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    Ty guys for all the suggestions I'm going to look into all the lenses suggested and pick from there.
  • Now I'm looking for a lens to take "normal" pics with (idk what you guys call those). The macro takes beautiful pics but I have to be a good distance to get everything in frame. Any suggestions ...
  • lol yup there it was. Turns out I'm slow. Ty!
  • Ok so I got my cam and I'm really have fun with it but the focusing ring on the Olympus 60mm F2.8 doesn't seem to do anything to the lens. Is it possible that this is due to the camera setting or ...
  • Replied in eBay GX9
    Ty very much for all the help so far! And I'll definitely keep and eye out on keh. I think I saw their site but they were out of stock on the gx9 at the moment.
  • Replied in eBay GX9
    Me too! I ended up finding a used on adorama they offer a money back guarantee on used so I figured why not and they had the macro lens so cheaper all together to order form the same place. Here's ...
  • Hey ty, I also noticed used cams document shutter count? Didn't know that was a thing is 3k shutter count decently low?
  • Or does anyone know know a reliable source where I can get used (close to new) or open boxed cams. Doesn't have to be the gx9 just wanna see my options in the used market.
  • So I was looking on ebay for body only and came across this used gx9. Anyone ever order from this person? I don't use ebay much ...
  • So as of right now I'm thinking of going with the PANASONIC LUMIX GX9 (preferably just the body but seems like a lot of places only sell the lens and body together which I may go with as well) and ...
  • Hi, may I ask why you recommend this one?
  • Wow I didn't know that. Ty for the info I'm thinking I may just buy the body then with the olympus 60mm f2.8 for now and look into other lenses that serve my purpose more.
  • Ty for the response. That cam is 3x my price limit lol. As much as I wish I could just throw 3 grand at a cam I'm going to have to stick with my budget.
  • Hi, ty for the suggestions. The gx9 also seems very nice been looking it up all night with very little sleep lol. I see it paired with a lens on several sites but not sure if I would be better off ...
  • Yeah I get ya. Ty for the heads up. If the quality doesn't come out the way I would like it to I would have no issue in investing in some lighting gear.
  • TY so much for the in depth response. Very very helpful. I did some searching on the GX80 and tbh I really like it so far. My only worry is that it was a 2016 release? Just wondering if there is a ...
  • Ty very much for the response! I will look into everything you suggested for sure. As for more about how it will be used. Its primary purpose will be used for photographing animal in my care. ...
  • Hi ty for the response, I would 100% prefer a cam that can swap lenses as I eventually wanna purchase a decent macro lens (i love macro shots) My budget is primarily for the camera itself though I ...
  • Hi, ty for the response I will look deeper into these.
  • Created discussion thread Which Camera Should I get?
    Hello all. I'm in the market for a new cam but I'm not too sure whats in these days. It's been many years since I've looked into things and now just getting a bit overwhelmed with whats available. ...
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