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BigBen08: Looks interesting, but I don't see where you can get a free trial. I'd like to try before I buy

On the UK version of the product webpage there is a link, just above the price, for a free 30/7 trial.

I have used PSP for a while and am currently using the 2019 version. There is a steep learning curve at first but the 30/7 trial period allows you to get to grips with the programme.

I'll continue to use PSP whilst it does what I need it to do as don't want to invest time and effort in learning to use alternative software or pay Adobe subscription fees.

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EJ Fudd: I think they need to keep the same mount, not replace glass would need to be purchased or an adapter, not a fan of adapters, just another point for failure

@David610. Unfortunately it's not just the cameras that are outdated. F mount lenses are also outdated. They lack the electronic communication capabilities and rapid focus movements required that are now required. DSLR lenses only needed to move the focus point about 12x a second. The latest mirrorless lenses from Panasonic can focus at 240x a second. Data transfer data to/from the camera needs to be much faster for these focus movement rates. Restricting their new mirrorless system to the communication speeds of the F mount for their new mirrorless system was never a viable option for Nikon. If it were possible they would have done it.

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I enjoyed the video but a lot of the philosophy expounded about the value of photography is best realized by the smartphone.

I may have missed it but the video didn't show me one reason to use a dedicated camera system.

There are reasons to have a dedicated camera system (I have 2 Olympus bodies and multiple lenses) but these weren't addressed in the video.

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Wu Jiaqiu: the E-M1X seems to be a direct contradiction to the camera being small design philosophy.....erm yeah

@Wu Jiaqui . Your statement...

"it's not a small camera, it's the smallest of the big cameras would be an accurate description"

could be paraphrased as

"the world's smallest giant"

Now that could be the basis of a great marketing campaign for the E-M1X

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Hubertus Bigend: Not the best timing for a big celebration, in a period which seems characterized by confusion, disorientation and dubious design decisions for Olympus.

Superficially, their latest flagship camera, the E-M1X, might seem a bold step to expand the lineup into territory which has been controlled by the big two for many years now, but actually it is just an unnescessarily big camera built on technology that is between 2½ and 5 years old, most of which has already been in the E-M1 Mark II 2½ years before.

That big E-M1X and the E-M10 III, which again is just a dumbed-down E-M10 II and even builds on seven-year-old sensor technology, have been Olympus' only new camera products during the last 2½ years.

Aiming beyond that, there's only the semi-official promise that we'll be seeing the long-overdue E-M5 II successor later this year.


@ Revenant. Thanks for the linking the presentation. Another step in the right direction away from "We know best and can do it all alone" to "Working with others may be better for us". I first noticed the move in this direction when they abandoned proprietary connectors in the E-M1ii.

I hope they embrace this further and open up their firmware/software so that others can take it in directions not envisaged by Olympus.

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MightyMike: Where is the K-mount version to pre-order? My money is waiting and has been waiting for over a year!

@MagicMike. Thanks for the links. Your 2015. setup ... well wow.

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teddoman: How can the same lens have different numbers of aperture blades. Does that mean each lens has a completely different design?

My guess. The Sony is completely manual so is not limited by the strength/weakness of actuator motors. The Canon verson has electronic shutter contol and is limited by the strength/weakness of actuator motors so has fewer blades. The Nikon lens has mechanical aperture coupling (aperture only closes when photo taken) which may limit the number of blades that can be used, or it was cheaper to reuse an existing coupled aperture unit than create a new one.

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MightyMike: Where is the K-mount version to pre-order? My money is waiting and has been waiting for over a year!

@MagicMike I also have a Laowa 15mm F/4 macro lens whch I use on my m43 camera via a EF-m43 tilt adapter. I am currently experimenting with different lighting setups and would be interested in knowing more about the bright light source you use.

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I'm all for smartphone control of flashes via Bluetooth.

Currently the apps are under developed but they have the potential to become very powerful.

I look forward to voice control of lighting. I can select stations on my 2009 car radio with my voice, so modern smartphones with their powerful processors should have no difficulty.

It can only be a matter of time before I can say:

"Hello Profoto, Group A, increase power 1 stop" or "Hello Profoto, Group B, set power 1/32".

Profoto isn't the only company using smartphone apps. Godox have recently announced their bluetooth enabled X2T controller in addition to their A1. Adorama have added Bluetooth to their version of the Godox XPro controller. Other companies will soon follow. However it must be said I'm not looking forward to saying "Hello Yongnuo..."

We may not get voice control this year but I am sure it will come.

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Sir 7: The Godox A1 smartphone flash has an iOS and Android app that allows synchronization of Godox flashes and LED lights. It costs $69.90 WITH a LiIon battery. The Profoto Connect is $299.00... without a smartphone flash. There's also the Godox A1 Mini for $39.90 that has a phone app but I'm not sure if it can control other Godox lighting.

Next DPR article: "Godox Prepares To Sue Profoto!" 🤪

Don't forget the new Godox X2T is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to control all Godox 2.4GHz flashes using the Godox smartphone app.

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dansclic: So you pay 2500 usd for a camera and then you have to pay for upgrade ??

@Greg VdB . People were told up at the launch of the S1 that V log would be available later as a paid upgrade. So your point 1 is invalid. As to point 2, people are more likely to think that it will be cheaper to pay to update their camera, than to buy a new camera to get the feature.

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Leonp: I think in a few years, the picture will have been shot before you press the shutter, because the camera always makes 60fps and temporarily memorizes them.
So then you could press the button and then scroll back and forward to choose which one(s) to store permanently.
Or, you set the camera to automatically store a picture of several hundreds ms before.

Technology already available in some Olympus and Panasonic cameras. Half press of the shutter starts recording images at up to 60fps (less if using mechanical shutter or saving raw files). Uses a rolling buffer. Full press of the shutter saves the buffer and subsequent files. Look up "Olympus Pro-Capture" for details

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paul simon king: As a user of a high MP Camera (5DsR) I would say that unless your technique is impeccable, without IS you might as well use a lower MP camera

It has lens optical image stabilisation.

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That is one big lens.

Does it distort space/time to get its angle of view?

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demonator: What else Olympus flashes other than “such as the FL-900R” compatible with receiver FR-WR?

Thanks for the info. I'll stick with my Aokatec-ttl optical-radio converter setup for now. It's clunky but it works. No doubt the new Olympus system is much easier to set up and use but the price for a controller and three receivers is too high for me to justify spending at the moment. Perhaps, when my current set up breaks, I'll get the new Olympus system.

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demonator: What else Olympus flashes other than “such as the FL-900R” compatible with receiver FR-WR?

I'm curious about how the E-M1ii controls the flashes?

Can the settings be changed on the camera body like with the exisiting Olympus FCP (Flash Control Panel) when using optical RC or are all the settings changed on the FC-WR unit?

I've downloaded the manual the FC-WR and was disappointed to find that the on-camera flash is automatically set to Group A, unlike the optical RC system where the on camera flash can be controlled independently from the Groups A, B, & C.

Manuals are here in case any one is interested

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demonator: What else Olympus flashes other than “such as the FL-900R” compatible with receiver FR-WR?

Any "Olympus flash system" flashes that are capable of remote control should work. This includes flashes from Olympus, Panasonic, Metz, Nissin, etc. Possibly "Olympus" flashes without a remote function will also work but until the user manual is published we will not know for sure.

For them to work with RF (radio) control you will need to either have a RF commander on the camera. This means either the FL-700WR flash or the FC-WR Commander.

Additionally the camera will need to have a firmware update to support it. The E-M1ii, E-M5ii & Pen-F have received firmware updates but not the E-M1i on any earlier cameras. The E-M1x will have it out of the box.

Olympus's optical remote control function works independently from this new RF control function but probably can't be used at the same time.

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Typo in title. It's 3.4 not 4.3

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On article The Nikon Z system: What we think, where it should go (929 comments in total)

These cameras are above the "GOOD ENOUGH" threshold for what they are designed for. There are always compromises made when designing a camera and people will always bemoan the lack of something or other.

It will take a while for Nikon to flesh out the Z mount with new lenses and bodies but they are off to a solid start.

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EthanP99: 300 shot battery, what is this...

It won't be "useless for machine gun photographers".

Battery life in the mirrorless world is largely determined by how much you use the EVF and the LCD screen, not by the number of pictures you take. If I machine gun with my m43 camera I can get several thousand images from a single battery. The CIPA battery life test reflects slower, more deliberate shooting.

The Zed7 (I refuse to call it a Zee7) has a battery life similar to most mirrorless cameras but is below that of the larger Sony Z battery.

I'm sure Nikon considered using a larger battery but probably thought that maintaining battery compatibility with existing cameras was preferable when launching a new system, easing their users transition from DSLR to mirrorless.

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