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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (584 comments in total)
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David Mantripp: if it supposed to be a dedicated video camera, why put it in a still camera housing with ergonomics optimised for still shooting ? Just wondered...

A lot of potential customers won't be holding it in their hands but using it in a rig.
There is a multitude of rigs available for the GH5 and it is likely that a potential buyer will already own a rig that is suitable.
For those that need a video centric body Panasonic has their AU-EVA1

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bdbender4: Thank you, this is a great format for this sort of thing, photos accompanied by explanatory text. I can go at my own pace, as with all written material. It was very informative about Hasselblad's process, and about what's inside their products.

Specifically, thank you for this NOT being just another youtube video. No talking heads! No split-second video shots instead of still images! Thank goodness.

I fully agree with you but find it interesting that the photos where taken by a Panasonic GH5 which "forum experts" assure me should only be used for video. It's nice to see this preconception de-bunked.

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tbcass: I wouldn't believe anything that fool says.

Actually sundials are wrong virtually all of the time

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janist74: Independently, if one likes the A7xy design/size/... or not, I think in one thing we should agree: what Sony reached in just 4 years is absolutely outstanding. I think nobody thought 4 years ago, that today a mirrorless camera can be mentioned in the same league with the best DSLRs.
And at the end –like someone already wrote it below- we, customers (pro or not so pro) are the winners. Hopefully, slowly Canon will wake up and the competition will result in even better cameras to everyone's taste.

Merry Christmas to the DPReview Team and to all of you!

It was obvious with the release of the Olympus E-M5 in February 2012 that future mirrorless cameras would equal and then surpass the best DSLRs. Progress has actually been slower than I had anticipated, I expected to have global electronic shutters by now. The falling size of the camera market since 2011 has impacted on the rate of progress. I wonder what Samsung would have produced if they hadn't left the market. Their 2014 NX1 camera showed what they were capable of and I wish they had developed it further.

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A candidate for a Darwin Award?

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My car and motorbikes are easily identified by their number plates. Road traffic legislation limits how and where I can use them in public areas (roads etc.).

If I want to use them at their full potential I can either break the law on public roads with the risk of being caught and punished, or pay to use them in private areas (track days etc.).

I see nothing wrong with drones being subject to similar regulations.

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Dr. Mel Wilner: What is this lens worth on today's market in the box, new?

I bet this specific lens has increased in value by having Roger and Aaron disassemble/reassemble it. They should sign the lens barrel before reapplying the leatherette for some future lens geek to discover in 100 years time when it is next disassembled.

Link | Posted on Sep 27, 2017 at 17:18 UTC

Smartphone technology is these days more about the "smart" than the "phone".
Voice calls are almost a redundant function.
Why develop a processor and associated electronics and software for your new camera yourself when you can utilise readily available smartphone technology?
Yes the RED phone is expensive but it is a harbinger of things to come.

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Judging by the winners I should have entered the competion as I would have had a good chance of winning despite my low level of photographic talent.

#3 is the only one I haven't a cat in h*lls chance of being able to shoot. No I restate that " I haven't a cat in hells chance". Go on DPReview sensor that!

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On article How do you know you need a new camera? (412 comments in total)

As a reviewer Carey is in a interesting position in that he knows that in certain areas his current camera isn't as good as other cameras. But is this always a good thing?

Many people are happy with their current camera because they aren't aware of its deficiencies. I, in my ignorance, am happy with my current camera. No doubt I would get better photographs with a different camera but would I be any happier?

I am happy now and would also be happy with a new camera, but would changing cameras increase my level of happyness?

I photograph for pleasure, not commercial reasons, so the actual absolute quality of my images is less important to me than the pleasure I get creating them.

So I say "long live my ignorance" and let me remain blissfuly unaware of what I am missing.

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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: Market share data makes sense to me. I live in London and go to tourist venues where cameras are everywhere. I always keep a look out to see what people are using. I have seen one Sony A7 camera in London total. In one day in Borough Market midweek I counted 20 Nikons and almost as many Canons. I was at The Horne Hill Velodrome and saw Canons and Nikons, not one Sony. Maybe they haven't caught on with consumers, just pros? Given the cost of the bodies and lenses, I am not surprised.

@User9... Nikon and Canon had a virtual duopoly during the DSLR boom years so there are very large numbers of them in the wild. It will be many years before Sony's increasing share of a much smaller market affects the perceived relative abundance. The high visibility of Canon and Nikon in the wild is no indication of the current state of the market.

Irrespective of actual market share it can't be denied that Sony has greatly increased its mindshare in the photographic community. There can't be a photographer who doesn't know about Sony products. Sony is now a choice to be considered, even if not actually chosen. This wasn't true a few years ago. It will be interesting to see how Canon and Nikon respond.

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The space created by keeping the mount and removing the mirror doesn't have to be left empty.
Lenses could be designed to protrude into this space or perhaps a it could be used for internal ND filters.

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Mike FL: Updated my EM5.M2, and I have a question that how can I "“Save Settings and Mysets” for saving camera settings on a computer"?

Connect camera to computer and open the "Olympus Digital Camera Updater" programme. This programme is installed when you install Olympus Viewer but can be downloaded from Olympus and installed independently.

There are options to save and load the settings on the opening screen. You can save all of the settings or just selected ones.

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akexandrevision: How to link AF to spot metering on E-M5 mkII after the firmware update 3.0?

There is a new entry in the menu "Custom E" called "[...] Spot metering". Each of the 3 spot metering modes (spot, spot hilight, spot shadow) can be independently linked to the focus point by ticking the boxes.

Link | Posted on May 9, 2017 at 05:11 UTC

Kudos to Fuji for altering their firmware to improve functionality with another manufacturer's device, the Nissin i40. They could have taken the attitude that it was up to Nissin to alter their firmware.
Instead they saw that their users needed better flash functionality and fixed the problem themselves.

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Peter 1745: Any info about the new 25MP high res mode, the one that combines 4 images rather than the 8 of the full high res mode?

@ Earthrise
Since posting my comment I've read somewhere that it is just a downsized version of the full high res image.
It may not be the 4 shot mode I supposed it to be.
Further information will appear eventually.

Link | Posted on Nov 21, 2016 at 17:23 UTC

Any info about the new 25MP high res mode, the one that combines 4 images rather than the 8 of the full high res mode?

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GRUBERND: most airlines in europe officially restrict cabin luggage to 8kg. with 5kg net-weight that leaves 3kg for actual gear, which is.. well, not really much for a case like that. bummer.

British Airways flights allow 2 cabin bags which can weigh 23Kg each but state in the small print that one of the bags may have to be put in the hold if circumstances require.
Airlines prefer cabin baggage to checked baggage as it saves on handling fees but are often have restricted cabin baggage space. The overhead luggage bins in newer airliners are much bigger than the older ones which is why BA can provide such a generous cabin haggage allowance.

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thx1138: 99.9% of people have no interest in medium format and yet voted it the most exciting thing at Photokina. Danger Will Robinson, does not compute.

99.9% of people may have no interest in MF but many photographers do, as proved by this poll.
Whilst most will never use MF they can still desire it.
I would say that MF has replaced FF in this respect.
The lust for FF is no longer what it was. There are still a few practical reasons for choosing FF but it no longer has the emotional draw it once had.

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macropaul: 45mm macro?

Well spotted! I missed that error in the text.

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