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alloneword: Who makes sure the rear lens cap stays with one lens?

*Looks around at random rear lens caps on the desk*

*Insert ConfusedTravolta.gif here

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karma2011: This is great news! I have been eyeing the Nikon Z7ii, but have Sony lenses and the A7ii currently. It appeared that the Nikon lenses were going to be heavier and much more expensive and that is what kept me from making the switch. As a compromise, I was hoping to transition with my current Sony lens collection and use them on the Nikon. This brings me one step closer! Why hasn’t Nikon made a decent 40mm lens? It’s the perfect length for a walk around lens for my needs. So now, I can buy the 40mm G by Sony and slap it on a brand new Nikon Z7ii. Oh happy day!!!!!

Yeap the upcoming 40mm is FX.

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marc petzold: Dear Nikon,
if you really would like to jump the retro bandwaggon - release a digital and black, silver body editon with fullframe Sensor of the Nikon S3, with the same lens mount, to adapt all the old Contax II&III Lenses.

Further Infos:

Nikon S3 black 2000 Edition:
This Design as a Fullframe DSLM would be really cool, with the original Lenses for the vintage look. A huge Z-Mount here would completely destroy the dimensions, and design, due to very huge lens diameter, in contrast to the original, small and handy Nikon S-series lenses.

I really like this one much - have seen the 2000 year edition into stores - but couldn't afford it.

As for reference, the famous Nikon S-Series Body design originally have been copied from the german Contax II design - and here the circle closes, again. ;-)

Good Light.

My top choice would be a FF Z-mount SP Ranfinder in Silver.

Plenty of bodies out there that can take the old Contax II&III lenses.

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Hayden N: Seems like a pointless camera to me. So your expected to buy the this retro style apsc camera then stick expensive full frame plastic black barrel lenses on it?? Nikon has never supported apsc and I can't see them starting now. if you want apsc and a retro style camera then fujifilm is the only sensible choice.

Fuji XT3 can't take my Z Mount lenses though...

As a Z Shooter who has always had an eye on a Fuji as a fun, run and gun camera, the Zfc negates my desire for Fuji now.
I'll be getting both of the compact primes for my Z6II and now will have the advantage of being able to use them on a secondary camera also. If I need extra reach with my AF-P 70-300 then I can attach it to a Zfc also.

I'm sure there are other Nikon shooters like me who have been swayed by Fuji that are less likely to bite that bullet now with the Zfc on the table.

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Peter CS: Could have been great if: 1. It had a headphone jack. 2. Had a battery grip for extra power and for those with large hands. 3. Had built in IS. 4. Came out alongside a ultra-wide, WR, IS zoom. 5. Came out with both a 22-24mm and 40-45mm SE, WR pancake, f2 lenses with IS. 6. If a special SE flash was offered. 7. Had a better, higher resolution sensor. Guess I am looking for, or more excited about, a Z70.
Note, these are all things that other aps-c cameras already have and offer...

We can't have everything we want on day one. This could be a trend that Nikon continues into the future with a full-frame version (with IBIS) down the road followed by a modern take on the Nikon rangefinder S3, all depending on how this sells. If this is a hit, perhaps we'll see those lenses in the future.

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I'd need FroKnows to carry out an empirical wind tunnel/sniff test before putting down a 150k bid.

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Akgbkd: Anything more than $250 is a fail for me. I could buy a new 50mm 1.8s for $480

Where can you get the 50mm 1.8s for €393.87?

Stores near to me, cheapest is €560 on sale.

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EXkurogane: A real man's camera, not for people who can't lift.

Do you even vertical grip bro?

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Serjojeee: Plastic mount on a prime lens is a horrible idea. Even Canon's nifty fifty RF has a metal mount. That's ridiculous.

"Why? Durability and feel. I've broken plastic lens mount and it was a Nikon (18-55). What's wrong with manufacturers cheeping out on a 10 cent component?"

I've had the 18-55 for 12+ years and through heavy use and lens changing never had an issue. Same with the other plastic mount Nikon lenses I own.
I put this down to user error on your part.

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On article Fujifilm GFX 100S review (936 comments in total)

Well done Fuji, a fantastic camera for those whose use case it's perfect for.

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Satyaa: I don't own a Z camera. I was reading about the updates out of curiosity. I can't tell how useful they will be to actual Z owners. So, let them decide for themselves.

What I don't understand is why so many posts here from people who don't own a Z (at least, not according to their gear list) are complaining/arguing/dismissing these updates.

Many bought into the Z system, while many others like me are waiting on the sidelines for one reason or another. They deserve any improvements and fixes that are possible through firmware updates. Why is that a bad thing?

Fanboys are generally a result of people feeling insufficient in some/many areas of their lives, and they look to validate themselves through material things. With an investment as relatively costly as a camera system is to someone of the maturity range that usually perpetuates this behavior, this validation becomes a psychological foil for what could be other shortcomings; as such, this foil must be protected by unwavering loyalty, completing the cycle of self-validation.

With this method, you can go pretty quickly from someone with serious confidence issues to a brash, cocky person...just add internet access, an anonymous nickname, and an avatar.

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On article This 3D-printed lens lets you create 'wigglegrams' (48 comments in total)
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Kit Lens Avenger: Wow... the desperate things young photogs get up to when there aren't any big wars to cover.

"I just don't get this comment at all."

Clickalot wants you to get off his lawn.

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thx1138: And yet Sony is planning a 14 f/1.8 and will no doubt be cheaper.

"2020 Mirrorless production (source: )
Sony … 1.15 million units
Canon … 1.05 million units"

That's units produced, not sold... and doesn't relate to average value per unit.
What % of Sonys 1.15 Million units are cheap entry-level vs Canons?
There are so many variables at play here.

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Matt_007: This Z9 comments section is huge! There are so many people making statements that have nothing to do with the actual Z9 camera and even making statements on the comments section itself. What a mess!

To be fair, nothing was really announced here other than that they are developing their flagship camera in an integrated grip body with a stacked 40+MP CMOS sensor, 8k, newly developed processor, classic controls, and backside-illuminated buttons that D6/5/4 photographers love. Oh, and it'll be released this year.

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Abel89er: People going crazy about a camera that will surely have the sensor (or some sensor very close to) the Alpha 1. All of its features will depend on that sensor and the processor that comes with it.

Just look at the trend:
Z6 using the sensor on the A7III
Z7 using an A7RIII reworked sensor
Z9 Most likely using a reworked A1 sensor

Thanks @Matt_007 for the link. Interesting read!

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Abel89er: People going crazy about a camera that will surely have the sensor (or some sensor very close to) the Alpha 1. All of its features will depend on that sensor and the processor that comes with it.

Just look at the trend:
Z6 using the sensor on the A7III
Z7 using an A7RIII reworked sensor
Z9 Most likely using a reworked A1 sensor

It's just as likely to be Tower as it is Sony. As Thom Hogan has quizzed:

"The natural assumption is that Sony Semiconductor would be the only one able to provide Nikon a stacked image sensor. Sony's known stacked sensors, however, appear to utilize two different-sized process sizes bonded together, and I don't believe either of them are 65nm. Thus, this probably means Nikon's 1" research project was fabbed at Tower Semiconductor, which began a 65nm image sensor program in Japan back in 2014. In other words, we have another possible large sensor producer that now has stacked capabilities, and on a fab local to the Nikon research team.
Tower in Japan currently processes 12" wafers with 65nm BSI process and supports pretty much all things we might expect in a state-of-the-art full-frame image sensor. And yes, the 2.7-micron pixel size Nikon announced for that 1" sensor project also fits on that fab, and that's smaller than we need for a new full-frame flagship camera. "

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On article Nikon Z6 II vs Canon EOS R6 - which is best for you? (664 comments in total)
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Lars: I like where Nikon is heading. Splendid Z Primes, very very good affordable lenses (24-70/14-30) and superb 2.8 zooms, at prices that are not as completely outrageous as Canon. 2021 is the year of the Olympics in Nikons home country, and by then the Z8/9 should fulfill all users needs wrt AF.

Depends where you are, in my country the RF 24-70mm 2.8 is $600+ more than the Nikon offering, and the RF 70-200 2.8 is $300+ more than the Nikon as two examples.

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Richmondthefish: In summary Nikon Z6 II is what the Nikon Z6 I should have been.

@Richmondthefish - No. The Sony A7II should have had dual card slots without question for example. Dumb things like that which are deal breakers.

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FuhTeng: Yes, that's what the Z6 should have been from the beginning. I think all the firmware updates, nice as they've been for my Z6, were what Nikon needed to do anyway and Nikon knew it - remember that Nikon told us we had big firmware updates coming. This time? I've not seen any notification from Nikon that we have any improvements coming.

Now for me to decide if the Z7II is worth the ~$1200 fee atop the ~$1800 for a nice used Z7. I've always been annoyed by the difference in resolution between my Z6 and D850, and now's a good time to fix that.

According to Nikon Rumours, in a recent internal presentation it was stated:

"The Z mount bodies will continue to receive firmware updates and the plan is to implement significant upgrades, not just minor fixes."

Read more:

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon Z6 II review (338 comments in total)
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HaroldC3: Canon made a much bigger leap for round 2 of their FF mirrorless offerings. You have to wonder if Nikon should have made such a leap as well?

That suggests that the EOS R & RP were on the same level as the Z6 & Z7, which they weren't.

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