. They may be one of a kind Zenits or Zorkis or god knows what but most people wouldn't even know what these are, although handling them would give you a pretty good idea.

I think this guy will get his cameras back because, well, what can you do with them?

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Looks fine (not for DPR readers, but average hobbyists spending $500.) But the lack of sensor cleaning sounds like Thom Hogan's cost cutting prediction coming into play.

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AshMills: In the same auction, at a bargain 1/900 of the price of the view camera- https://fineart.ha.com/itm/nikon-f5-slr-camera-body-1997-no-3073115-for-exposures-24-x-36mm-on-35mm-film-in-the-original-box/a/5272-73401.s?ic4=GalleryView-Thumbnail-071515

And 1/900th of the historic significance.

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Sigh. Still waiting for the Formica Leica. Or an M2R with Leicavit, covered in that sticky paper they use for lint rollers. Think about it. Fantastic gripping surface, and any dust that might get on the sensor will just stick to the body!

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justmeMN: A do-it-yourself idea: Just drip different colors of paint all over the camera model of your choice, and call it a Jackson Pollock Special Edition. :-)

That's what Samsung did with their phone, but it decorates itself.

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Another headache for KEH. As if the haptic experience crap wasn't enough.

How about this: "We ran out of Shagreen, so we're substituting the the rarest, most desireable rubber in the world."

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I think it's kind of cool looking. The sort of thing Ed Ruscha would do. Like Royal Road Test, only with a phone.

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justmeMN: "Samsung pulled the plug on the Note 7 entirely, stopping all production and marketing of the device." -DPR

Will there be fire sales on the remaining Note 7 inventory?

Smokin' deals!

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photomedium: The rx100 has reached the max price possible. Other than gold plating it I really don't know where this compact could go.

They could add a grip out made from rare and exotic wood.

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If this Nokton was actually made by Voigtlander, you'd have the Germans copying the Japanese.

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Tieu Ngao: Many photos were taken at 12mm and share the same note "No lens correction", but some of them have heavy distortion and some have almost no distortion at all, which are unreal. Wonder why?

Except that perspective distortion isn't distortion. Its the way the subject appears when the camera is so close and the focal length so short. It may look odd or cliched but its not distorted.

Barrell and pinchusion are actual distortions and seem to be the one area of lens design that's actually getting worse, since the engineers figure they can rely on software to fix things later.

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On article Sigma 12-24mm F4 DG HSM Art real world sample gallery (206 comments in total)
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raindance: Just a casual observation, the Sony samples are pretty bad. I still don't understand the Sony obsession on dpreview, the image quality is meh.

Outside of that, the lens looks like a winner. I really love the Art series, albeit these days I have reverted back to OEM optics.

The reason for the "Sony obsession" is that they release new cameras on a monthly basis, and if you've ever worked on a web page or blog, you know how difficult it can be to come up with enough new content.

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On article Abandoned America: Photographing a forgotten history (77 comments in total)

Nothing wrong with these, except its all been done before, both better (the big $100 book on Detroit) and worse (extreme HDR.)

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review (866 comments in total)

"It's quite normal for compact cameras to have soft edges or inconsistent corners...."

So it takes seriously great photos, amazing for a camera this size but sometmes the edges or corners are soft. And the explanation for why this is perfectly ok, as always, is that other compact cameras do the same.

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IvanM: So the Eos M5 comes in at nr 4...no wonder Canon sells the most cameras...there is a huge divide between the critics and the consumer who actually buys these things...go figure!

It is a safe bet. Not very exciting but from a company that's been making cameras a long time, has very good service and support and will probably be around in the future. I think the price is too high but rebates and price drops are another boring, predicatable thing about Canon.

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tjbates: Why is it not okay for someone to express the opinion that they're disappointed? I'm disappointed as well. If I wasn't disappointed with Canon I wouldn't be using mirrorless systems from other manufacturers.
I still use my 5DMKII occasionally and love my Canon lenses but there hasn't been a significant improvement in video quality since the 5DMKII (2008) that suits my needs.
The 5DMKIII video quality was not a significant improvement over my 5DMKII with AA filter. And now the 5DMKIV? OOoops. It is a fact that Canon are behind right now and have been trailing the mirrorless race from the start.
I love my Canon gear but will continue to look elsewhere if Canon stays at least 2 years behind.

It's fine to express disappointment and you won't find many Canon users claiming their camera has the longest list of esoteric features or the highest DxO score. But this obsession with incremental feature improvements and scoring, on an almost daily basis, is like saying your tie is the wrong width for this year. Photography vs. statistics.

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