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K-5IIs, Pentax DA 18-250 mm, DA 12-24 mm, DA 15 mm Ltd, DA 21 mm Ltd, DA*60-250 mm/f4; Tamron 17-50/f2.8; Pentax 540 flash & K-5 battery grip

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  • Interesting idea!
  • Jack, Great to hear from you. Turns out I bought the KP battery grip at the same time as it was on sale at Henry's too! I only use it with the 60-250/f4 though.  And the KP did come with all 3 ...
  • Well, like you I support the lens with my left hand and have my right hand on the grip and shutter release.  Even then, my right pinky finger can't decide whether to be on the grip or under the ...
  • Nice to know I am not alone. The grip part I definitely get. But what about the control set up? Sounds like a nice upgrade from the K5 series, which i appreciate. Cheers
  • I forgot to mention in OP that I have the grip for the KP as well. I put it on yesterday and really helps with the 60-250/4 but too big for normal walk around use. Lots of good comments. I mainly ...
  • Thanks all for the great feedback. I will work on refamiliarizing myself with the KP, use my battery grip on the big telephoto zoom, and keep my K5IIs in my back pocket as my backup plan. Cheers
  • Good point! I actually bought the battery grip too as it was on sale. I should have put it on to use with the 60-250mm telephoto. I will try that tomorrow. However, for walking around with the DA21 ...
  • Thanks for that.  Yes, I got all 3 grips and tried them all. I use the biggest of the three. I think I just have to go back and relearn the camera, working on getting used to the new control dials.
  • Good idea! You could "carve" out a new business niche among KP users. Ha!
  • I thought of that too.  I have been considering it as well.  I just worry about how long it will last.  Would you keep the KP as back-up or sell it used or perhaps trade it in towards a new lens?
  • Created discussion thread Not loving my KP, unfortunately
    So I bought a new KP back in Feb 2021 when it went on sale at Henrys here in Canada just before the release of the K-3 III, which still lists at C$ 2,500 here in the Grrreat White North.  My ...
  • Jack, good to see you got out to a pro hockey game. Too bad it was a Jets game! 😂  Hockey is tough to shoot through the glass but I agree you did a nice job with overexposing to get nice white ...
  • Jack, Thanks for your humour and kind regards.  It is indeed a skookum price for the KP and the DoF bracketing looks intriguing.  And the missus is supporting me fully on this one with my 6-yr ...
  • Thanks! I was not aware of them.  I have always had good experiences with Henrys in Toronto, Oakville and Misissauga, ON.
  • I thought of that photo too!  Don't know who HCB is, apologetically (hollow concrete block to me, but I'm an engineer!) but I remember it from my first Photography book from Kodak Co. editors, The ...
  • Replied in I bought one!
    Thanks to all who replied to my post.  A lot of thoughtful responses that were very helpful.  What a great forum for this sort of thing.  And yes, you convinced me to go ahead with it.  The ...
  • Good use of the fisheye lens! I like the upward perspective, the blurring of the man to portray motion, and of course the reflection in the puddle.  I like the B&W/sepia coloration too.
  • Thanks for that feedback regarding the dials.  I was originally a little turned off by the new dial arrangement but I read in the KP review on this site how it is based on the K-1 and I like the ...
  • Thanks all for the excellent feedback, particularly RBIV with your relevant experience.  I will probably keep the K-5IIs and grip so I will have two of the L-190 batteries should I splash out and ...
  • Thanks Doug (and Mike).  I saw some of your other posts on the KP.  Some good food for thought.  Glad to hear you like the KP.  Cheers.
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