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Now this is a revelation. That new, big lensmount is for Noct-Nikkor. Who would have guessed? Why don't we get ahead of this and reveal that any new super-fast lens with the quality of the old Noct will be expensive and people will complain about the price.

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Gregm61: Hmmmm....Nikon teases vaporwear, then at some point announces it. 6 months later it's available in VERY limited quantities for several months after that before, finally, becoming widely available for anyone who wants to buy...

What is that total time frame, about a year and a half?

Or, just buy what's available and easily purchased now.

Hmmmmm, decision, decisions...

Has it occurred to anybody that Nikon's production capacity is limited? They need the money, so if they could keep up with demand, they would.

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Rick Knepper: Duh! Canon hasn't released anything new in 2 years and Nikon can't fulfill its orders.

Big price drops and, in the USA, good rebates are normal for Canon. They don't innovate much but they hustle. As for Sony being backordered, the same can be said for Nikon, and it's hardly something to be proud of. One reason dealers love Canon, and often influence customer decisions, is that it's much more profitable to sell items that are in stock.

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Out of 9 items in the ad accompanying this article, 8 are backordered. You really can't blame DPR for focusing on Sony. As usual, it's available gray, and you'll get into an argument with Nikon USA over warranty. But they need to concentrate less on pure photography and more on pure production.

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A well-placed shot to discourage people from pre-ordering Nikon's mirrorless. As if the way a camera works for you has anything to do with market share. Next week, for a few days at least, it's going to seem like Sony has been forgotten, although I'm certain DPR will work in some Sony news.

What would really be impressive would be if Sony had a new full frame mirrorless, kept totally secret, and revealed on the same day as the new Nikon. In the years I worked retail, I never heard a customer worry or even ask about Nikon's or Canon's (or any other brand's) market share but Sony users are "handicappers."

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The Fat Fish: If easy to learn things like menu layouts are what people are complaining about then Sony are truly doing a terrific job.

What they're doing a terrific job of is press releases. That, and getting coverage from DPR.

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Pavel Muller: For me, the beauty of M43 is the small size and weight. I migrated from FF to M43 years ago, when I could no longer lug the camera and 3-5 lenses all day long.

Many of you go rhapsodic about the sensor size, resolution, shallow DOF and lower noise level of a FF. I print up to the size 17"x22" and I can get very crisp, detailed images images when I want to thanks to great Oly lenses, DXO and Photoshop. Thanks to near miraculous DXO Elite and good stabilization, I have no noise problem. I participated in a number of international juried exhibitions and image quality was never the issue. So yes, if you routinely shoot under extreme low light conditions or print wall size or you routinely need ultra-shallow DOF, you may need a full frame. Let us be honest. How many of you actually do that?

if you do not, save your back and go for something smaller. I only wish Oly made full use of low weight and introduced a full line of slower but optically superb zooms.

Agree with everything here. Because the m43 sensor is so much smaller, it's reasonable to assume the image quality is dramatically inferior to full frame but the difference is much less than the difference in weight. I haven't seen anything from m43 that would make me give up full frame, but if I'm walking all day, the full frame stays at the hotel.

Of course it's possible to make a m43 outfit as large and heavy as APS and this is where I think Olympus may be headed in the wrong direction. But Panasonic gets it so we have the best of both worlds. Hopefully, Nikon will introduce some small, slow and relatively inexpensive lenses for their new camera, along with the inevitable super fast lenses that will push it into SLR size/weight territory.

And yes, the new DxO Photolab does amazing things with m43 images. Not just noise, but also the selective sharpening applied to the corners.

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On article Canon 70-200mm F4L IS II sample gallery (132 comments in total)

Sorry, Canon. The v.1 lens is so good, so light, and so solidly built, the "serious upgrades" don't seem that serious. Why not work on improving lenses that aren't great to begin with?

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NOWHITELENS: These photos show exactly what I always knew. Vancouver is prettier than Seattle ;-)

And when you ask them if the winters are bad, in Vancouver, they admit it. In Seattle they tell you it's sunny and warm yearround.

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Debankur Mukherjee: Now the big question is -
Whether mirror less cameras will make traditional DSLRs extinct in near future ??

No, but what difference does it make? The Nikon F was introduced in 1959 and you can still buy a Leica rangefinder camera today. And the difference in capability between a Nikon F and a Leica M was far greater than a digital camera with a mirror versus a digital camera without a mirror.

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Following Thom Hogan's argument that the real beneficiaries are the camera manufacturers (no prism, no mirror) it will be interesting to see if manufacturers pass the savings on to customers.

If SLRs don't magically dissapear on August 23, it will be interesting to watch ordinary consumers choose and see how Nikon and Canon promote. Of course their position will be that to be a real pro, you must have both types of cameras, but how to do this without pointing out the shortcommings of one or the other will make for great marketing.

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wcan: Let's remember, every camera other than SLRs/TLRs were mirrorless from the start of photography.


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Why does everyone assume there will be no lenses available for this camera? Yes, everything will be backordered because that's Nikon. But there has to be something to fit that big lensmount.

For months, people have said "if it won't work with my 43-86 Nikkor, no sale." Now the camera (announcement) is almost here and people say "buy Sony, because they have lenses." So, not happy if you can't use old lenses and not happy if have to use old lenses. It's enough to make you feel sympathy for Nikon.

Nikon will not be as fast as Sony in delivering new lenses, but people will complain about buying a second set of lenses, anyway.

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rbach44: In the age of planned leaks and rumors predicting each and every spec, this is a fun product launch. The true definition of a teaser video.

PS I recommend tracking down the cardboard mockup someone made of this camera based off of the teaser videos. Even more pre release fun.

It's refreshing to read about any major product that's not from Sony. That's what sony.com is for.

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Thanks DPR for the recap of what everyone has already seen. Man, that Nikon S was a beauty. Even the Nikon and the Nippon Kogaku logos were elegant. This new one? Hard to say, but it looks like it's black, has a decent handgrip and a big lensmount. A good start.

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Matsu: First? based on the pictures, I expect the most hand-holdable EVF-ILC to date.

Why expect it to be anything? It may be spectacular, or they may miss the mark by a little or even a lot. There is no way to know.

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Roland Karlsson: Hmmm .. I saw nothing new in this teaser. Only more of old cameras.

But the Nikon S at the beginning still looks great.

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This is what happens when there is no Sony news.

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panther fan: 3...2...1... comments about QLC not being robust enough.

Same was said about MLC, when it was introduced, then about TLC and now about QLC.
It all comes down to the controller and his ability to manage wear and tear. And Samsung has proven they are really good at that, with their SSDs being able to substain far far more than their rated life expectancy. (Which would be more than enough anyway for nearly all jobs)

So I am really excited for QLC. With HDD manufacturers slowing down/ stopping development we can all hope that SSDs get cheaper

More SSDs, built with lots of TLC, without skimping on the QC. Make them PDQ.

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On article Lensbaby Sol 45 impressions and sample gallery (105 comments in total)

"The Sol 45 responds to those curious and insightful individuals who desire intention, imagination, and passion within each experience they live."

You have to admire these folks. And not just the ad copy; the profit margin on a $200 lens like this must be enormous and no worries about getting a low DxO rating.

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