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  • Yep, we're in this boat because there's no viable competition since Aperture died.
  • For at least the next couple of years, moving to LR classic is probably your best option.  it wouldn't surprise me to see LR 6 stop working due to an OS update in a couple of years, and because of ...
  • Let's not confuse the subscription model with the cloud model - they are not the same, and need not be (the CC desktop apps make that clear). I know a ton of pro's who love the subscription model ...
  • Your math is off, 14 seconds per conversion is 82 minutes, plus the time to actually read the files off the chips. we we don't know exactly what information is lost, and that's the problem I have ...
  • New cc classic.  I didnt expect standalone to continue.
  • They wouldn't, but the writing on the wal is clear, and reinforced by the name and marketing messages. Cloud is the future, and at some point I'm sure we won't have an option.
  • This thread is about desktop applications, not tablet ones. Since there's no real local storage on a tablet it's completely a different use case. In any case, I don't convert to dng because it's a ...
  • Corel is on my list for illustrator.  Haven't looked into affinity yet.
  • If your workflow is all tablet based, then you're right in the target market for the new cloud focused edition of Lightroom.  No dng conversion needed.
  • Bingo.  It may be a couple of years, but the writing is on the wall.  At best (and I think unlikely) we might see a local storage option for the new service, but it's clear which code base is ...
  • As long as LR continues to work on new OS versions (High Sierra broke a bunch of the CC suite), and as long as you want to buy-in to the DNG strategy.
  • So an update on my thoughts based on the announcements today and some of the other comments. Aside, the $600/year is my full CC subscription. I use Illustrator pretty regularly and Indesign ...
  • True, if you embed the NEF, but that doubles storage space.
  • For now.  From the keynote and marketing, it's very clear that the future direction is cloud.  Thom Hogan has a pretty spot-on commentary on it.
  • Created discussion thread True Lightroom replacement
    For a few reasons I'm starting the hunt for a Lightroom alternative. The immediate issue is the lack of support for the d850.  I refuse to convert to dng and lose information into an adobe-focused ...
  • That's not a viable workaround, and adobe knows it. 1) Takes a long time to do the conversion 2) Either doubles your disk space or you lose the original NEF 3) Will have to toss and re-do all your ...
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