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On article The Leica CL is (almost) what the TL should have been (424 comments in total)

What is the max flash sync speed ?
How does exposure preview behaves comparing to the TL2 ?
Can you turn off exposure preview ?

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On article What you need to know about Sony's a7R III (615 comments in total)
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DPReview007: Now the question is, should I return my brand new 5D IV (there is nothing groundbreaking about it) or should I run this thing parallel to my Canon system for a year.

It depends. Do you buy cameras to take pictures or not ?

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This is scary somehow. World's future will be amazing but scary as well.

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This sounds crazy to me. In my country engagement rules are very strict. A policeman cannot shot someone who is not a direct threat. And to judge if someone is a threat the policeman has to evaluate the position of his target and also his attitude. If someone has a gun and is running the opposite way, his back facing the police officer, this is not considered a direct threat anymore. If the police officer get over this and shoots this person in the back then this is considered an assassination.

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Not enough pixels for me. I will wait for the 200 mega pixels version (at least).

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Jacques Cornell: Trespassing is illegal. Duh. All the hand-wringing in this thread seems rather silly, not to mention wildly blown out of proportion.

Jacques Cornell : we never said is it not illegal ! We said it is not considered to be a crime. It's quite different. The paparazzi will be judged but not for a "crime". He will be judged for offense. In France the word "crime" applies only to killing, raping, etc. Which is what we consider to be of the most important nature as it heavily affects you as a human being (especially if you are killed...).

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starwolfy: What the paparazzi did is not considered a crime in France I think. He will go to court but I don't think he can be considered a criminal by french law. Criminals are killers, rapists, etc. Paparazzis aren't even we don't like them.

I have never said it is not illegal. I said it is not a crime. There is a nuance about that in french law. Crime is when killing people etc. More "casual" crimes are called "delit" (don't know how to say that in english or if there is an equivalence) and what your risk (prison/etc.) Is much less than for a crime.

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On article Video: Six lighting tips for flash photography newbies (18 comments in total)
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cdembrey: Use the sun bouncing off of a building as your main light. With the sun acting as your hair light. Easey-peasey, as the British like say ;-)

Just make a building. Easy peasy

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (336 comments in total)
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Sezano: Who was that NY street photographer who used only film a flash connected by wire on the other hand to scare the shize out of random people? My hero!

Might be Bruce Gilden.

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What the paparazzi did is not considered a crime in France I think. He will go to court but I don't think he can be considered a criminal by french law. Criminals are killers, rapists, etc. Paparazzis aren't even we don't like them.

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On article Leica TL2 first impressions (381 comments in total)

Coming from the Leica M "world" I bought a very cheap Leica T (1st generation) to try out this "TL" system.
I have to say I am pretty impressed. Sure the quality is not up to M standards (I mean about the lens construction and also optically) but what Leica made here is a very competent system indeed. I think the quality of the files produced are like 80 to 90% up to what you can get with M lenses and a superior sensor like on the M10 or SL.
The UI is fantastic too.
The bigggest issue with this camera is that the pyschological jump to invest into an APSC system (coming from years of FF system) is rather steep.
If I look with honesty to the files I produce...the T made me realized there is frankly no justified need for a FF system (at least to me) as a daily camera. But it lacks a bit the Magic of the small M primes and also the look of some of them like the 35 Lux or 50 Lux for example.
I am going to invest more into this TL system.

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On article The first photo shared from a phone just turned 20 (21 comments in total)
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ShatteredSky: Why would I share my newborn with 2000 people? Remembering the intensity of both births I experienced it would be the last thing to cross my mind. But of course the last time I took some images ... after things settled down of course.

To create a buzz and be remembered after 20 years

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I get a lot of dates thanks to my Leica. Mainly one night stands with models.

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mxx: They should be commended for making this service available. These days most companies just don't "waste" their time like this.

I agree. What they do is great and if it is scalable enough for them to make profits making films this way then it's a win win.

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I have optic fiber and Flickr takes ages, I mean...AGES, to load photos.
I absolutely have 0 issue with other websites.
Rarely go to Flickr because of this.

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On article Prime or zoom? LensRentals investigates (237 comments in total)

Of course this article doesn't apply to Leica zooms which are as good as the best primes.

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Not as great as a Leica but not bad.

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On article Leica Summilux-SL 50mm F1.4 sample gallery (368 comments in total)

Don't understand why some people say they wish the SL had the new M10 sensor. The sensor in the M10 has practically the same performance and specs as the one the SL. What's the point ? Both SL and M10 are very good sensors.

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On article Samyang launches XEEN 20mm T1.9 video-cine lens (22 comments in total)
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techjedi: Have there been any widely released movies or TV shows filmed with these lenses? I hear they have a good reputation while being more affordable.

There are many amateurs or semi-pros that want to deal with their own equipment and make their own movies independantly, often with unpaid volunteer amateur actors. These are the lenses they could chose.

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